Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1155 - Taiji mine

“Was this mine obtained by Heavenly Lady Yan?”

Qin Mu was rather disappointed. Heavenly Lady Yan was either Celestial Empress or Mistress Yuanmu. Sheis definitely knowledgable about Ancestral Court, so she naturally chose the best treasure land as soon as possible.

Heavenly Lady Yan sensed his arrival and walked out of the palace with the white cat in her arms.

Qin Mu bowed, and Heavenly Lady Yan hurriedly returned the greeting. She said with a smile, “Celestial Venerable Mu brought the number one treasure in the world to show off. Aren't you afraid that the void beast will lust after it and eat you?”

Qin Mu smiled, “I'm not worried about the void beasts, I'm only worried about the Celestial Venerables in Ancestral Court.”

Heavenly Lady Yan couldn't help laughing, “Without your spells and divine arts, no one can leave. They don't dare to break the seal of Ancestral Court, so they can only watch you show off with the Glassy Sky Pagoda.”

Her beautiful eyes blinked as she asked, “Does Celestial Venerable Mu know the origin of the treasures on the Glassy Sky Pagoda?”

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he humbly sought guidance. “Please teach me, elder sister.”

The white cat in Heavenly Lady Yan's embrace let out a whimper and revealed a threatening expression. Qin Mu smiled and said, “I'm not competing with you over a women's favour, why are you being jealous and scaring me?”

Heavenly Lady Yan gathered the white cat and smiled, “Little Seven isn't an ordinary cat, he's a spirit cat that can differentiate between good and evil. He probably thinks Celestial Venerable Mu isn't a good person, so he reminded me. Is this cat white?”

Qin Mu nodded without thinking. “It's especially white! And big!”

Heavenly Lady Yan burst into laughter, and the dragon qilin coughed in haste.

Qin Mu came to a realization and immediately said, “Let's not talk about the cat. Big sister hasn't mentioned the origin of this treasure.”

“This treasure was forged by North Deity Black Tortoise after the couple looted the treasure vault of Grand Emperor Ju Yushi. It was made from thousands of treasures of Ancestral Court. The armillary sphere on it was picked from the Xin Clan's mine. It was originally called the Request Stone.”

Heavenly Lady Yan said, “This treasure will grant any request. It can control all treasures in the world and activate the powers of the treasures. It can change substances, and it's even more marvellous than the visualization methods of the masters of creation. It can turn soil into gold, women into men, and water into fish. This treasure can help the Xin Clan prosper and be on par with Ju Yushi. However, the existence in this egg is none other than another Celestial Emperor.”

Qin Mu thanked him. “Thank you for your guidance.”

Heavenly Lady Yan smiled, “You shouldn't play with fire. Grand Emperor didn't end up well after hatching ancient god Celestial Emperor.”

Qin Mu was astonished.

Heavenly Lady Yan said, “This is my territory. Celestial Venerable Mu, you should find another treasure land.”

Qin Mu bade farewell and left. He suddenly stopped and asked, “Does Heavenly Concubine know who is Mistress Yuanmu and who is Celestial Empress?”

Heavenly Lady Yan was slightly stunned. She shook her head and smiled, “Does Celestial Venerable Mu know?”

Qin Mu said, “I feel that Mistress Yuanmu and Celestial Empress will definitely not miss out on Ancestral Court. No matter who they reincarnate into, they will come and get involved in this mess. I have a treasure that is Mistress Yuanmu's corporeal body. It might be able to summon Mistress Yuanmu's soul. In that case, I will know who is the true Mistress Yuanmu.”

Heavenly Lady Yan smiled. “I also want to know where Yuanmu is hiding and who she has become. In that case, why doesn't Celestial Venerable Mu give it a try?”

Qin Mu laughed loudly and turned to leave, “It's just hypothetical, how would I have a corporeal body of a Mistress?”

He stood on the head of the void beast, and after walking for a long time, he came to another treasure ground. Qin Mu narrowed his eyes and saw God Sovereign Lang Xuan's palace from afar.

He examined his surroundings and saw that the terrain here was like a three-dimensional taiji diagram[1]. The two divine mountains, one black and one white, were clasped on the ground, and a long river flowed in the centre.

The two divine mountains were round. One of them was completely snow white while the other was completely black. They were thousands of miles apart and faced each other from afar: multicoloured light rushed from the mountains into the sky.

God Sovereign Lang Xuan's palace was built in the middle of two divine mountains. There was a large mine there, and the mine was located on both sides of the river. Multicoloured light overflowed from the river, almost forming Dao markings. There were mines on both sides of the river.

