Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1153 - Taking you to play

Outside the mine, Divine King Zu's body was surrounded by countless strands of divine light. The brilliance reached the skies, and 49 rays of light connected heaven and earth. They were all infused with a different lustre, akin to a peacock spreading its tail.

“This treasure land is no small matter.”

The light in Divine King Zu's eyes flickered. He was the son of Heaven Duke and had inherited Heaven Duke's bloodline. This kind of bloodline was of the highest grade and allowed him to possess the famous All Encompassing Physique. Any divine arts, parts and skills was trivial for him to cultivate.

He looked at the chaos qi that filled the mine. The chaos qi was no small matter. Since there was chaos qi overflowing from this mine, it must be a huge treasure ground. This meant that the treasures in the mine were even more astonishing than the chaos qi.

“Putting everything else aside, even though it's hard to refine chaos qi and chaos stones into treasures, they are still extraordinary treasures. Using chaos stones to sculpt god idols and using them to suppress the myriad realms, who can resist such treasure?”

He walked into the mine and said in a low voice, “Even if there aren't any other treasures in the mine, these two mountain ranges formed from chaos stones can be refined into weapons. They can be refined into two whips that can be wielded to kill my father more easily!”

Just as he thought that, the ground suddenly trembled and the mountains shook.

Divine King Zu was dumbfounded. He saw the mountain range formed by the two chaos stones wobble and begin to crumble!

The crashing of the chaos stones could be said to be world-shaking. Even he couldn't help but feel apprehensive!

The power of the Chaos Mountain was too terrifying. It didn't appear like it was collapsing, but more like it was disintegrating as a whole!

Divine King Zu hurriedly retreated, but he saw the Chaos Mountain Range turn into nothingness in a short moment. It crumbled into countless specks, and the heavy chaos stones pressed down on the collapsed mine, causing it to sink into the ground!

The chaos mountain collapsed, and the chaos qi hidden within the chaos stone was instantly released. The vast and boundless qi was like a surging fog that rushed in all directions!

Wherever the violent air currents passed by, the ground would sink continuously, and the divine mountains that were covered in divine gold would become smaller and denser. Even the void beasts that were flying in the sky and tunnelling underground were crushed into pieces in an instant. They couldn't escape in time!

Divine King Zu's heart pounded as he resisted the impact of the chaos qi. He looked at the two mountain ranges and the mine, only to see that there had already become two huge cracks that had sunk into the ground!

“What exactly happened?” He couldn't help being bewildered.

At this moment, tremors and heavy breathing came from underground. Divine King Zu was astonished “Could there still be a terrifying monster that is still alive here? And that monster destroyed the mine?”

In the fog, the chaos stones flew up in all directions and were thrown high into the sky. They were like stars that smashed into the ground, causing the ground to split open, revealing bottomless holes.

The chaos qi was vast and blocked his vision, so he couldn't see what monster was running out from inside.

The 'monster' seemed to be buried in the mine and was digging a path.

Divine King Zu became even more cautious as celestial palaces floated behind him. They were completely different from the reckless and boorish behaviour he usually displayed.

Those who could live past Dragon Han, Crimson Light, High Emperor, and Founding Emperor Era and became Celestial Venerables weren't idiots.

Even though he was a Celestial Venerable, he still had to be careful. He didn't dare to be careless when facing a dangerous place like Ancestral Court.

After a moment, the 'monster' stopped throwing chaos stones around and walked out. A voice was heard, and it said happily, “We're finally out! Pi, Yan'er, you can come out now.”

When Divine King Zu heard this voice, his face couldn't help but turn black.

After a moment, Qin Mu brought the dragon qilin and Yan'er out of the collapsed area. When he put away the Glassy Sky Pagoda, he saw Divine King Zu, who was also standing in the chaos qi. His heart shuddered, and he smiled. He nodded at Divine King Zu.

Divine King Zu snorted and said indifferently, “I've long heard that Celestial Venerable Mu wrecks havoc whenever he goes. I didn't believe it at first, but today, I have witnessed that the rumours were not false. This primordial mine, chaos divine mountain, has existed in Ancestral Court for hundreds of millions of years and has always been safe and sound. Who expected it to be destroyed the instant it met you!”

Qin Mu said in fear and trepidation, “You flatter me, you flatter me, nephew!”

When Divine King Zu heard the word 'nephew', he raised his eyebrows and said indifferently, “What treasure did you find in the mine? Take it out.”

Qin Mu shook his head and sighed, “What treasure could there be here? Truth be told, this place is a primordial mine that is similar to the one that gave birth to ancient god Celestial Emperor. You should have heard it from my brother, Heaven Duke, right? The ancient Celestial Emperor was born in Ju Clan's Grand Creation Mine. He was the oldest god and was originally an egg, but he never came into being until Grand Emperor hatched him.”

Divine King Zu's expression changed slightly, and he said with a hoarse voice, “You're saying that there's also an ancient god egg here? The ancient god egg in this mine should have been taken by you, right? Give it to me!”

Qin Mu said with a smile, “Nephew, the ancient god in this mine has already come into being, and they have long exhausted the spiritual energy in the mine. I also accidentally touched the mine when I entered this place, and as a result, the mine collapsed, so I didn't get any treasures. I suspect…”

He looked around and said leisurely, “There is an existence comparable to ancient god Celestial Emperor and they[1] are currently hiding in Ancestral Court. Who knows, they might even be looking at us right now!”

The muscles on Divine King Zu's face twitched, and he looked around. He then smiled and said, “Words aren't proof. You have been to the mine before, and only you know if there are any ancient god eggs or treasures. Surnamed Qin, I've always disliked you. Give me your treasures, and I'll let you live.”

He said proudly, “Others don't dare to kill you, but I dare! I'm not like them, worrying about personal gains and losses. I even dare to kill my ancestors!”

Qin Mu said with a smile that wasn't a smile, “You don't dare. When you entered, it is I who brought you in. And when you wish to leave, it is I who will bring you out. I cannot die.”

Killing intent exploded in Divine King Zu's eyes.

Qin Mu said lightly, “Nephew, you can only come to here to play if I accompany you here. If I don't bring you to play, you can only watch.”

Divine King Zu was furious and said coldly, “I can imprison you, torture you, humiliate you, and sever your limbs. I can also torture your primordial spirit, making you wish you were dead!”

Qin Mu laughed softly and said leisurely, “You really don't dare. I have Dao friends. The Celestial Venerables that have entered this place, other than you, are all my Dao friends. The commotion here is so huge, how can we not alarm them? If you want to die now, you can just make a move.”

Divine King Zu laughed and bowed. “It's my fault. Uncle Mu, I'll apologize to you! Farewell, farewell.”

Qin Mu said politely, “Nephew, don't blame yourself. No need for formalities.”

Divine King Zu was full of smiles as he turned to leave. Suddenly, he stopped and said with a smile, “Uncle, the treasure you used just now could actually support the chaos mountains. It's truly remarkable. If my deduction isn't wrong, it should be the number one treasure in the world that had disappeared for six hundred thousand years, the Glassy Sky Pagoda, right?”

The smile on Qin Mu's face stiffened.

Divine King Zu laughed loudly, and his body transformed into a stream of light that tore through the sky.

Qin Mu saw him off and muttered, “Heaven Duke, you gave birth to a such a good son…”

[1] I was debating whether to use 'it' or 'they' as the pronoun for this ancient god. In my opinion, the ambiguity of 'they' being able to refer to both singular and plural in modern society really fits the image of this ancient god so I am going to use 'they' from now on.

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