Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1164 - Void beast invasion

Back then, Heaven Duke had also lived in Ancestral Court for a long time, so he knew a lot about it. There were too many strange legends about the black mountains in the Ancient Primordial era.

Some said that it was the ashes left behind by the destruction of the previous universe, while others said that there was a devil king there that could destroy the entire universe.

There were masters of creation who attempted to explore that place. However, no matter how many people went there, they never came back!

Heaven Duke had also tried to explore the black mountains of Ancestral Court in the past and came to a conclusion that made blood run cold; the universe had already been destroyed sixteen times.

And the black mountains was actually a single tree that could prop up all things in the universe. However, for some unknown reason, that divine tree had died, leaving only a stump.

It should have died during the destruction of the previous universe, leaving behind endless fantasies for the future generations.

However, when Heaven Duke was exploring the black mountains back then, he saw many extremely strange scenes that made him shudder and he had avoided going there since.

According to his knowledge, Earth Count had also been to the black mountains. However, when he asked Earth Count what he had seen there, Earth Count kept is a secret and did not want to discuss it with him.

Among the Celestial Venerables that had entered Ancestral Court, who would be so daring as to take the huge black mountains for themselves?

Celestial Venerable Hong knew who this person was without even thinking!

“Hehe, I don't even need to look at his face to imagine the scene of this little rascal courting death!” Although Celestial Venerable laughed, his face was pale.

However, on the Big Black Peak, Qin Mu was still extremely grateful to the two ancient gods in the Grand Extremes Divine Egg. He felt that because he didn't occupy their mine, they had guided him to a treasure land that was only inferior to the five mines. This could be considered as forming good karma.

However, he had never thought of another possibility. He barged into Grand Extremes Mine and slaughtered his way to the deepest part. He stabbed divine sword into the sacrificial altar with murderous intent and extorted a hundred Grand Extremes Divine Stone and even a piece of Grand Extremes Origin Stone. How could the other party possibly be sincere and guide him to obtain such a treasure land?

It must be because they can't wait for him to die so that they could take back the Grand Extremes Divine Stones and the Grand Extremes Origin Stone.

Over the past ten days, Qin Mu had researched four Grand Beginning runes, and his research speed became faster. He thought to himself, “In less than half a year, I will be able to decipher all the runes on Grand Beginning's egg. Then, I can lure Grand Beginning's egg to talk to the ancient god egg in the Glassy Sky Pagoda, and that will allow me to be able to get a clear understanding of the runes of the ancient god egg in the Glassy Sky Pagoda!'

He was full of confidence and was about to continue studying when he suddenly felt something. He waved his hand, put away the egg and stood up.

The dragon qilin walked over quickly with a flustered expression, “Cult Master, Yan'er and I have encountered something strange…”

Qin Mu raised his hand and said, “I already know, there's no need to say any more. The void beasts are coming!”

He quickly came to the centre of the Big Black Peak, where the jade pillar of the Glassy Sky Pagoda was. The jade pillar was like a mountain, and it was indomitable.

The dragon qilin opened his mouth. But just as he was about to continue, he saw a vast number of void beasts, which appeared to have covered the sky and earth, rushing over. He immediately swallowed his words.

Yan'er brought Tiny Earth Count over and planned to tell him about her experience with the dragon qilin. However, she didn't dare to disturb Qin Mu.

“Yong Master probably doesn't know that the weird event we are talking about isn't about the void beasts but is about this big black tree.” Yan'er had a worried expression.

Qin Mu looked at the void beasts that flooded over and smiled, “If Celestial Venerable Qiang didn't make a move personally, would the void beasts be able to do anything to me?”

The first batch of void beasts crashed into the outermost layer of heavens. The void beasts vanished the moment they crashed into the first heaven as they dived into the void. In the next moment, they appeared near the various treasures hanging in the first heavens. They opened their bloody moths, planning to swallow these treasures whole.

The power of the Glassy Sky Pagoda came from these treasures. The two deities of the Black Tortoise had too many treasures to process, and because the refinement techniques back then were crude, the powers of each treasure wasn't at its peak.

