Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 117 - Sword Sweeping Celestial Dipper

In front of the hall, the fourteen scholars all remained silent and no one fell out.

The boy gave a smile and continued, "Since no one is falling out then we shall begin the test. Teacher."

Daoist Ling Yun walked out from the hall and his gaze circled around Qin Mu and the rest, smiling, "The first few stages tested your foundation, creativity, and nature. This stage tests your power. Even though all of you are scholars, it's extraordinary for you to have reached here. Every one of you has astonishing power. I, the hall master of Hall of Pure Yang, will personally test all of you."

The scholars looked at each other and a scholar said in a low voice, "This isn't fair…"

Daoist Ling Yun's gaze flickered and he chuckled, "Of course it isn't fair. All of you are from primary school and college, which can't be compared to Imperial College. In addition, I'm a directorate of Imperial College and have read all the scriptures stored away in Imperial College, even if I'm in the same realm, I far surpass any of you here. Therefore in this test, you only have to persevere under three of my moves. As long as you aren't defeated in three moves, you will have passed."

He smiled warmly, "I've sealed my cultivation and only left Five Elements Realm open so all of you can be at ease."

As he said that, all the scholars let out sighs of relief. As long as it was a contest of the same realm, they were not afraid of anyone.

After all, they were the outstanding martial arts practitioners in their own primary schools and colleges. They had the confidence!

Daoist Ling Yun also gave a smile and became at ease. Even though it was three moves of the same realm, there was much space for him to control the results. In just three moves, he could go easy and no one would be able to see any loophole and he could also disqualify the other scholars in three moves!

After all, he was a directorate of Imperial College. Even though he didn't dare to admit he was invincible in the same realm, his prowess was still rare in the world!

"Ding Shan, you'll be the first."

Daoist Ling Yun sealed his own cultivation and said solemnly, "Boy, fetch the wooden swords."

That boy brought over two wooden sword cases and placed them vertically on the ground.

Daoist Ling Yun stretched his hand out and a fine vital qi thread flew out from his finger. Sweeping up a wooden sword from the sword case, he said, "There are thirty-six swords stored in this sword case which is suitable for Celestial Dipper Sword Skill. You can carry the sword case on your back or however you like. Meanwhile, using one sword would be enough for me."

The scholar called Ding Shan went up and carried the sword case on his back. He bowed to Daoist Ling Yun as a greeting and executed Celestial Dipper Sword Skill, causing the wooden swords to fly out from the sword case.

Celestial Dipper Sword Skill was a sword skill that scholars from all around the world must learn. Qin Mu had already seen this kind of sword skill on the ship to the capital city. When he had first seen it, he was shaken in his heart and thought that the martial arts practitioners of Eternal Peace Empire were remarkable. Just a random martial art practitioner he met could already execute such intricate sword skill.

However, after he saw nearly all the scholars cultivate Celestial Dipper Sword Skill, in his mind he thought that he could easily fight ten of these scholars with a single hand.

Ding Shan executed his Celestial Dipper Sword Skill. The thirty-six wooden swords flew up and down. and the power wasn't weak. However, the moment he executed this sword skill, Qin Mu knew he definitely couldn't block the three moves from Daoist Ling Yun. He couldn't even block a single move!


Daoist Ling Yun used qi to manipulate his sword and gave a stab. The move of the sword was incomparably tricky as it penetrated through all the thirty-six swords in a flash and hit Ding Shan on his chest. This youth flew backward from the stab and crashed into the ground, unable to get up for quite a long time.

"Your cultivation isn't weak." Daoist Ling Yun raised his head and smiled.

The other scholars were frightened in their hearts. Daoist Ling Yun's sword skill had entered the realm of transformation, also called perfection. The meaning of transformation was the realm of transformation, to transform into a realm and form a world.

Reaching the realm, one would no longer be constrained by their sword skills and even careless moves were sword skills.

The most terrifying thing was that even though Daoist Ling Yun had sealed his other divine treasures and left only his Spirit Embryo and Five Elements Divine Treasure opened, his cultivation was still incomparably dense and far surpassed Ding Shan!

This was too terrifying. Was there really anyone capable of blocking three of his moves?

Daoist Ling Yun's gaze flickered and said, "Ding Shan, leave the sword case. You can go down the mountain now. Next scholar, Qin Yu."

"Qin Yu?"

Qin Mu was startled as he looked at the youth who had walked out. That youth was extraordinarily handsome and had exquisite features. He had a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing and his face gave Qin Mu a familiar feeling.

"He looks slightly like Qin Feiyue, Little General Qin." Qin Mu thought to himself.

Qi Yu moved forward and carried the sword case on his back before bowing.

Daoist Ling Yun smiled, "Even though you are from Qin Family and they have a huge power and influence in all levels of society, I will not hold back in this examination. Show me your greatest abilities or else you will end up like Ding Shan."

Qin Yu replied yes and stretched his hand out to pull out a sword from his back. With a wooden sword in his hand, the other thirty-five swords flew out at the same time; however, they didn't form the Celestial Dipper Sword Formation and instead the swords moved nimbly like swimming dragons. This kind of sword skill wasn't the sword skill taught in primary schools and colleges.

Even Daoist Ling Yun had not seen this kind of sword skill before. He only felt these wooden swords were all like swimming dragons and when these wooden swords formed together, they became a huge dragon which accumulated the powers of all thirty-five wooden swords, having an extraordinary power!

Qin Yu shouted and his vital qi burst forth. His White Tiger Vital Qi suddenly became incomparably vigorous. As his vital qi soaked into the wooden swords, it actually made the wooden swords golden in color just like they were gold swords!

