Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1163 - Thirty billion years

“Thirty billion years…”

Qin Mu shook his head. The method the dragon qilin used to measure the age of this Big Black Peak would definitely has its errors, but the errors wouldn't be too big. However, the number of thirty billion still gave Qin Mu a massive shock.

The number thirty billion only referred to the age of the Big Black Peak in years. Other than the Big Black Peak, there were still the other circular mountain ranges!

If those ring-shaped mountain ranges had similar annual rings, wouldn't it mean that the total age of this black tree was an unimaginable number?

The entire black tree was incomparably huge, and it was even several times thicker than the Primordial Tree. Furthermore, it was even older than the Primordial Tree. Mother Earth's age was just a fraction of it!

“Mother Earth's annual rings only number in the few billions, yet this black tree has fully experienced sixteen different great annual rings. Each great annual ring has tens of billions of small year rings. What kind of history has this tree experienced? It's impossible for a tree to live for so long, yet this tree has really lived for that long.”

Qin Mu had a weird expression. It was truly a pity that such a tree was dead and only its stump was left.

“For the two ancient gods of the Grand Extremes Mine to recommend this place, what is its origin? However, this place can indeed be considered a treasure land second only to the five primordial mines.”

He was satisfied. For the two ancient gods in the Grand Extremes Mine to recommend this place to him, it could be said that they had formed a great bond. It was very beneficial for him to gain a stable footing in Ancestral Court.

As long as the Glassy Sky Pagoda projected the 28 heavens, it would be easy to defend and hard to attack!

Moreover, these black wood mountain ranges didn't have the unique strangeness of the primordial mines. It would definitely be easier to excavate here.

Qin Mu flew in the sky and patrolled the mountains. The mineral lodes here weren't concentrated in the Black Wood Mountain Range. Instead, they were located at the outermost ring of the black mountains.

There were many exposed ores there, and they looked extremely ancient. He had collected a few of them, but he couldn't tell what kind of ores they were. He could only put them away and bring them outside to ask Mute.

Qin Mu circled around, and this place was eaten up by the void beasts. There was no vegetation here, but sparse plants were growing near the centre of the Big Black Peak

It would take more than ten days to inspect the entirety of the black tree[1]. As for a detailed comb over, it would take even longer.

Qin Mu stopped. The main problem now was that this place was very eye-catching. The void beasts could attack at any time, so he had to prepare his countermeasures as soon as possible.

“The one controlling those void beasts is Heavenly Lady Qiang, who is also Grand Emperor. Logically speaking, she shouldn't have been able to sit still for so long. She should have tried to mobilize the void beast mother to use it to explore the territories of the other Celestial Venerables.”

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and thought to himself, “But why hasn't she made a move yet? Could it be…”

He suddenly felt a chill down his spine, and the smile on his face froze, “Did Celestial Venerable Gong attacked Heavenly Lady Qiang? If Celestial Venerable Gong could kill her, everything would be fine! If she couldn't kill her, she would definitely guess that it was I who told her!”

The stiff smile on Qin Mu's face gradually distorted, and he immediately flew back to Big Black Peak. His heart was thumping wildly. “After being beaten up by Celestial Venerable Gong, she will definitely take her anger out on me!”

After he returned to the Big Black Peak, he immediately mobilised the Glassy Sky Pagoda and send the void beast he had tamed outside of the range of the 28 heavens.

Qin Mu raised his head to look at the sky and waited quietly. However, there was no movement in the sky or in the void.

He waited for half a day, but there was still no movement. He was slightly relieved and took out Grand Beginning's egg. He focused his efforts on studying the Grand Beginning Runes.

He had already researched the first Taishi rune, and it could be said that he had entered the door. As long as he entered the door, it would be much easier to study the subsequent Taishi runes.

He had already discovered the first Grand Beginning Rune, and it could be said that his foundation had a qualitative change. As long as he can grasp the first rune, it would be much easier to decipher the subsequent Grand Beginning Runes.

After ten days of peace, the void beasts still didn't attack. Qin Mu felt at ease and thought to himself, “The longer it is delayed, the better. So long as the other Celestial Venerables want to leave, they will come and find me. By then, even if Heavenly Lady Qiang wants to kill me, I'll be safe.”

He couldn't help but mutter, “Ten percent of Celestial Venerable Gong's divine stone is truly expensive…”

At that moment, Heavenly Lady Qiang's clothes were dishevelled, and she was covered in injuries. She had escaped from the mine of the Xin Clan in a sorry state. Her face was bruised, and she was clearly beaten up badly. Celestial Venerable Gong was still chasing after her.

Heavenly Lady Qiang flew into a rage and shouted, “Only Grand Creation and that youngster Celestial Venerable Mu know my identity. Grand Creation and I are in a careful balance. If he reveals my identity, I can also reveal his; he won't be the one who betrayed me. In that case, it can only be that scoundrel Qin Mu!”

“You're really courting death! You keep teasing a tiger's whiskers!”

Her divine consciousness burst forth, and the void beast mother that was residing in the 19th void instantly stood up as if she had received an order. She shook her incomparably huge body and roared furiously.

At this moment, all of the Celestial Venerables in Ancestral Court felt tremors coming from the depths of the void. They walked out of their palaces and looked up.

However, a huge eye suddenly appeared in the sky. It was a several hundred kilometres[2] long, and its eyelid slid down. A huge eyeball appeared and rolled around.

Next, popping sounds came from the sky as huge eyes popped out one after another. They felt incomparably evil and looked like mushrooms that had popped out after heavy rain. Soon, they filled the sky!

Other than that, on the ground, in the rivers, lakes, and seas, countless eyeballs also appeared!

Other than that countless eyeballs also appeared on the ground, and in the rivers, lakes and seas.

The Celestial Venerables sneered and didn't mind.

Although the void beast was powerful, it was still far inferior to Celestial Venerates like them. They weren't afraid of it at all.

They were also determined to get rid of the void beast mother. However, the void beast mother was hidden in the 19th void, so their divine consciousnesses weren't strong enough. They weren't like the masters of creation who specialized in cultivating divine consciousnesses.

They also couldn't bring their corporeal bodies through the void. If their primordial spirits entered the 19th void, it would be too dangerous.

However, as long as the void beast mother appeared, they could easily get rid of her.

In the sky, on the ground and in the waters, countless void beasts emerged. The void beasts in the sky flapped their wings and flew in the sky. On the ground, the six legs of the void beasts sprinted frantically!

Other than that, there were also huge void beasts shuttling through the void. Almost all of the void beasts moved at this moment and rushed in the same direction!

And that direction was the north of Ancestral Court!

Even the void beasts who were working hard to tear the crack in the sky even wider loosened their claws and fell down.

They twisted their bodies as they fell, and their six limbs spread out their membranes to slice through the sky.

“The north should be…”

In the great lake, Celestial Venerable Hong raised his head and revealed a look of astonishment. “The great black mountain! That place is extremely desolate. It's the most sinister place in Ancestral Court. Even the masters of creation of the Ancient Primordial Era didn't dare venture there and avoided it! For these void beasts to run there, could someone have run there?”

“None of the ten Celestial Venerables are fools. They can all see how terrifying the black mountain is, so they won't choose it…”

His expression changed slightly, and he stomped his feet. “Crap! I know who went to the black mountain! Only that brat is so daring!”

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