Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1160 - It is not that the fierce dragon can't cross the river

Black and white dual pupils revolved around in the eyes of the masters of creation as though they were astonished; however, they didn't have such thoughts. Qin Mu's roar rang out and the masters of creation rushed towards him once again!

Those that rose into the air before rose into the air once again. Those that stepped on the two walls of the mountain stepped onto the mountain walls. Those that sprinted on the ground sprinted across!

Their pickaxe traced the same trajectory as before, carrying the marvel of the Dao of Yin and Yang as they attacked Qin Mu from all angles!


Violent tremors travelled over, and a black Yang and a white Yin fish appeared in the sky once again, swirling around each other.

At the foot of the mountain, the dragon qilin raised his head to look around and was astonished, “I think I've experienced all of this before…”

In the mine, time seemed to have returned to its original point.

The masters of creation killed Qin Mu and beat him into a pulp. However, in the next moment, they returned to their original positions and stood in their formation[1] with their pickaxes.

Qin Mu still stood in front of them and laughed loudly, “Come—”

Everything seemed to repeat itself. The masters of creation charged forward again and swung their pickaxes again. Another burst of incomparably brilliant and terrifying power burst forth, and the two Yin Yang fish swirled above the sky.

However, this time, Qin Mu survived. He stood shakily in the midst of the masters of creation and didn't collapse.

Every repetition, he used different moves. After three times, he had already found a path to survival.

Qin Mu grinned, and his mouth was full of blood. He chuckled, “I'm not dead…”


Behind him, a master of creation raised his pickaxe and stabbed it into his head, shattering his skull.

The other masters of creation raised their axes and pickaxes and smashed down one after another. At this moment, time seemed to rewind, and in the next moment, the masters of creation returned to their starting points.

Qin Mu stood there perfectly fine and laughed loudly, “Come-”

At the foot of the mountain, the dragon qilin, Yan'er, the void beast, and Tiny Earth Count were already used to the two black and white pillars of light and the two Yin Yang fish that appeared in the sky from time to time. They continued to do their own things.

Tiny Earth Count laid on the head of the void beast, drooling as he and the void beast stared at the primordial behemoth on the mountain. Yan'er took out the Treasured Basin that Divine King Lang Wo had given her as she planned to create even more spirit pills. The dragon qilin laid in front of the village door, dozing off.

But in the mine, Qin Mu was killed time and time again. However, with each revival, he stayed alive for longer and longer.

Finally, as he was pulverised again, a change occurred. Just as everything was about to return to the beginning, the masters of creation opened their mouth wide; Yin and Yang qi rushed out from their mouth like dragons in flight as they swarmed into Qin Mu's body.

It was obvious that this Grand Extremes Mine had given birth to its own consciousness. It realised that Qin Mu is using his shameless method to become stronger and to gain a deeper understanding of the Dao of Yin and Yang. Hence, it took the chance to assimilate him when Qin Mu was dead.

When the Yin and Yang qi left the masters of creation's bodies, they quickly petrified back into stone statues!

When the Yin and Yang qi tunnelled into Qin Mu's flesh and blood, they clashed violently with the Unchanging Material Divine Art[2]. When Qin Mu, who was beaten into a paste, would recombine, he sometimes transformed into pieces of stone, and other times his flesh and blood would reappear. At times, he would transform into multiple monsters but occasionally his own figure would appear.

Celestial Venerable Ling invented the Unchanging Material Divine Art using the Path of Creation as its basis. When it clashed with the Yin and Yang qi, a terrifying reaction would occur. One was the the nature of unchanging material, while the other was the transformation of myriad forms.

Such a collision must have a winner and loser.

If the Unchanging Divine Art was defeated, Qin Mu would die.

If the Yin and Yang qi were defeated, Qin Mu would live.

It was that simple!

The violent collision lasted for an unknown period of time, and Qin Mu slowly stood up from the pool of blood. Just as he revealed a smile, he suddenly exploded with a bang and transformed into an unfolded taiji diagram.

In the taiji diagram, Yin and Yang qi flowed slowly.

After another moment, the Yin and Yang qi in the diagram gradually changed into Qin Mu's figure.

That was his spirit embryo. Celestial Venerable Ling's unchanging divine art clashed with the yin and yang energies, erasing his corporeal body and primordial spirit, leaving only his spirit embryo undying!

That was his Spirit Embryo. The clash between Celestial venerable Ling's Unchanging Divine Art and the Yin and Yang qi resulted in the destruction of his corporeal body and primordial spirit: leaving only his Spirit Embryo untouched.

Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo stood in the centre of the taiji diagram with the broken sword in his hand.

The hilt of the broken sword were marked two smaller taiji diagrams. They were two Grand Extremes Divine Stones embedded on the two sides of the broken sword's hilt.

