Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1180 - Peculiar mine

Qin Mu's seal was simply too small. If one didn't look carefully, they wouldn't be able to see it.

Qin Mu smiled and said, “My power is inferior to to the other eight Celestial Venerables, but my divine arts aren't necessarily inferior to theirs. Even though this seal looks small, there's actually an universe within.”

He controlled the boat to sail towards the seal, and everyone on the boat was slightly nervous. The seals of the eight Celestial Venerables were extremely terrifying. If they accidentally touched those seals, the power of the seals would burst forth and they would most likely die miserably.

However, when the boat reached the seal of the crack in the sky, the seal of the eight Celestial Venerables around them gradually became smaller, while the seal that Qin Mu had left behind grew larger.

This kind of change confused everyone.

The boat sailed into Qin Mu's seal and they could see a tunnel that lead straight into Ancestral Court. Looking at the sides of this tunnel, one could see the seals of the other eight Celestial Venerables clearly.

Outside the tunnel were rays of great Dao light that were formed by the seals of the eight Celestial Venerables. Looking out from the tunnel, one could admire the beauty of the divine arts of the eight Celestial Venerables.

Even though the fast ship wasn't big, the people on it were all elites of Eternal Peace. They took out papers, brushes, and divine weapons to calculate the marvel contained in the divine arts of the eight Celestial Venerables.

There were also young people asking Blind for guidance, and Blind was also patient and guided them carefully.

Qin Mu witnessed this scene and asked the boat to slow down, giving them enough time to study the eight Celestial Venerables' divine arts.

When the fast boat sailed out of the crack in the sky, more than ten days had passed. However, the battleships of Celestial Heavens still hadn't arrived.

Qin Mu steered the boat in the direction of the big black tree. With a solemn expression, he instructed, “Ancestral Court is incomparably dangerous, with void beasts lingering everywhere. These void beasts can transform their bodies into the void, and they can transform from the void into tangible form. They can appear and disappear unpredictably, and they can appear from anywhere. Everyone must be extremely careful! If you want to venture out, you must let Shu Jun accompany you.”

Shu Jun smiled and said, “The divine arts practitioners and gods of Eternal Peace have already cultivated the divine consciousness techniques of the masters of creation, so there's no need to be tense when you meet the void beasts. Even though your divine consciousnesses aren't strong, with a few of you working together, you can scare the void beasts away.”

Everyone agreed.

Even though the speed of the boat waasn't slow, it was still far too slow compared to the vastness of Ancestral Court. The boat travelled in the air for over ten days, but it still didn't reach the big black tree.

Qin Mu also deliberately slowed down so that they could observe the geography of Ancestral Court more.

To Qin Mu, it didn't matter if he could defend the big black tree. The people here were the most precious treasures. If the big black tree was to be attacked, they would be familiar with the geography and escape.

“My big black tree is the best of all the treasure lands. When the eight Celestial Venerables saw me, their gazes were all a little strange: most were greedy.”

Qin Mu thought to himself, “The two ancient gods in the Grand Extremes Mine are really good to me!”

Halfway through the journey, the ten ships of Celestial Heavens finally arrived.

However, the movement of these ten battleships was astonishing. They actually sailed out straight away from the seal of the eight Celestial Venerables and landed in the sky above Ancestral Court. The gods and devils on the ships executed all kinds of divine weapons in unison, and layers of rune shields lit up outside the ships. They were incomparably gorgeous and protected the ten ships so tightly without a single gap.

There were even strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne Realm on the flying ship, releasing their emperor's might to intimidate the void beasts.

Strangely enough, the void beast in the void realm seemed to have vanished into thin air. Even with their huge commotion, the void beast didn't appear.

This was an impossible matter.

The void beasts would always rush over to eat any living being they saw, fighting to be the first to eat them. When there was nothing to eat, they would even eat all the vegetation!

If their hunger was sufficient, they would even run into the sky and attempt to eat the sun and the moon.

However, there was no movement from the void beasts. Qin Mu and the rest had been here for the longest time, but they also hadn't encountered any attacks from the void beasts. This made Ancestral Court seem indescribably eerie.

“The void beast mother was born.”

On the fast boat, Qin Mu had a grim expression as he examined the sky. His gaze penetrated deep through the layers of the void.

His gaze couldn't see as clearly nor as deeply through the layers of the void as well as divine consciousness can. Thus, he couldn't see any traces of the void beasts.

After a few days, the boat finally reached the big black tree.

Everyone on the ship looked at the hundreds of thousands of black mountains and couldn't help being stunned. This place was too big and vast: even vaster than Great Ruins!

To fully excavate the ores here, no one could estimate how long of a task that is.

What surprised them even more was that the unique treasure Glassy Sky Pagoda had actually formed 28 heavens. They were like multiple worlds tightly surrounding this place to protect the treasure land.

This kind of extravagance was truly astonishing!

Only Divine King Shu Jun's expression changed drastically when he saw the black mountains. He wanted to say something but hesitated.

The boat sailed into the 28 heavens, and Mute hurriedly got Qin Mu to stop.

He leaped down from the ship and quickly came to the foot of a black mountain on the outer-most layer of the black wood. He dug out a rock from the soil.

Qin Mu lowered the boat and landed on the ground. Everyone disembarked from the boat to take a look. They saw that it was a ordinary-looking rock in Mute's hand. The rock was simple and unadorned, as if it had been washed in the river for countless years. It had been polished until it was glassy smooth.

Mute opened his chest and stretched his hand into it to grab a huge hammer.

Everyone looked into the chest, but there were only some silver pellets inside, nothing else.

Qin Mu gave a slight smile. He had once been as curious as these youths about what was in the chest, and Mute often used to play tricks on him.

Mute raised his hammer and was about to smash the stone when he suddenly stopped. With a solemn expression, he asked, “Mu'er, how is the durability of your 28 heavens?”

Qin Mu said, “It's decent. It can block the attacks of Jade Capital and Numinous Sky practitioners and won't be broken for a short period of time.”

Mute let out a sigh of relief and swung his huge hammer to smash down on the stone. He said solemnly, “That's good! If the thing in this stone runs out, it'll be hard to catch it!”


A loud sound rang out, causing everyone's ears to buzz. They couldn't hear anyone else for a long time.

As Mute's hammer fell, the stone cracked open. An object flew out from the cracked stone, and it was covered in flowing light. It flew up and left, and with a clang, it crashed into the world barrier of the outside world of the Glassy Sky Pagoda and bounced back.

The object was extremely fast. It failed to break through the barrier after one collision and turned to other places. In a short period of time, it flew thousands of miles and crashed into the world barrier of the Glassy Sky Pagoda, bouncing back again.

Everyone focused their gaze and saw a flying sword that was like the moonlight reflected in still water.

The flying sword released a divine light that was like the moonlight as it flew away!

Qin Mu lowered his head to look at the stone and saw there was an empty space inside. The walls of the space were the remnants of a divine metal. It was obvious that this sword was born from the divine metal inside this stone. After absorbing the divine metal, it was trapped in the stone and couldn't escape.

However, this was Qin Mu's first time seeing a natural divine weapon!

Jiang Yunjian and the rest flew up and chased after the flying sword of light, wanting to subdue it. However, before they could reach it, they saw a brilliant sword light that was dozens of miles long slashing towards them with terrifying power!

That divine sword was intelligent and seemed to have its own divine consciousness. It didn't want to fall into the hands of others and wanted to kill everyone!

Qin Mu was about to help when Blind said with a smile, “Let them be. You aren't a mother hen protecting her nest; you can't protect them forever.”

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