Qin Mu flew into the sky and looked down. He saw that the mountains and rivers here had formed a natural taiji diagram!

In the palace, God Sovereign Lang Xuan sensed him and immediately raised his Celestial Venerable treasure. That treasure was a huge bell that hung upside down above the palace.

God Sovereign Lang Xuan raised his hand, and the bell rang loudly, turning all the void beasts hidden nearby into powder.

“Surnamed Qin, how do you compare to these void beasts?”

God Sovereign Lang Xuan raised his head and said murderously, “This is my territory, my treasure mountain, my mine. If you dare to covet it, you shall die!”

Qin Mu descended and smiled, “Nephew Lang Xuan…”

God Sovereign Lang Xuan raised his hand to pat the bell, but Qin Mu knew he was ruthless and immediately changed his words, “Brother.”

God Sovereign Lang Xuan's expression softened slightly, and he sneered, “You are two-faced. You can fool others, but you can't fool me. If you don't provoke me, I will tolerate you. But if you provoke me…”

Qin Mu smiled. “Then, I won't bring you out!”

God Sovereign Lang Xuan was stunned, and he slowly said, “You should use your words more carefully. Celestial Venerable Mu, let me give you some pointers. There are a total of five primordial mines in Ancestral Court, and these five mines already have owners. They aren't things you can covet. However, other than these five mines, there are also other precious lands and countless treasures.”

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly. “May I ask for your guidance?”

God Sovereign Lang Xuan smiled and said, “For example, Youdu originated from Ancestral Court. You can find the place where Youdu originated from. That place was the burial ground of the first ever master of creation. That corpse has been around for billions of years. How far has it been refined in Ancestral Court?”

Qin Mu couldn't help being moved.

God Sovereign Lang Xuan continued, “Maybe you can also find the origin of Heavenly Yin World. That place is the place where souls are shattered. You are proficient in the Heavenly Yin technique, and that place is also a great treasure land for you. Furthermore, you can also find the origin of the Ruins of End. Even though you can't find the twin lotuses of life and death, you can find their roots. They are also supreme treasures!”

Qin Mu bowed in thanks, and God Sovereign Lang Xuan returned the greeting. He said with a smile, “I'm a straightforward person, and my words are more straightforward. You are the great senior elder of the Heavenly Alliance, big senior brother, don't blame me.”

Qin Mu said seriously, “It's a blessing to have an upright person like Dao friend Lang Xuan in the Heavenly Alliance.”

Both of them laughed loudly.

Qin Mu patted the void beast and it left.

“The places God Sovereign Lang Xuan mentioned are indeed remarkable treasure grounds. They are also extremely useful to me.”

On the void beast's head, Qin Mu muttered to himself irresolutely. The place that God Sovereign Lang Xuan had mentioned was definitely an excellent treasure land, but it was inferior to the five great mines.

“However, out of the five, chaos mine[2] had already been destroyed. Celestial Venerable Xiao has one, Celestial Venerable Gong has one, and Celestial Venerable Yan has one. Grand Emperor Heavenly Lady Qiang, should also have one. If it's like this, I won't have a share.

He frowned, and his heart suddenly stirred. He saw that the void beast was still hurrying on its way.

“Could there be a sixth mine?” His heart trembled slightly.

The void beast took even longer to travel this time than before. After walking for twenty to thirty days, it still didn't stop and gradually left the core area of Ancestral Court.

The speed of the void beast was originally extremely fast. After sprinting for such a long time, even this kind of powerful strange beast was exhausted. As it walked, it became limp and couldn't move.

The eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened up, and he visualized the flesh and blood. The void beast roused its spirit and wolfed down the flesh and blood before continuing forward.

After walking for another ten days, they walked into a black desert. The black sand was everywhere, and rocks and sand flew everywhere.

The void beast advanced against the black sand. This place was shrouded in darkness, and one couldn't even see their fingers if they stretched out their hands. The black sand was swept up by strong winds, and its speed was extremely fast. It seemed to be able to break through divine consciousness and even pierce through the void!

[1] taiji diagram is the classic yin-yang circle thing.

[2] Other mines are capitalised like “Grand Creation Mine” or “Grand Beginning Mine”, the reason why chaos mine isn't is because it isn't its real name. Its real name, as Celestial Emperor previously mentioned, is “Grand Derivation Mine”

[3] Please use novelupdates to look up the official translation site! Fastest available translation is completely free here 🙂

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