Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1184 - The Ancestral Court Blocks The Door

The eyes of the numerous disciples under Celestial Venerable Xiao lit up. Human Emperor Qi Kang had just revealed three celestial palaces, and his aura was like a rainbow. Even though he was powerful, Qin Mu's slap to Human Emperor Qi Kang's face revealed the true nature of this burly man.

The disciples of the ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens only cultivated one celestial palace, which was considered mediocre. Only after cultivating two to three celestial palaces could they be considered to have entered the sect.

Many disciples had three to five celestial palaces, and some even cultivated more than ten.

To the disciples of the ten Celestial Venerables, it wasn't difficult to obtain Emperor's Throne techniques. The ten Celestial Venerables had collected two to three hundred Emperor's Throne techniques.

In order to cultivate to the Celestial Heavens Realm, one didn't have to rely on the number of Emperor's Throne techniques, but the variety. One only needed thirty-six Emperor's Throne techniques of different systems to fuse together and achieve mastery. By unifying them into one technique system, one could theoretically cultivate to the Celestial Heavens Realm.

However, finding thirty-six Emperor's Throne techniques of different systems was too difficult, and fusing them was even harder.

"I'd better pick a soft one."

A young god came forward and said with a smile, "Senior brothers, let me fight him. My abilities aren't high, so beating him is just right."

As soon as the two of them exchanged blows, the expressions of the disciples of Celestial Venerable Xiao, Gao Huaitong, and Celestial Venerable Xiao changed. When Human Emperor Qi Kang was smacked into the ground by Qin Mu, people had looked down on him. However, the battle power that Human Emperor Qi Kang had displayed was incomparably astonishing. When he fought with that young god, not only was he not at a disadvantage, he even had the upper hand.

Human Emperor Qi Kang walked the path of entering the path with martial arts, and what he cultivated was fist skills. He used his body as a volcano and his vital qi as firepower to unleash great power.

After he reincarnated, Qin Mu sent Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha's Martial Arts Heavenly Technique to the various academies. Hall of Human Emperors also had a copy. In addition, First Ancestor Human Emperor had opened the treasure vault of Jade Brightness Palace's techniques. Jade Brightness Palace's treasure vault was filled with all kinds of techniques and divine arts from Founding Emperor Era, allowing Human Emperor Qi Kang and the rest to advance by leaps and bounds.

Qi Kang continued on the path of entering the path with his martial soul. His talent was high to begin with. After all, Hall of Human Emperors only had one successor in every generation, so almost every generation of human emperors had the highest aptitude and talent.

He was Village Chief's teacher and Village Chief's guide. His talent was also extremely high, and he had even walked further than Qin Mu in martial arts.

The explosive power of his fist skills was even more astonishing, forcing the young god to retreat step by step and scattering his primordial spirit.

Gao Huaitong saw that the situation was bad and made a prompt decision. He said solemnly, "Junior Brother, you've already lost. Come down!"

Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out, and the young god coughed up blood from his seven apertures. He fell to his knees.

Human Emperor Qi Kang retracted his fist and chuckled. "I've won. Old man, it's your turn next, don't embarrass me!"

Human Emperor Yi Shan cursed as he walked forward and scolded, "I'm your master after all, what do you mean by losing face?"

He was short and although he was Qi Kang's master, the path he took was completely different from Qi Kang's. He had entered the path with divine arts.

Yi Shan walked to the front of the formation, but he didn't immediately challenge Celestial Venerable Xiao's disciple. Instead, he looked at Qin Mu and sneered. "There's no point in fighting these disciples of Celestial Venerables. If you want to fight, fight the strongest one. Come down—"

Qin Mu apologized to Gao Huaitong, "My elders lack discipline, so I'll go teach them a lesson first. Everyone, please wait a moment."

Gao Huaitong and the rest had weird expressions. "Are they here to block the door or to beat up their own elders?"

Hearing this, Qin Mu shouted angrily, "Old man, are you very cocky? If you don't fight for three days, you will be exposing the roof tiles! Why don't all of you old fellows come at me together, I will teach all of you a lesson first!"

Gao Huaitong and the rest looked at each other in dismay.

On the other side, Qin Mu raised his hand and waved it down. With a move, Great Overarching Heavenly Completion Formation, he almost transformed Human Emperor Yi Shan into a plane without any thickness and hung him in the sky. Only then was Human Emperor Yi Shan convinced.