The Spirit Embryo swung its sword and slashed in all directions!

“Open the Sky!”


In his surroundings, the Great Dao trembled. A loud bang that sounded like the splitting of Heaven and Earth reverberated outward. A lone Primordial Tree rose from the ground, propping up the Clear qi and Turbid qi; Yin and Yang separates and countless stars form. The stars floated into the sky and gradually faded into the distance, transforming into Xuandu in the sky!

The Celestial River poured down; it's source is Xuandu. As it flowed through the land of the Four Extremities, North Extremities appeared giving birth to two ancient gods: one was Xuan and the other Wu. Xuan Wu fused together and Snake is intertwined with Tortoise[3]. With a violent shake, countless stars of the Northern Sky was formed.

The ancient gods of the Northern Heaven appeared in all different shapes and sizes, guarding their respective territories.

The Celestial River continued towards the west and West Extremities appeared. The White Tiger roared and countless stars appeared in Western Heaven. The ancient gods of the Western Heaven presided over the stars, and their abilities were remarkable.

Next, the Vermillion Bird of the South Extremities, the Green Dragon of the East Extremities, and all the star fields and constellations appeared.

he Celestial River flowed through Yuandu and coiled around the Primordial Tree. The myriad heavens, emitting their assorted rays of light, all hung around the Primordial Tree

The Celestial River was vast and mighty, flowing into the sea before finally sinking into the gloomy Youdu. Following the two Nine Bends Yellow Springs as it transformed into the Netherworld River that coiled around Earth Count's body.

The Netherworld River reached Earth Count's feet and fell into the Ruins of the End, gushing into the Great Abyss.[4]

In the Great Abyss, a double headed lotus gently swayed as it welcomed the river water, growing out of the pitch-black Great Abyss.

On the other side of the Ruins of the End, the Celestial River emerged and appeared above Xuandu. It flowed between Heaven Duke's brows and his long eyebrows fluttered as they reflected the Celestial River.

In the darkness under Heaven Duke's feet, tremors came from Heavenly Yin World. Countless Black Soul Sand flew and descended into Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo, transforming into three souls and seven spirits.

On the taiji diagram, clanging sounds rang out continuously, and the sound of Dao rang out. From the yin and yang qi, rows of celestial palaces could be seen emerging from the diagram. The Dao voices of the celestial palaces rumbled and vibrated, bright as new.

On the taiji diagram, clanging sounds rang out continuously, and fluctuations in the Dao rang out. From the Yin and Yang qi, Celestial Palaces could be seen emerging from the diagram. The Dao sound of each Celestial Palace rumbled and vibrated: bright as new.

In each Celestial Palace's God Execution Stage, the Yin and Yang qi changed rapidly like two divine knives that could cleave through anything.

This was Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure Domain!

Suddenly, the divine treasure realm shrunk rapidly and became smaller. In a short time, it was compressed into the shape of a brain.

In the surroundings of the brain, blood vessels grew, bones grew, hair flew, and Qin Mu's face appeared. Next, his facial features, heart, six organs, and four limbs grew.

Qin Mu stretched his hand out to grab the sword. The broken sword appeared in his hand and stabbed into his waist. The sheath of the broken sword also appeared at his waist.

He walked out of the circle formed by the stone statues of the masters of creation, and his clothes were also recovering. When he walked out of the circle formed by the dozens of stone statues, his cloak fluttered behind him.

There seemed to be a faint sigh coming from the mine, but Qin Mu pretended not to hear it and continued to rush forward. There were no abnormalities in the mine, and even the Yin and Yang qi on the mountain wall stopped flowing. There were no changes to the Grand Extremes Divine Stone.

After walking for a long time, boundless Yin and Yang qi appeared in front of him, forming an incomparably huge taiji diagram.

In the centre of the vast diagram was a huge sacrificial altar. The sacrificial altar was located between Yin and Yang. A lone divine egg stood quietly at the centre of the sacrificial altar.

Surrounding the divine egg were eight origin stones that were filled with Yin Yang Dao Runes.

Qin Mu came to the front of the divine egg and pulled out his sword from his waist. He stabbed it into the sacrificial altar and sat down cross-legged. With a calm expression, he said, “The Dao brother in the egg, Outsider Qin Mu sends his greetings.”

[1] The raw denoted the formation to be in a 人 shape.

[2] Previously called the Unchanging Substance Divine Art, created by talented Celestial Venerable Ling. The reason why I'm using material instead is because I'm reserving substance for a more important word.

[3] The Taoist God Xuanwu is usually portrayed in the company of a turtle and a snake (and in the case of TOHG, the two gods are the turtle and snake.)

[4] Ruins of the End is called “Returning Void” in the raw. The Great Abyss is the deepest part of the Ruins of the End.

Chapter end

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