Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1177 - Two dreams intertwined

Qin Mu crossed the Underworld Sea and walked into the Ninth Divine City of Fengdu. He came to the foot of Mingdu Heavenly Gate and raised his head to examine this huge object.

This Mingdu Heavenly Gate was forged through the collaboration of Son of Heavenly Yin and Di Yiyue. Di Yiyue had the Physique ofEncompassing Spirit[1] and had the bloodline of Heaven Duke. She could be considered to have one of the strongest spirit physique in the world.

The strong point of the Physique of Encompassing Spirit was that this kind of spirit physique is suitable for any system of paths, skills, and divine arts and can master them quickly without much obstruction.

Son of Heavenly Yin's Emperor's Throne treasure was the Mingdu Heavenly Gate. He had started to refine the Mingdu Heavenly Gate ever since the middle of Dragon Han Era. However, even after being shattered several times, he still didn't manage to complete it.

When Founding Emperor Era came, Son of Heavenly Yin cultivated Emperor's Throne Realm to its completion. He knew that he had cultivated to the extreme and couldn't improve any further, so he started to work hard towards a Celestial Heavens technique.

However, he wasn't one of the ten Celestial Venerables. When he tried to use the Great Dao of Youdu that he had cultivated as a foundation to cultivate techniques of other systems, he encountered huge difficulties.

He wanted to fuse the other techniques he had cultivated with his original technique, but he failed time and time again.

On the other hand, if he wanted to refine the Mingdu Heavenly Gate and use it to combine other techniques, he would also fail.

At that time, Di Yiyue's reputations were on the rise, and she gradually became famous in the myriad heavens.

Back during those times, Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens[2] was still supported by the ancient gods, who wanted to raise Founding Emperor Era to an incomparably powerful state. They raised Founding Emperor to contend against the ten Celestial Venerables.

Therefore, Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens had a good relationship with Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and the four deities of the ancient gods.

Founding Emperor sent Di Yiyue to cultivate with the four deities of the ancient gods and made her acknowledge them as her masters. At that time, Di Yiyue's power was also revealed.

At that time, Di Yiyue had easily learned the paths, skills, and divine arts of the four deities and mastered them. She cultivated four great Celestial Palaces in one go and shocked the world.

Not only that, but she also managed to fuse other Emperor's Throne techniques and managed to compete with Founding Emperor for the throne. Even though she was ultimately defeated, Founding Emperor thought more highly of her; it was a touching story.

It was during that time that Son of Heavenly Yin made contact with Di Yiyue and asked her hoe to refine Mingdu Heavenly Gate. After a while, with Son of Heavenly Yin's good looks and his words of flattery, the two of them got along very well.

Although Di Yiyue was very strong, she devoted her whole heart to Son of Heavenly Yin. She helped him fuse his Emperor's Throne techniques and also helped Son of Heavenly Yin refine Mingdu Heavenly Gate. It could be said that she didn't hold anything back.

When Di Yiyue planned to marry Son of Heavenly Yin, it was also the end of Founding Emperor Era. At that time, the situation was extremely treacherous, and Founding Emperor had secretly ordered Sakra Heavenly King Li Youran to forge Carefree Village.

After Li Youran finished forging Carefree Village, he started to forge the Paramita Ark. At that time, Di Yiyue had decided on her marriage with Son of Heavenly Yin against the advice of many people. She was too infatuated and couldn't see the situation clearly, resulting in her death in the wedding hall.

Qin Mu looked up at this heavenly gate. This heavenly gate held Son of Heavenly Yin's divine arts and Di Yiyue's heart and blood (read: painstaking effort). Di Yiyue had snatched it from Son of Heavenly Yin and her deep love had turned into a comparably deep hatred.

Even so, Qin Mu couldn't help admiring Son of Heavenly Yin's talent. The Reincarnation Divine Art contained within Mingdu Heavenly Gate was something that the Great Dao of Youdu didn't possess.

Son of Heavenly Yin had once used his Reincarnation Divine Art to harm the reincarnation of South Deity, Que Feiyin. And now, Que Feiyin had now become the third heavenly master of Celestial Heavens, Bai Yijing. However, Heavenly Master Bai Yujing had yet to crack Son of Heavenly Yin's Reincarnation Divine Art.

The Path of Reincarnation is the superb merit of Son of Heavenly Yin.

In this aspect, no one was better than him.

