Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1151 - Chaos Mine

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment. From the looks of the divine stones in this primordial mine, the mine was already empty. The ancient god eggs in the mine had already been born and had broken out of their shells.

The only useful part of this primordial mine is the chaos qi lingering here.

There was absolutely no benefits in occupying this place!

And if they went deeper, they might encounter the ancient god that had hatched from its shell here. The best choice was to retreat immediately!

Ancient god Celestial Emperor wasn't an ancient god that had completely absorbed the entirety of Grand Creation Mine. He was dug out from the mine by Grand Emperor's clansmen. The masters of creation of that era offered sacrifices to this egg which resulted in Celestial Emperor Grand Creation's premature birth, without fully absorbing the power in the mine.

He was just a deformed, premature infant.

But even so, Celestial Emperor Grand Creation was the most powerful existence!

No one could surpass his corporeal body!

His Great Dao and cultivation were still at the apex, and people even believed that only by cultivating to the complete Celestial Heavens Realm could one contend with him!

If the ancient god of this mine were to come into being, wouldn't they be even more powerful than Celestial Emperor?

Qin Mu stood there with some hesitation and said in a low voice, “Perhaps this ancient god has already left and isn't in the mine any more, Or maybe he isn't born yet. Maybe he hasn't completely absorbed the power of the mind yet… If I go in and take a look, I wouldn't die right? Hehe, I have the number one treasure in the world, the Glassy Sky Pagoda. What am I afraid of…”

He gathered his courage and walked deeper into the mine.

Yan'er and the dragon qilin trembled behind him as they looked around nervously. The two of them transformed into human forms and huddled together, shivering.

Tiny Earth Count was also trembling as he was sandwiched between the two of them.

In the primordial mine, even though the spherical divine stones no longer had any strange energy, they still gave off a tranquil rays of light. However, with just a slight touch, they would shatter.

Qin Mu was careful and tried his best not to make any sound. He used his divine consciousness to contact the dragon qilin and Yan'er, “Don't make any sound. The divine stones here are embedded in the mind and can shatter at any time. This mine can also collapse very easily.”

The dragon qilin roused his divine consciousness and said, “Even if the mine collapses, it won't be able to crush us.”

Qin Mu said angrily, “Pay attention to the walls!”

The dragon qilin hurriedly looked at the walls and saw wisps of chaos qi seeping out!

“This mine is a located inside of a chaos mountain. It contains a lot of chaos qi.”

Qin Mu became more cautious, and his divine consciousness gently rippled. “With all my abilities unleashed, I can only force the chaos qi back by a distance of fifty to sixty feet[1]. If the two walls of this mine collapse, we will definitely be crushed into pieces! Even our primordial spirits wouldn't be able to escape!”

The dragon qilin jumped in shock and became even more cautious. He looked around in fear.

Suddenly, a slight vibration came from the mine and a small stone fell from the top of the mine. It smashed onto the dragon qilin's feet.

The dragon qilin's expression instantly became extremely unsightly. Even though the stone was small, its weight was terrifyingly huge. It was as though a entire mountain is pressing on his feet!

Just as he was about to cry out in pain, Yan'er hurriedly covered his mouth and said, “Darling Pi, don't scream! If you scream, the mine will collapse! Raise your leg and bring it to your mouth to lick it.”

Tiny Earth Count nodded his head repeatedly and stretched out his tongue, making a licking motion.

Tears streamed down the dragon qilin's face, and he raised his leg while trembling. He wanted to lick it, but he couldn't bring himself to do so.

Fortunately, Qin Mu discovered that he was injured and took out a jade bottle to stuff into his hand.

“Cult Master is still the best to me. What wife, what godson, they are all inferior to Cult Master!” The dragon qilin shed tears of gratitude.

The mine was extremely deep and spacious. The more they walked, the more it seemed like they're entering an entirely different world.

