Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1150 - Heaven Duke isn't worth much

Divine King Gong Yun snorted and said plainly, “If this news is true, I'll give you ten percent of my divine stones. Since that slut Heavenly Lady Qiang is Grand Emperor, who is Celestial Venerable Hong? Why didn't he resist when I hit him and just ran away?”

Qin Mu's spirit was roused, and he opened his mouth to demand an exorbitant price. “This news, I want to exchange for the origin stones[1] produced in your mine! If you dig out origin stones, then they will belong to me!”

Divine King Gong Yun thought about it and shook her head. “Celestial Venerable Hong isn't worth this price.”

Qin Mu sighed and felt that it was a pity. He thought to himself, ‘Looks like Heaven Duke can't be sold at a good price…'

Divine King Gong Yun said, “If you tell me Hong's true identity, I'll tell you the location of the other primordial mines.”

Qin Mu shook his head and said, “I have a way to find those mines. I can't betray my friends over such a small matter, so you have to offer more.”

He raised two fingers, “Give me twenty percent of the divine stone!”

Gong Yun had a weird expression as she shook her head, “Celestial Venerable Hong's true identity isn't worth this price. I won't buy it. When I verify the little slut Heavenly Lady Qiang identity, I'll give you ten percent of the divine stones.”

Qin Mu saw that she had no intention of offering more, and he revealed a disappointed expression, “What kind of divine stone is in this Divine King's primordial mine[2]?”

Divine King Gong Yun threw a stone over and said, “It's this kind of stone. In the past, the masters of creation didn't know how to cultivate their vital qi and primordial spirits, so the secret of this type of divine stone wasn't discovered. This mine can also produce ancient god eggs just like the Grand Creation Mine, therefore this type of divine stone must be useful! You can take that one away to research.”

Qin Mu took the divine stone and examined it carefully. The divine stone gave off a seven-coloured glow with eight corners and twelve edges[3]. However, what was strange was that this divine stone actually looked like a living thing!

He pinched the upper and lower corners of the divine stone, and it actually collapsed inward. Meanwhile, the space inside actually flipped outwards, circulating continuously, giving people a feeling that it was extremely mysterious!

This was different from the Grand Creation Divine Stone.

He wanted to delve into research and uncover the abilities of this divine stone, but finding a treasured land was more important. When he found a treasured land, he could slowly study it.

Qin Mu took the divine stone and bade farewell. He thought to himself, “If I sell the identity of Heaven Duke to other Celestial Venerables, I will definitely get another ten percent worth of divine stones. It's a pity I can't just casually sell it to others or else I'll be harming him… I really want to sell it to Grand Emperor and Celestial Emperor for a good price! However, if I sell it, they will definitely do whatever it takes to get rid of me.”

After walking far away, Qin Mu took out the Glassy Sky Pagoda again. He said intentionally yet also unintentionally, “This treasure land was occupied by Celestial Venerable Gong. Luckily, she accepted my kindness and gave me ten percent of the divine stone. However, I also have to find a treasure land that isn't inferior to this place and mine more treasures to exchange for more divine stones from her. Where can I find such a treasure land?”

The void beast advanced aimlessly.

Qin Mu was at ease, and his gaze flickered, “The true aim of the ancient god egg in the armillary sphere is that primordial mine of the Xin Clan. Most likely, he needs that mine to mature and break out of its shell. Therefore, he must seek another primordial mine for me no matter what!

“Only then can I exchange for more divine stones from Celestial Venerable Gong.”

Qin Mu leisurely looked at the big eyes that appeared and disappeared unpredictably around him and thought to himself, “Furthermore, he also knows that I habitually store all the treasures into the Qin Character Continent, so he can take this opportunity to absorb these divine stones and be born earlier! However, as long as I find another primordial mine, why would I place the divine stones I got into the Qin Character Continent? Hehe…”

The void beast wandered for two days and arrived at another ancient mine.

Qin Mu's spirit was roused, and just as he was about to jump down from the void beast's back, a huge mouth akin to an abyss endless abyss suddenly appeared on the ground below, and its flying tongue swept towards him like an upside-down waterfall.

Qin Mu's hair stood on end, and he hurriedly executed his divine consciousness to fill the stomach of the void beast that was hidden underground with sharp spikes.