Di Yiyue walked out from behind the door and was slightly embarrassed. She said with a smile, “Little brother, I didn't save you during the Eternal Peace Calamity was not because I didn't want to save you, but because I didn't dare go against Founding Emperor's order. I had once made a mistake which resulted in Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens being defeated so quickly. Now, I don't dare to make decisions on my own, I'm afraid I will make a mistake again.”

Qin Mu said with a smile, “This matter is already over, and doesn't my condition look as good as ever? I'm here to break Son of Heavenly Yin's Reincarnation Divine Art, and I need big sister's help.”

Di Yiyue said in delight, “I also plan to solve his divine art. Even though Son of Heavenly Yin's character is extremely bad, his attainments in the Path of Reincarnation are unmatched. In these past few years, I still haven't had any progress with it. With your help, it will definitely be faster!”

She caressed Mingdu Heavenly Gate, and her fingertips gently slid across the runes on the gate. “Son of Heavenly Yin has only cultivated four celestial palaces, but the Mingdu Heavenly Gate is equivalent to another him. His abilities aren't considered the best in Celestial Heavens, and Dao Ancestor and Brahma Buddha are much stronger than him. However, with the Mingdu Heavenly Gate, his abilities aren't inferior to Dao Ancestor and Brahma Buddha.”

Qin Mu's heart trembled slightly, and he examined Mingdu Heavenly Gate carefully. He asked solemnly, “Sister, what's the mystery behind this Heavenly Gate that you helped him create?”

'His talent is limited, so he's not the most talented person. Fusing four Emperor's Throne techniques is already his limit.'

Di Yiyue said, “However, I realized that his Path of Reincarnation could be done even better. This is the effect of Mingdu Heavenly Gate. This Mingdu Heavenly Gate contains four Emperor's Throne techniques. If it's completely executed, it would be equivalent to having eight Celestial Palaces, and he wouldn't be far from Dao Ancestor and Brahma.”

Qin Mu was full of admiration.

Di Yiyue said, “However, that was twenty thousand years ago. Back then, he relied on Mingdu Heavenly Gate to be equivalent to an Emperor's Throne practitioner that had cultivated eight Celestial Palaces. As for now, I don't know.”

She revealed a smile. “This Mingdu Heavenly Gate was refined by him and was also refined by me. That's why I was able to stop him from unleashing the power of Mingdu Heavenly Gate back then and take back this treasure from him. I have been researching the Path of Reincarnation for the past few days, and I had also gotten some techniques of the Path of Reincarnation from him. Take a look.”

Di Yiyue took out the research that she had been researching for the past few days. There were so many papers, and she was drenched in sweat. It could be seen how hard she had worked to take revenge on Son of Heavenly Yin.

Qin Mu flipped through it in detail and compared it to the runes on Mingdu Heavenly Gate.

After that, he entered the path with his dream again and quickly finished studying all of Di Yiyue's research over the years. He only woke up from his dream after verifying everything.

Qin Mu muttered to himself and pondered over his gains. After a moment, he raised his head and smiled. “Sister, let's enter the dream together and walk around in the dream, shall we?”

“Walk around together in the dream?”

Di Yiyue smiled in astonishment, “Your dream is yours, and mine is mine. How do I enter the dream? How do we do it together?”

Qin Mu's gaze became extremely strange. Di Yiyue looked into his eyes, and it was as if she saw circles growing bigger as they passed by her.

However, after a moment, she still didn't feel sleepy at all. She smiled and said, “Little brother, your divine art isn't good… Eh?”

She looked around and saw that the Heaven and Earth had changed. It was no longer Fengdu, but Mingdu!

She lowered her head and saw the Underworld Sea. At the same time, she saw Mingdu Heavenly Gate towering above the sea!

Not only that, but she also saw her other self. She was wearing a bright red robe, which was a bridal robe. Goddess of Heavenly Yin, Heavenly Teacher Fisherman Han Tang, Mingdu Heavenly King Tian Shu, and the rest were attacking the heavenly gate. In the heaven gate, Son of Heavenly Yin was standing there blocking everyone's attacks!

Di Yiyue couldn't help being stunned. She had no idea when she had entered the dream and when the scenery had resurfaced.

“Sister, look over there.” Qin Mu had suddenly appeared beside her and raised his hand to point into the distance.

Di Yiyue looked in the direction of his finger, and her body couldn't help trembling slightly. She muttered, “Amazing.”

[1] The previous translation called this the “Body of Paradise” (Chapter 750)

[2] Founding Emperor Celestial Heaven was the “Heavenly Court” of Founding Emperor Era, akin to how Celestial Venerable Yun created Heavenly Han Celestial Heaven.

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