When the treasures of the various heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda burst forth, it contained the power to destroy heaven and earth. However, the power of a single treasure wasn't particularly impressive.

The void beasts could even swallow the heavens. When hundreds of void beasts invaded the heavens, they could swallow the sun, the moon, and even the great continents whole!

However, the void beasts didn't have much intelligence and only relied on their instincts to do things. If no one was controlling them, the intelligence of these huge beasts would only allow them to randomly collide, destroy and swallow.

With Heavenly Lady Qiang controlling the void beast mother in secret, the void beast mother could mobilize tens of thousands of void beasts. These void beasts were equivalent to a terrifying army. Wherever they went, all will be exterminated!

Now, it was Heavenly Lady Qiang who had secretly instructed the void beasts to attack the treasure of the first heaven!

Qin Mu sneered and bowed. The first heaven immediately transformed into the second heaven, while the second heaven transformed into the first heaven. More void beasts flooded over and rushed into the new first heaven.

At this moment, in the other heavens, all kinds of treasures shone brightly. Before the void beasts could swallow the treasures of the second heaven, thousands of terrifying rays of light rippled and the combined powers of thousands of treasures swept away all the void beasts that had rushed into the second heaven.

Countless huge corpses fell from the sky into the pitch-black mountains below.

“Heavenly Lady Qiang, let's see if your formation is more powerful or if my formation can establish a path!”

“Heavenly Lady Qiang, let's see if your troop's formation is more powerful, or if my formation can withstand!”

Qin Mu was full of heroism as he laughed loudly. He focused his attention on controlling the various heavens, borrowing the strange ability of the ancient god egg to fulfil every request. He utilized the precious treasures of the various heavens and activated the power of the precious treasures!

The order of the 28 heavens changed continuously, dazzling everyone's eyes. The power of all kinds of treasures burst forth, and all kinds of lights flashed. All kinds of Dao arts transformed into Dao markings that could be seen with the naked eye, and they rushed in all directions, slicing the void beasts, splitting them apart, piercing their heads, slicing them into pieces, or blowing them up on the spot!

In the heavens, corpses fell like rain, piling up the fifteen rings of the black tree. Only the Big Black Peak was left untouched.

This was Qin Mu using Eternal Peace's Formation Path to rival a terrifying existence like Grand Emperor. The collision between knowledge and knowledge was marvellous!

In terms of military formation, Qin Mu couldn't unleash the full potential of the Glassy Sky Pagoda. If he wanted to fully unleash the power of the number one treasure in the world to its maximum, he would have to mobilize an army of hundreds of thousands to set up formations around the precious treasures of the various heavens and borrow the formation to kill the enemies.

Now that he was alone, he couldn't split himself into hundreds of thousands of gods and devils, so he could only rely on the basic power of this supreme treasure to fight against the void beast.

The void beast horde was like a tide, surging over wave after wave to attack the heavens. It was an incomparably spectacular sight!

However, it was still hard for them to break into Big Black Peak. Countless corpses fell to the ground and gradually filled up the countless valleys of the big black tree. The corpses piled up higher.

However, no one noticed that as the corpses fell, the blood of the void beasts was quickly absorbed by the black mountains. Not a single drop of blood was left, and soon, the corpses of the void beasts became dry corpses!

Far away, Celestial Venerable Hong, Celestial Venerable Hao, Celestial Venerable Gong, God Sovereign Lang Xuan, and the rest rushed over. They were shocked when they saw the beasts attacking the black tree.

After a long time, Celestial Venerable Xiao praised, “As expected of the number one treasure in the world.”

Suddenly, the void split open, and a monstrous beast stretched its head out from the sky above the black mountain. It opened its mouth wide and bit through the layers of heavens!

She had bitten off a huge chunk of eight heavens in a row, and the treasures hanging in those heavens were also swallowed by this void beast mother.

Qin Mu was astonished. He saw the armillary sphere of the Glassy Sky Pagoda being revealed!

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