Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1159 - Nothing more than just a battle

At the foot of the mountain, the dragon qilin and Yan'er raised their heads to look towards the mine. Myriad lights of all colours spewed out, and many great Dao divine arts burst forth. Deafening rumbles came from there, and terrifying waves that made one's heart palpitate shook the sky above.

Not far away, Tiny Earth Count was also raising his head to look over. However, he was too short and couldn't see clearly, so he could only try his best to climb onto the void beast.

The void beast was also observing the battle in the mining area, but when it sensed this little thing crawling on its body, its eyes couldn't help but raise slightly. It bared its teeth and revealed a threatening expression.

However, when Tiny Earth Count climbed onto its head, it didn't move.

As Tiny Earth Count just climbed to the highest point of the void beast, a human figure flew out of the mine and crashed into the black sand with a rumble. He slid dozens of miles on the ground.

“Don't help me up!”

Qin Mu was furious, and he hobbled back while executing the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to treat his injuries. He sneered and said, “I don't believe a mere mine can kill me! I am the solemn and exalted Celestial Venerable Mu. The ten Celestial Venerables of Celestial Heavens are suppose to be my junior brothers and sisters. They all have their respective territories, so how can I not have one?”

The dragon qilin and Yan'er looked at each other in dismay. They watched as he healed his injuries and went up the mountain with murderous intent.

“Cult Master has the option to choose another place, there's no need to fight to the death here.” The dragon qilin said in a low voice.

After a few days, Qin Mu flew out from the mountain again. This time, he didn't land on the black sand but on the white desert opposite the mountain.

The dragon qilin looked into the distance for a moment, but his gaze couldn't pass through this mountain range. He could only wave his hand and say, “Disperse, disperse, let's not look.”

On the other side, Qin Mu entered the mountain again. He treated this Grand Extremes Mine as another method of cultivation to see if there was still any chance for him to improve.

If it was anyone else, they would have long retreated in the face of difficulties, but he became more heroic the more he fought.

Even if he couldn't comprehend the Dao of Yin and Yang in the Grand Extremes Mine, he could still use this chance to gain a deeper understanding of the Heavenly Dao and the Great Dao of Youdu.

He entered the mine again and was sent flying again. However, he made a comeback and was full of fighting spirit. He lasted longer in the mine.

He entered the mine again and again, and was sent flying yet again and again. However, he made a comeback each time and was full of fighting spirit. The time he lasted in the mine became longer and

Finally, on this day, Qin Mu completely stabilized himself in the mine. He blocked the attacks of Heaven Duke and Earth Count from the mountain walls on both sides of the mine by himself. No matter what kind of Heavenly Dao divine art and Youdu divine art they executed, they couldn't make him take a step back.

He pressed forward slowly as he slaughtered his way into the mine by five metres.

Suddenly, Heaven Duke and Earth Count stopped their attacks and went into hiding.

Qin Mu stood in the mine and looked around. He saw that the Grand Extremes Divine Stone on the mountain wall was still spinning gently, and the Yin and Yang qi on the mountain wall was still flowing slowly.

He had lifted his foot and was about to step further in but he instead retracted that foot.

Cracking sounds reverberated from behind him, and Qin Mu suddenly turned around. He saw a petrified master of creation shed his stone exterior and regain his body of flesh and blood. That master of creation walked towards him with his axe and pickaxe on his shoulder. His chest was revealed, and he looked extremely brave.

“To occupy this mine, it is truly difficult.”

Qin Mu roused his spirit and looked at the walking masters of creation.

The body of the master of creation was majestic, and every movement of his held the natural rhythm of the Dao.

On both sides, the walls of the Grand Extremes Mine swirled with Yin and Yang qi. Black and white qi coiled around each other and tunnelled into the body of the master of creation.

The Dao runes on his body also became stronger. He had three eyes; the eye at the heart of his brows still had the Grand Creation Divine Stone. A Grand Extremes Divine Stone flew over and stuck onto the Grand Creation Divine Stone, replacing it and squeezing it into his brain.

The two eyes of this master of creation became very strange. Their pupil split into two and turned into two Ying Yang fish that were revolving around each other.

Dual pupils!

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. The strangeness of this Grand Extremes Mine was even more terrifying than other mines.

This master of creation was clearly no longer the original master of creation, but a terrifying creature controlled by this mine!

