Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 116 - Heart Of A Newborn

Qin Mu memorized diligently and committed the Six Directions Realm's circulation diagram of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique on the pillar to memory. He had got the Five Elements Realm's incomplete diagram of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique in Doom Suppression Palace, and together with the Six Directions Realm's circulation diagram, the portion that he couldn't understand in the incomplete diagram gradually became clear. However, it was still pretty impossible to patch the incomplete diagram.

Since that the young patriarch had seen the circulation diagram of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, he might also have the Five Elements Realm's incomplete diagram with him. Even if it was incomplete as well, it might be able to patch the incomplete diagram that Qin Mu knew.

This concerned his cultivation and he must be diligent.

Suddenly a monk came out from the back of the hall and asked solemnly, "Where are the scholars from River Tomb? River Tomb's scholars, step forward. There's no need for you to take this test, wait at the next test."

Wei Yong stared blankly and walked out with two other scholars. As they walked towards the inner hall, he turned his head back, "Brother Qin…"

"Don't make noise!"

The monk solemnly said, "The scholars from River Tomb have suffered disastrous casualties and won't have to take further examinations. The rest will stay here and wait for your examination."

Qin Mu was indescribably astonished. There was actually a monk in Imperial College!

Seeing so many Daoists earlier, he had originally thought that even though it was called Imperial College, it was still a place of Daoism. Never did he expect to see a monk here.

"Buddhism and Daoism coexist in Imperial College! I wonder what Great Thunderclap Monastery would think?"

Just as he thought of this, another yellow-robed monk came out from the back of the hall. He had high and long eyebrows that were floating and had a register in his hand. Looking around, he subdued all the scholars in the hall with his snow bright gaze and opened his mouth, "This test is about your nature."

His voice boomed loudly like a huge bell ringing, vibrating the eardrums of people in the hall, making them blanked out.

He sat down in the lotus position and his eyebrows drooped as he said, "I will chant the incantations stored in this scripture, if you can't take it, you can leave the great hall. Those that can endure this scripture of mine may proceed to the next test."

He put his palms together and rotated his rosary beads, chanting neither too fast nor too slow, "Buddha said: Subhuti, all Bodhisattvas and Mahasattvas should subdue their minds as follows: all living beings born from eggs, wombs, humidity or by transformation, with or without form, either thoughtful or thoughtless, and neither thoughtful nor thoughtless, are all led by me to the final nirvana for the extinction of reincarnation. Although immeasurable, uncountable and unlimited numbers of living beings are thus led to the extinction of reincarnation, it is true that not a living being is led there. Why so…"

The buddha voice vibrated and every incantation was like the descent of a Rulai, attacking into the minds of all the scholars in the hall, attacking into their bodies, their vital qi, their Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and their Five Elements Divine Treasure!

Great Rulai Buddhas even appeared in their thoughts and shone brilliantly.

The vibrations grew stronger and stronger, becoming so powerful that it was hard for the people to endure. The sound of the vibrations made their qi and blood unstable and dispersed their vital qi, making it difficult for them to defend their divine treasures!

It was also incomparably difficult to defend against the chanting of the scriptures. Their minds completely couldn't defend against it, as if all their thoughts were laid bare without any secrets hidden.

Finally, a scholar couldn't resist getting up and sprinted out of the hall!

If he continued to hear the chant of the yellow-robed monk, he was afraid his vital qi would directly crumble and his divine treasure would be taken over by the buddha voice. His muscles, hair, skin, bones, meridians might even crumble apart from the vibrations!

Just as this scholar ran out of the great hall, another few people couldn't endure it anymore and ran out as well. Before they could even run out of the great hall, they couldn't resist puking and wanted more than anything to puke out all their organs.

The yellow-robed monk remained unmoved and continued to chant his incantation. The Buddhism incantations continued to rumble and the sounds became heavier and heavier. More and more scholars ran out of the great hall, battered and exhausted.

Unknowingly, there were only over twenty people left in the hall. Qin Mu sat in the middle of the hall as the buddha voice rushed at him, shaking him entirely. The youth remained unmoved and chanted devil voice under his breath. He was in a deadlock with the buddha voice as it attacked while he defended, causing him to fight with joy.

This buddha voice had the slightest impact on him and was unable to cause any disturbance to his consciousness.

After a while, Qin Mu changed to the god language he had learned and become awfully busy trying to contest with the buddha voice.

After some more time, that yellow-robed monk frowned as he opened his eyes to look at Qin Mu sitting there calmly while raising his head to look at the murals on the pillar. It was as if he had no reaction to his chants and at this time, there were only ten something people left in the hall.

"This is strange. It obvious wrote demonic on his evaluation and emphasized on observing him. If he was really evil at heart, how could he endure so long under my buddha voice?"

The yellow-robed monk was puzzled and the buddha voice in his mouth subconsciously slowed down as he thought to himself, "He doesn't have any demonic nature now. If I purposely force him to turn back, I'm afraid all the scholars in the hall would be forced out of the great hall as well and no one will pass."