"This short fatty looks very weak…"

Everyone looked at Human Emperor Yi Shan, who was covered in dirt, and a thought popped up in their minds at the same time. 'Could they be playing a double game? This short fatty purposely lost to Celestial Venerable Mu in one move so that we would look down on him, and then he would use his full power to defeat us when we least expected it?'

They had misunderstood Qin Mu and the human emperors.

No matter if it was Yi Shan or Qi Kang, they had both used their full strength when facing Qin Mu. It wasn't because they were weak, but because Qin Mu's abilities were too terrifying, they still lost in one move.

As for challenging Qin Mu before beating up Celestial Venerable Xiao's disciple, it was related to the rules of Hall of Human Emperors.

The rule of Hall of Human Emperors was that disciples didn't learn their masters' techniques and had to work hard to walk a different path from their masters. Furthermore, disciples had to be stronger than their masters, so it was common for disciples to beat their masters when their masters cheated them.

The Hall of Human Emperors had also formed a peculiar tradition, which was the kinship between generations. Master and disciple would start fighting the moment they met, but they were very close to Patriarch Ancestral Master.

When it came to Qin Mu's generation, the rules changed again. When Qin Mu fought from Qi Kang to First Ancestor Human Emperor, the human emperors were naturally unconvinced and wanted to teach him a lesson when they had the chance. However, they were always taught a lesson by him.

When the various human emperors challenged the formation, there were winners and losers. The winners celebrated, while the losers were teased by the other human emperors. However, everyone had to challenge Qin Mu first before they could challenge him. They only went to challenge Celestial Venerable Xiao's disciple after being beaten up by him.

The disciples of Celestial Venerable Xiao looked at each other. They didn't know if they were here to block the gate or to be beaten by Qin Mu.

However, Celestial Venerable Xiao's disciples could also see how strong and strange these human emperors were. The number of celestial palaces that the human emperors cultivated wasn't much, so logically speaking, they couldn't be compared to them.

However, no matter if it was the thickness of the vital qi or the exquisiteness of the divine arts of these human emperors, they weren't inferior to them. They were even stronger!

This was the benefit of Eternal Peace's reform. The past human emperors were all people who had cultivated the Celestial River Divine Treasure. With the influence of the reform, their battle power wasn't inferior to the disciples of Celestial Venerables like them!

They finally reached First Ancestor Human Emperor.

First Ancestor Human Emperor walked forward and looked at Celestial Venerable Xiao's disciple before looking at Qin Mu. He opened his mouth but didn't say anything.

Qin Mu understood and apologized to Gao Huaitong, "This is First Ancestor of Hall of Human Emperors, and he is also the hundredth generation Old Ancestor of my Qin Family. Even though I have been removed from the family register, he is still my senior, so I have to beat him up." After saying that, he stood up again.

Gao Huaitong was rather unhappy. Ever since Qin Mu came here to challenge him, his aura had been suppressed by Qin Mu, and Qin Mu had always held the initiative.

Without interacting with Qin Mu, they had no idea how strong his aura was!

In the past, he had been sent out by Celestial Venerable Xiao to be a vassal outside of the city. Although he had heard of Qin Mu's name, they had never crossed paths.

He was like the other disciples of the Celestial Venerables, thinking that Qin Mu was just a lucky young man who had coincidentally won the title of Celestial Venerable. However, after interacting with him, he realized that Qin Mu's reputation wasn't undeserved.

"Please wait, Celestial Venerable."

Gao Huaitong stood up and said with a smile, "Since it's this battle, let me do it. The competition between your fellow disciples can wait until this battle is over."

He wanted to suppress Qin Mu's aura, so his method was simple. He wanted to defeat First Ancestor Human Emperor in a straightforward manner!

As long as First Ancestor was defeated by him, even if he was defeated by Qin Mu, he wouldn't be able to hide his sharpness!

Those who could cultivate to the Emperor's Throne Realm weren't people with undeserved reputations. His judgment was very accurate!

First Ancestor Human Emperor looked at Gao Huaitong who was walking over and gave a slight bow. His body then straightened up, and he stood upright like a mountain and a deep pool. He didn't move and didn't move. Standing there, he was like the center of a boundless world, and all worlds revolved around him!

Gao Huaitong's heart jumped. First Ancestor Human Emperor wasn't really motionless, but his Dao heart was!

'Is this a person from Eternal Peace? In his Dao heart, this person's frame of mind is the strongest! When I returned to the celestial heavens, my master, Celestial Venerable Xiao, mentioned Founding Emperor's cultivation system of the Dao Realm, and he was full of admiration. This First Ancestor Qin Wu should have walked the Dao Realm system!'

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