“Furthermore, the Grand Extremes Divine Stone had substituted the Grand Creation Divine Stone. This means that the mine is controlling this master of creation to execute the paths, skills, and divine arts contained in the Grand Creation Primordial Mine.”

Qin Mu focused his attention on the master of creation. He had already arrived here, and there was no way to retreat!

No matter what, he had to get the Grand Extremes Mine. His Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was split from Grand Extremes(read: Yin and Yang). This mine to him is of great importance!

Suddenly, the master of creation raised his pickaxe and exerted strength in his legs. In an instant, he was in front of Qin MU, and the pickaxe came crashing down!

Qin Mu swung his broken sword and transformed it into a long knife. The moment he attacked, it was his own divine art that entered the path!

He entered the path with the knife and comprehended his first great divine art of the Knife Path.

Knocking on Southern Heavenly Gate!

The knife light shone, bringing with it the unique Path Runes of the Postcelestial Great Path as it clashed with the pickaxe!

Knife Path, cutting through thorns and thistles without fear of death!

The dangers of heaven, the unyieldingness of earth, one knife to cleave open!

If there is no road, then carve one. No need to seek myriad transformations, only horizontal and vertical strokes are needed![1]


A world-shaking explosion rang out, and Qin Mu flew backward. He stomped heavily on the mountain wall and rushed over at an even faster speed.

The hands of the master of creation were raised high, and he retreated. Qin Mu was already in front of him. He raised his knife, and a huge head flew up.

Qin Mu landed on the ground, and the ground trembled violently.

The web between his thumb and forefinger split open, and fresh blood flowed out. However, to be able to kill an opponent of the calibre in one move, this bit of injury was nothing.

Suddenly, the headless master of creation raised his pickaxe again. Qin Mu was astonished and hurriedly retreated to avoid the pickaxe.

The master of creation missed and pulled out his pickaxe from the ground. Two Grand Extremes eyes grew out of his chest, and they were terrifying.

Thud. The headless master of creation put down the pickaxe and leaned against the handle.

At the same time, cracking sounds rang out as the stone statues of the masters of creation in the mine shed their stone exteriors and regained their corporeal bodies. The Yin and Yang qi on both sides of the mountain were rampant and swam like dragons as they tunnelled into their bodies.

They all walked towards Qin Mu.

Thud, thud, thud.

Pickaxes were placed onto the ground one after another, the metals twinkled with cold light. Dozens of giants were laid out in a battle formation, akin to geese in flight, as they closed in on both sides.

Qin Mu gripped the handle of his knife tightly, and his injuries healed rapidly. He laughed and said, “Where shall my knife lead? Nothing more than just a battle! Come-”

The masters of creation either soared into the sky, stepped on the mountain walls, or sprinted over from the ground. The light reflected from their pickaxes was like the dividing line in a taiji diagram: dividing Yin and Yang. Their trajectories was extremely profound as they attacked from all directions.


In the Grand Extremes Mine, a pillar of light rose from the ground and transformed into a black light. Another pillar of light rose into the sky and transformed into a white light. In mid-air, the 'two pillars of light swirled and collided with the top of the sky. From afar, they looked like Yin and Yang Grand Extremes Fish[2] that were swirling around each other!

At the foot of the mountain, the dragon qilin and Yan'er looked at this sight in a daze. They didn't know what had happened in the mine.

The light slowly dispersed, and the imposing masters of creation stood in a circle with their pickaxes in their hands. In the centre was a pile of rotten flesh.

Qin Mu was beaten into meat paste by them.

The masters of creation were expressionless as they raised their pickaxes and prepared to leave. The substances in the mine was changing rapidly, and the masters of creation were rapidly retreating. The pickaxes in their hands also followed the path of their divine arts as they retreated!

Some of them rose into the sky, some stepped on the mountain walls and ran backward, while some retreated into the ground.

Meanwhile, the meat paste was also changing rapidly, turning back into Qin Mu's appearance. Everything seemed to have returned to its starting point.

“Nothing more than just a battle! Come-” Qin Mu shouted.

[1] The translation in those past three lines are pretty clunky. I tried my best to preserve the sentence order and structure of the raw.

[2] Two koi, one black one white swirling around each other. Fun fact, did you know the plural of fish is fishes if there is multiple species of fish (but only fish if it's multiples of the same species).

[3] Check out novelupdates for the official translation website!

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