The void beast felt pain and escaped into the void.

The back of Qin Mu's neck was covered in cold sweat. The void beast was still extremely powerful. The abilities of an adult void beast should be somewhere between Jade Capital and Numinous Sky[4]. Yan'er could definitely fight it.

However, these huge beasts appeared and disappeared unpredictably, making it impossible to guard against them. Even a strong practitioner of the Numinous Sky Realm like Yan'er would die on the spot from a sneak attack from a void beast!

His divine consciousness swept through the void and forced all the void beasts hiding nearby away. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief. He got the dragon qilin and Yan'er to come down and said, “This mine should be one of the five most ancient mines. Follow me closely, I'll use the Glassy Sky Pagoda to protect us.”

The dragon qilin and Yan'er hurriedly followed him.

Qin Mu guarded the Glassy Sky Pagoda and walked into the mine. He said, “There are a lot of Grand Creation Divine Stones in the Grand Creation Mine, so it's very dangerous. Even eight ancient gods died there when they carried their coffins in. Luckily, we have the Glassy Sky Pagoda, which will grant our requests. Otherwise, we would also die.”

Yan'er was astonished, “Why is Young Master talking to himself?”

But she didn't know that Qin Mu wasn't talking to himself. He was talking to the ancient god egg in the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

His goal was to let the ancient god egg protect them, which was why he was behaving unusually.

This ancient mine was situated in the middle of the mountains, and the mountain peaks were as steep as walls. When they entered the mountains, the surroundings were filled with chaos. It looked like darkness, but also like there was light. However, they couldn't see far.

In the boundless chaos, there were fragments of plants that were rooted in the chaos qi. Those plants actually had dragon scales which were very bright.

Qin Mu went forward to take a look but what he say was his own organs!

He was astonished, “This plant is very strange. Could it also transform into a divine dragon and fly away?”

He saw some plants blooming and bearing fruits, but he didn't know the medicinal properties, so he didn't dare to pluck them.

“I wonder if I can enter the medicine? Grandpa Apothecary's chance has come. If he comes here here, his medical path will most likely improve further, and there's hope for my Medical Celestial palace!”

They gradually went deeper into the mine, and Qin Mu suddenly stepped on the skeleton. He frowned slightly and roused his vital qi to force the surrounding chaos qi away.

The chaos qi was incomparably heavy, and a little qi flow was as heavy as a mountain. Qin Mu forced back the surrounding chaos qi with great difficulty.

At that moment, he saw the skeletons of the masters of creation further into the mine!

Without exception, these corpses were all facing towards the exit of the mine. It was as if something terrifying had happened inside the mine. The masters of creation who were mining frantically tried to escape, but before they could, they died!

Qin Mu frowned and lifted a skeleton. He examined the wounds on the skeleton, but he didn't find any injuries.

“How did these masters of creation die?”

He composed himself and bowed to the Glassy Sky Pagoda. The canopy of the Glassy Sky Pagoda opened up, and rays of treasure light shone down, forcing the surrounding chaos qi away.

Qin Mu continued to advance with the help of the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

This mine was extremely deep and gradually extended downwards, forming a diagonal passage.

Suddenly, Qin Mu stopped and saw a divine stone in the hands of a skeleton.

This divine stone was circular in shape and looked like a ball that contained divine light. Qin Mu stretched out his palm and was about to take this divine stone out of the skeleton's hand. However, just as he touched it, the divine stone turned into ashes.

He couldn't help but frown and continue walking forward. The masters of creation miners had already mined out numerous divine stones, but without exception, the power in the divine stones had been absorbed by something!

Even the divine stones that had yet to be mined would turn into ashes if Qin Mu touched them lightly!

He felt uneasy. ‘This mine is probably empty… In other words, the ancient gods in this mine had most likely already been birthed!'

[1] I read some of the past translation and the term “Grand Primordium Origin Stone” was used to describe the origin stone that originated from Grand Creation Mine. As such, the updated term is “Grand Creation Origin Stone”

[2] Mistranslated it as “ancient mine” a chapter before.

[3] I believe this is referencing a cube. (6 faces, 8 corners, 12 edges)

[4] Changed Soaring Heaven back to Numinous Sky to avoid confusion.

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