Now, these thirty-six wooden swords which had surpassed gold and iron attacked to Daoist Ling Yun under his control.

Daoist Ling Yun exclaimed in admiration and thought to himself, "This isn't the sword skill of Qin Family. It should have resulted from his own fortuitous meeting and he managed to comprehend the sword skill which had the form of swimming dragons. Even if Qin Family didn't send the letter to take care of Qin Yu, he's still qualified to become an imperial scholar of our Imperial College."

Qin Yu had walked the path of the battle techniques school and the divine arts school. His sword skill was like swimming dragons and was very sharp and powerful. The thirty-five wooden swords flew up over like thirty-five small dragons and the wooden swords merged together in twos and threes from time to time. It was like a few small dragons combining together to become a big dragon with greater power.

Meanwhile, the wooden sword in his hand was even more overbearing. The sword in his hand was like another section of his arm, striking wherever he pointed and was abnormally tricky. What he used was a very powerful battle technique.

Qin Mu was aside and his heart slightly leaped, "This Qin Yu has seen a real dragon! That's right, Qin Feiyue had brought the child of Surging River Dragon King that was sealed in the mysterious ice out of Great Ruins and back to Eternal Peace! The sword skill of Qin Yu should have been comprehended from that young dragon. Could it be that the young dragon was saved?"

Other than the young dragon that was pierced through its heart, there was also the crown prince's junior protector, Gu Linuan, that was sealed in the mysterious ice as well.

Being a crown prince's junior protector of the lower first ranking, his ability must be extraordinary and now that he had cheated him of his Junior Protector Sword as well as the sword sheath that was stolen by Cripple. if Gu Linuan recognized him, he would definitely not let him off.

He did not bring Junior Protector Sword with him to the examinations this time and had left it in Rain Listening Pavilion with Fu Qingyun safeguarding it. After all Junior Protector Sword was still the sword of a lower first ranking official. Even though it was missing for years, there will definitely be people who still recognize it.

"I wonder if Gu Linuan is still the crown prince's junior protector. No matter he still is or not, he is not someone I can face. I should find Patriarch first!"

Qin Yu and Daoist Ling Yun had a marvelous battle. It was a pity there were only three moves and in that three moves, the two of them had attacked and defended multiple times.

After three moves, Daoist Ling Yun returned his sword and smiled, "You've passed."

Qin Yu let out a sigh of relief and returned the wooden swords back into the sword case before placing it down.

Qin Mu frowned slightly. Daoist Ling Yun and Qin Yu's battle looked marvelous but it gave him a weird feeling. It was as if Daoist Ling Yun had not used all his strength.

Qin Yu's moves were indeed very intricate but his cultivation was not much higher than that Ding Shan earlier. Daoist Ling Yun could have used his dense cultivation to pressure Qin Yu, but instead, he used a sword to fight with the opponent's thirty-six swords. Wasn't this using one's shortcomings to fight against the opponent's strength?

Qin Mu's cultivation was very strong and furthermore Blind had taught him Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skills and despite him cultivating only the first heaven, his eyesight was astonishing and could see this point.

"There's something fishy going on…"

"Next, Qin Mu." Daoist Ling Yun smiled.

Qin Mu went forward and was about to carry the sword case when Daoist Ling Yun asked, "Your surname is also Qin?"

Qin Mu raised his head and nodded to him, "My surname is Qin."

Daoist Ling Yun smiled, "It's a pity that it isn't Qin of the Qin Family."

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and didn't carry the sword case. He then gave an inarticulate smile, "Teacher, I'm slightly dumber and I like more. Can I have both sword cases to use?"

Daoist Ling Yun thought nothing of it and smiled, "Feel free to use them. I just need a wooden sword."

Qin Mu moved the other sword case over as well and placed them beside him. His vital qi flew out, turning into an arm-thick vital qi thread which entered one of the sword cases and a wooden sword flew out.

Daoist Ling Yun broke into laughter, "How did you train? Did your teacher not tell you how to refine your vital qi, to refine qi into thread?"

Qin Mu bowed again and smiled honestly, "I have not learned. Teacher please."

Daoist Ling Yun had his hands behind his back while an undetectable fine vital qi thread brought his wooden swords to fly around him as he smiled, "You may attack."

The fingers on Qin Mu's right hand clutched together to formed a sword skill. With his vital qi suddenly bursting forth violently, he took a step forward and the sword skill in his right hand stabbed forward which was followed by a flick upwards!


Everyone's eardrums were almost exploded from the whistling sound of the wooden swords breaking through the air. Daoist Ling Yun's heart leaped and hurriedly controlled his wooden sword to defend; however, he blocked nothing. It was then followed by Qin Mu's wooden sword flicking upward and he flew into the air.

Flick Sword Form!

Qin Mu remained expressionless as his sword fingers continued to stab forward. Just as Daoist Ling Yun was flicked into the air and could make a reaction, that wooden sword had already stabbed him on his chest, blowing him backward. As he crashed through the door of the great hall, he vanished without a trace.

At the same time, Qin Mu stomped his legs and the two sword cases were jolted three feet off the ground. The buckles of the sword cases exploded with a pop as the wooden sword shot out like lightning and stabbed into the great hall in one after another.

Thud thud thud thud thud thud—

A series of splitting sounds caused by wooden swords stabbing into wooden swords traveled from the inner hall and in a blink of an eye, the two sword cases were empty as the seventy-one wooden swords formed a single line. Once the front sword stabbed Daoist Ling Yun's chest and used up all its power, the sword behind would come stabbing and split apart the front sword to continue stabbing Daoist Ling Yun in his heart. As the sword came one after another, there was no time for him to even catch his breath!

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