Huge skeletons littered the road. They were all masters of creation, but their statuses were low, and they were probably slaves.

he miners of the masters of creation were usually slaves that the big tribes acquired through their conquest of other tribes. They were specially used for mining.

However, even though they were slaves, their abilities were no small matter. Yet faced with the sudden change, these masters of creation couldn't resist at all and died in the mine!

The mine became deeper, and the chaos qi was very heavy. When they all arrived at the most bottom layer of the mine, the chaos qi seemed to condense into a tangible state, forming a calm sea of chaos.

Even with the 28 heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda pushing away the surrounding chaos qi, Qin Mu still felt it was difficult to move.

The terrain gradually became flat, and huge pillars that were thick and thin supported this vast underground world.

This should be the centre of the mine.

Boundless chaos.

Qin Mu looked over and even opened the third eye in the heart of his brows. He couldn't see far and his sight was hazy.

“Follow me, don't get lost.”

He transmitted with his divine consciousness, “If you walk out of the range of the Glassy Sky Pagoda, you will definitely die!”

The dragon qilin's leg had yet to recover, and he limped after him. Suddenly, the mine trembled again, and even Qin Mu couldn't help feeling a chill down his spine. He hurriedly stopped.

The good thing was that the shaking didn't last long, and only rocks fell. It was quite a hair-raising sight.

The Glassy Sky Pagoda forced back the surrounding chaos qi. They searched the underground world for a long time, but they didn't find anything. Qin Mu was about to leave when he suddenly saw a huge chaos stone standing upright in the chaos qi.

That chaos stone should have been sculpted to form the shape of an altar. It was extremely tall.

Around the sacrificial altar, there were still some shattered corpses. The chaos qi was too heavy, crushing the masters of creation who had mined here.

They mined the chaos stones and collected the divine stones. After coming here, they encountered something they had never seen before.

They carefully excavated this thing, and in the end, they carved out an altar.

When they completely dug out this thing, a sudden change occurred. Chaos qi surged out, and all the masters of creation in the mine died. No one escaped!

Qin Mu composed himself and moved the Glassy Sky Pagoda that was becoming heavier. He carefully ascended the sacrificial altar.

The chaos qi was too heavy, and it was extremely strenuous to mobilise the Glassy Sky Pagoda. He had no choice but to execute Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and the vertical eye in the heart of his brows. He had to unleash his full power to lift the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

After a long time, they finally ascended to the sacrificial altar.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief. What greeted his eyes was a flat altar platform. It was obvious that the masters of creation who mined this place were very meticulous.

With the object in the centre of the sacrificial altar as the origin, they tried their best to make the surroundings as flat as possible. They carefully opened up the chaos stones around this thing, afraid of hurting the thing inside.

Qin Mu looked towards the centre of the sacrificial altar. There was two halves of an egg shell there!

The ancient gods in the egg had already been born!

The sacrificial altar and a cracked ancient god egg. This place was very similar to the ancestral land of Celestial Emperor Grand Creation in Celestial Heavens!

The difference was that the sacrificial altar born by Celestial Emperor was moved into Celestial Heavens by Celestial Emperor, and the sacrificial altar here was still in the primordial mine.

Moreover, the surroundings of Celestial Emperor's sacrificial altar were filled with the myriad coloured light of the Great Dao and Dao sound permeated the air.

However, what surrounded this altar was an incomparably suffocating Chaos qi: without Dao, without form and without qualities.[2]

[1] This is a better translation for the term 丈(zhang) which means 3.33m. 10 feet is roughly 3.04m which is a pretty decent approximation.

[2] It is quite difficult to translate this sentence. This might be minor spoilers so don't read ahead if you don't want to know. This is a reference to the five grand changes which is a form of the creation story in Chinese culture. Essentially, the myriad life forms has three characteristics: Dao, forms and qualities. There is also an order to which these are created. (ie: it hints that Grand Creation (who had Dao) is ordered after this ancient god (who is without Dao, without form and without qualities.))

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