He stopped and got up, "All of you have passed. Go out from the back of the hall and proceed to the next test."

All the people felt like a boulder was lifted from their shoulders and stood up. They had unknowingly let out a whole body of sweat which had soaked their clothes. Only Qin Mu seemed to have no feeling and didn't give off even a single drop of sweat.

The yellow-robed monk sized him up again and took out the register and added annotations to the back of everyone's name. When he got to Qin Mu, the yellow-robed monk hesitated for a moment before writing, "Heart of a newborn, unmoved by the outside world."

The monk walked out from the back of the hall and threw the register into the sky. The crane in midair flew over and held the register in its beak, flying upwards. The yellow-robed monk returned back into the hall.

The crane flew to halfway up the mountain and landed in front of a great hall. The crane passed the book in its beak to a boy that was walking over. The boy hurriedly entered the hall and passed the book to a middle-aged Daoist in the hall, "Teacher Ling Yun, the register is here."

Daoist Ling Yun flipped open the name register and smiled, "Every year Imperial College would have to give out ten places, to choose outstanding students from the Spirit Embryo Realm and Five Elements Realm's scholars. I wonder what talents are here this year?"

He took a look and nodded his head gently, "There are still fourteen people left and they all have high evaluations. Even though there were unrests this year and the talents are not as good as before, there are still young talents that deserve to pay attention to… Eh?"

He stared at Qin Mu's name with a weird expression. He read the evaluations a few times and was puzzled, "What's going on with the one called Qin Mu? Why did they write that he had a demonic nature and emphasize to observe him and why did they say he had a heart of a newborn and was unmoved by the outside world? The bunch of fellows, writing evaluations any old how!"

The boy said, "Teacher, the three scholars from River Tomb have already been selected without announcement. Teacher will have to disqualify seven people this round. Furthermore, General of Heavenly Strategies said that his daughter would be coming for the examinations and hoped teacher would show more consideration for her. Also, a letter came from Imperial Officer Manor stating that one of his grandsons wished to enter Imperial College to cultivate. There are Great General of White Horse and Qin Family of the capital city too. King Zhenan sent us a letter as well, the young master of King Zhenan also wants to…"

Daoist Ling Yun had a big headache and grumbled, "They all want to enter Imperial College and they all have powerful backgrounds. No matter what they are all higher than me. The three scholars from River Tomb have already secured three places, giving face to Imperial Preceptor. Now that ten places have become only seven, how could I arrange so many people? What's the background of this Qin Mu? Could he be from the Qin Family of the capital city?"

The boy shook his head, "Qin Family said that their young master was called Qin Yu. This Qin Mu should have no relation to the Qin Family. His census register is from Lizhou Prefecture."

Daoist Ling Yun let out a sigh of relief and said, "I can only wrong him. I won't let him pass my test later then. Who else doesn't have a background?"

"There are still two brothers Ding Shan and Ding He, as well as this girl called Si Yunxiang. The others have backgrounds but are not as powerful, this person is the relative of Sparrow Mountain Prefecture Head and there's also her who is the cousin of Yu City Magistrate…"

Daoist Ling Yun let out another sigh and said, "Second and third ranking officials can't be offended as well but with the present situation, I can only offend them."

After Qin Mu walked out from the back of the hall, he raised his head and there was a mountain road. Ten something scholars climbed the mountain together and not long later, the road ahead suddenly spread out. With waterfalls hanging down the jade cliffs, they were like flowing jade and with the sun shining on them, they gave off brilliant lights and vibrant colors. The spectacular sight caused Qin Mu and the rest to give off exclaims of admiration that it was truly a sacred grounds of the immortals.

"Elder sister, your surname is also Si?"

Qin Mu looked at the young girl beside him and asked curiously, "The surname Si is pretty rare and I have a kin that has the surname Si."

The girl beside him was called Si Yunxiang. She was a gentle and quiet girl with big eyes. There were not many people with the surname Si and other than Granny Si. It was still Qin Mu's first time meeting someone else with the surname Si. He couldn't help taking a few more looks at her and went forward to talk to her.

The young girl that had the surname Si seemed to detect his gaze and revealed a shy expression. She lowered her head and continued to walk forward, ignoring him.

"She knows how to be shy, definitely not granny in disguise."

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief as he thought to himself, "Granny would never be shy. Granny is now at Disabled Elderly Village and can't leave Great Ruins, much less running all the way here. If she was granny, she would definitely not use the surname Si because I would suspect her. Haha, maybe I'm just thinking too much?"

He was now slightly skeptical. When he heard the girl's name was Si Yunxiang, he was already slightly suspicious that's why he had gone up to test her.

Not long later, they had come to the front of a great hall. They only saw a boy holding a name register in his hand as he looked at them and said clearly, "Scholars, the examination for this stage is very strict and there might be injuries or even death. Is there anyone that wants to fall out?"

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