Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1181 - Subduing the mother beast

Qin Mu thought about it and endured patiently.

The nine elders of Disabled Elderly Village were also like this with him. Even though they were worried about him, they let him roam the martial world and rarely intervened.

He was worried about the younger generation of Eternal Peace, but the younger generation also needed experience to grow.

Mute lowered his head to search again and found a few more rocks. He said in astonishment, “The mine here is too ancient. Even these divine metals have spirits and formed natural divine weapons! There must be something big in this mine!”

He knocked on a few more rocks, and they split open. Different treasures flew out from within, and there were beads, tiles, cauldrons, knives, and even a golden bull that grew as soon as it came into contact with the wind. It transformed into a huge monster and barged forward, knocking Apothecary over and swaggering off!

Jiang Yunjian and the rest of the younger generation cried out in excitement. Even though some of them were injured, their injuries weren't serious.

Mute let out a sigh of relief and said solemnly, “Blind, your eyesight is the best. Come and see where this mine leads to. Can you see the big guy in the deepest part of the mine?”

Divine light burst forth from Blind's eyes and penetrated the ground, searching along the vein of ore. Suddenly, his body trembled, and he gave a loud cry before jumping back.

However, a divine light broke through the surface and almost pierced through him!

Everyone was shocked. The divine light pierced through the outer heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda and flew outside, transforming into a long rainbow that was very gorgeous!

Qin Mu's gaze was slightly dull. The divine light just now was a phenomenon caused by Blind's divine eyes prying into the treasure in the depths of the mine. The treasure automatically counterattacked.

That treasure could actually pierce through the outer heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda. Its power was truly terrifying.

Divine King Shu Jun was also stunned. He scratched his head and muttered, “Isn't this the most dangerous and poorest place in Ancestral Court? Why are there so many treasures here?”

He was puzzled.

The masters of creation had lived in Ancestral Court for billions of years. All of them knew that the most dangerous places in Ancestral Court weren't the five primordial mines, but the Big Black Wood Mountain Ranges!

Although the five primordial mines had all sorts of strange phenomena, they paled in comparison to the Big Black Wood Mountain Ranges.

The masters of creation dared to mine the five primordial mines, but they didn't date to touch this place.

“There's a bow inside!”

Blind had yet to recover from his shock when he said, “It's an extremely huge and strong bow. I only saw it for a split second and multicoloured light filled up my divine eyes! If I was slightly slower, I would definitely have died!”

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he asked, “How's the power of that bow?”

Blind shook his head. “I'm not sure yet.”

Mute found another divine stone and knocked it open. A small flying knife flew out from the stone, and Qin Mu's five fingers opened up. With a gentle motion, he grabbed the flying knife.

The throwing knife jumped around in his palm like a silver fish, but it couldn't escape his control.

Qin Mu poured his vital qi into the flying knife. Swoosh—

Knives flew out in all directions, and everyone hurriedly dodged. Only Apothecary, who had a shallow cultivation, was stabbed by dozens of knives on his body.

Qin Mu jumped in shock and immediately treated Apothecary.

Apothecary's body trembled as he pointed at him, speechless.

Qin Mu's face turned slightly red, and he coughed, “The power of this flying knife isn't bad, and it can be compared to the divine weapons of gods and devils on the God Execution Stage Realm. However, the runes in the flying knife are all naturally formed, so they aren't very exquisite, and their power isn't too strong.”

Mute said, “However, the foundations of the divine weapons is surprisingly high! I have been forging divine weapons in Eternal Peace for over ten years, and only Ancestral Court's divine metals that Mu'er brought is the best. However, compared to the divine weapons born in this mine, the quality is still slightly inferior.”

His eyes lit up. “With a little refinement, these natural treasures can be imprinted with the Great Dao runes of Eternal Peace, and their power will be greatly increased! Mu'er, the divine metal you brought last time couldn't withstand your Great Dao runes, so the divine sword exploded and became a broken sword. If it was forged with the divine metals found here, it wouldn't have exploded.”

Everyone exclaimed in admiration, “Mu'er, you have indeed found a good place!”

Divine King Shu Jun finally couldn't take it anymore and said, “This place is definitely not a treasure land! Not only is it not a treasure land, it's the most dangerous place in Ancestral Court! We can't stay here for long, let alone build a stronghold here!”

Qin Mu said with a smile, “Divine King, you have also seen it. We have only found a single mine, yet there are already so many strange treasures. If we search this place, there will definitely be countless treasures! How can it not be a treasure land?”

Divine King Shu Jun was flustered and exasperated as he shouted, “Even void beasts don't dare to enter here, so it must be dangerous!”

Qin Mu shook his head and said with a smile, “I occupied this place. I killed countless of void beasts attacking the Big Black Tree.”

Divine King Shu Jun was stunned and said angrily, “Anyway, this isn't a proper place! All the masters of creation are afraid of this place. They don't even dare to mention it!”

Qin Mu patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. Grandpa Apothecary, there are still some plants on Big Black Peak, so there might be spirit herbs in Ancestral Court.”

Apothecary's eyes lit up, “If there are rare herbs, I won't pursue the matter of being stabbed. If there aren't…”

His face instantly darkened, and Qin Mu shuddered.

Jiang Yunjian and the rest of the younger generation went through a lot of hardships and finally caught a few divine weapons. Those divine weapons were subdued by them and only then did they become well-behaved. However, there were still some divine weapons that escaped. For example, that golden bull relied on its incomparably hard body and boundless strength to knock everyone over and escape.

Luckily, the Glassy Sky Pagoda was guarding this place, so it wouldn't be able to escape to the outside world.

Everyone boarded the boat and sailed towards Big Black Peak. Before they even reached Big Black Peak, they saw a void beast with a huge physique coming towards them. Qin Mu was astonished and thought that the dragon qilin and Yan'er had been killed. However, wasn't the one standing on the head of the void beast the dragon qilin and Yan'er?

He relaxed and was bewildered, “Was this void beast subdued by Dragon Pi or Yan'er? Yan'er didn't seem to have cultivated her divine consciousness before, so it should be Dragon Pi. However, when did Fatty Dragon's divine consciousness become so strong?”

The dragon qilin was abnormally excited as he jumped down from the back of the void beast, “Cult Master, you guys are finally back. A lot has happened recently!”

He quickly talked about the strangeness of the night in the Big Black Tree, and then he told them about the ever-changing elder who repaired the black mountains. He said, “I even listened to his advice and captured this void beast mother.”

Qin Mu was astonished, “Could that elder be… Wait a minute, you mean this is the void beast mother?”

The dragon qilin's tail stood upright as he nodded repeatedly.

Qin Mu was dumbstruck. The incomparably strong void beast mother was actually captured and subdued by the dragon qilin. This was truly out of his expectations!

Even Qin Mu himself didn't think he had the ability to subdue the void beast mother!

The void beast mother was originally Grand Emperor's mount, and Qin Mu had spent a lot of effort to kill the previous void beast mother. The void beast mother, subdued by the dragon qilin, should have just been born. Even though it was weak, this feat was still extraordinary!

More importantly, no matter how strong or weak the void beast mother was, her greatest ability was to control the other void beasts!

Qin Mu had always been worried that the void beasts would escape out of Ancestral Court and wreak havoc under the control of Grand Emperor. He didn't expect the dragon qilin to settle it so easily!

Suddenly, Qin Mu laughed loudly, “The ten Celestial Venerables are in trouble!”

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