Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1185 - Connate Qi

Gao Huaitong was astonished. He didn't look down on First Ancestor Human Emperor at all.

Celestial Venerable Xiao held Founding Emperor's system of Dao Realm in high esteem, and he felt that the system of Dao Realm was the most crucial link to the system of celestial palaces!

The celestial palace system was created by Celestial Venerable Yu, and Celestial Venerable Mu and Celestial Venerable Hao deduced it. Countless people later on perfected it, and the celestial palace system had a huge flaw, which was the emphasis on power.

Every time the celestial palace system rose by a realm, its power would increase substantially. This kind of improvement was built on the foundation of the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, which became the symbol of Dao in the hearts of the gods that had entered the god realm.

However, this cultivation method neglected his comprehension of the Dao.

Founding Emperor Qin Ye's system of Dao Realm made up for this point. He advocated comprehension of the Dao and entered the Dao layer by layer, approaching the essence of the Dao. When combined with the strong power of the celestial palace system, his abilities and cultivation would increase by leaps and bounds!

Gao Huaitong agreed with Celestial Venerable Xiao's words. This kind of agreement was based on Founding Emperor splitting open the celestial heavens with one sword.

That day, when Founding Emperor attacked the celestial heavens and split it apart with a sword, all the gods felt the shock and fear from the split of the celestial heavens.

Of course, the celestial heavens didn't completely split apart, so the shock and fear of all the gods only lasted for a short while. After that time, the shock and fear vanished, and most of the gods didn't take this matter to heart.

Gao Huaitong was a minority.

He deeply felt that his Dao heart was about to split open, and the shock in his heart was also incomparable.

If the celestial heavens really split open, what would happen to the gods of the world?

Would their Dao hearts crumble because of this?

Would their celestial palaces lose their divine power because of this?

This was the most terrifying!

He also realized that Founding Emperor's system of Dao Realm could make up for this point. They cultivated together, so even if the celestial heavens was destroyed, his Dao heart wouldn't collapse because of it.

It was just that he was still in the stage of fumbling and entering the Dao Realm.

He saw the temperament of First Ancestor Human Emperor and realized that this person was a great practitioner of the system of the Dao Realm. He didn't dare to be negligent and bowed. "May Dao friend enlighten me."

The two of them greeted each other before brazenly attacking!

Gao Huaitong had only executed his Numinous Sky Realm cultivation, but the first move he made was the great divine art of Emperor's Throne. Behind him, celestial palaces leaped out one after another, thousands of palaces and tens of thousands of palaces, towering like mountains!

He was well aware of the power of the realm system. One realm was the first heaven, and the other was the second heaven. If he probed carefully, when the other party executed a profound realm, he would probably end up with a grievance!

First Ancestor Human Emperor was still the same as before. He looked calm and collected, and with a hook of his hands, a scene of heaven and earth collapsing instantly appeared. He stood in the center of the crumbling heaven and earth like a pillar.

Sacred Secrets of Heaven and Earth Heart!

His divine art was the imprint of an era. That era was an era where courtesy collapsed and joy crumbled. It was an era where devils danced and devils danced. It was also an era where the heavens collapsed and the earth split.

He wanted to establish his heart for heaven and earth, to establish his life for the people!

Their divine arts collided, and Gao Huaitong immediately felt as if he was in the midst of a grand and magnificent calamity. The divine art he had attacked had become a part of the other party's crumbling heaven and earth, becoming the power to assist the other party's divine art!

First Ancestor's Sacred Secrets of Heaven and Earth Heart was such a technique and divine art. At that time, he was young and weak. In the chaotic world, he could only use the power of heaven and earth collapsing to fight his enemies. Any enemy's attack would become a part of his power!

This technique and divine art would become stronger and braver in battle!

Gao Huaitong was, after all, an existence on Emperor's Throne Realm. When he realized this, he immediately changed his divine art and gave a long roar.

"Connate Qi!"

His divine art changed drastically, giving people the feeling that all paths were converging. It went straight in, making First Ancestor Human Emperor helpless.

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and he looked at Yan Qiling.

Yan Qiling had once executed a similar divine art, and it should be a divine art transformed from Celestial Emperor's own Great Dao. This qi of the First Heaven gave Qin Mu the feeling that it was Celestial Emperor's true ability.

However, why would Celestial Emperor impart his true abilities to Gao Huaitong and Yan Qiling?

'What Celestial Venerable Xiao taught them should be incomplete! However, it's still extraordinary!'

Qin Mu thought to himself, 'If Celestial Venerable Xiao had personally executed the First Qi of Connate, this power…'

He was astonished.

Celestial Venerable Xiao was probably one of the strongest existences among the ten Celestial Venerables!

Gao Huaitong's divine art was incomparably overbearing, and it immediately broke through First Ancestor's divine art. At the same time, First Ancestor's divine art transformed, and he no longer borrowed the power of the collapsing heaven and earth. Instead, what replaced it was his Dao heart that was like a scorching fire burning the prairie!

His Dao heart changed, and his divine art also changed!

He was skilled in mudra skills, and he had already stepped into the path in the Founding Emperor Calamity twenty thousand years ago. Now, his realm was even deeper.

However, it was different from comprehending the divine art of entering the path in the great calamity twenty thousand years ago. His divine art of entering the path now revealed a kind of spirit, spirit, and spirit that could change heaven and earth. It was indestructible and could fight head-on with Gao Huai!

Gao Huaitong's divine art was like the wind breaking the waves, a long wind, ten thousand waves, and ten thousand waves. The area covered by the divine art was extremely vast, and its power was boundless.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's mudra laws were even more restrained. The range of his divine art's power was no longer than a square inch. However, when its power burst forth, it was extremely terrifying.

This was the style of the divine art of Founding Emperor Era.

The divine arts of Founding Emperor Era were usually reserved. They didn't seek to be big, only small. In an extremely small space, the power of their divine arts would explode to the extreme.

Qin Mu looked on with delight. He was also quite curious about First Ancestor Human Emperor's current abilities.

He hadn't seen First Ancestor for many years. Back then, First Ancestor was on the Jade Capital Realm. Even though his realm wasn't high in a place like the celestial heavens, his abilities were very strong.

The time when his cultivation rose the fastest was the end of the Founding Emperor Era. He had led countless races to escape with the humans to Eternal Peace.

At that time, he had leaped from an unremarkable prince to an expert of the God Execution Stage. His divine arts had established the path, and his battle prowess was astonishing. He was honored as the human emperor, and his future was boundless.

After twenty thousand years, his cultivation had stagnated. Without anyone to protect, he was immersed in sorrow and self-blame.

Only when he met Qin Mu and Qin Mu unraveled the knot in his heart did he walk out and become the human emperor that had led his people forward to seek hope.

In a very short time, he broke through to Jade Capital Realm.

Coming into contact with Eternal Peace's reform would only speed up his cultivation!

Gao Huaitong and First Ancestor Human Emperor fought fast, and in just a short moment, they had already reached the point where victory and defeat were decided!

At this moment, Gao Huaitong's aura suddenly rose drastically, and he reached the Emperor's Throne Realm. First Ancestor Human Emperor's expression changed slightly, and he immediately retreated. Gao Huaitong didn't give chase.

The reason he had raised his cultivation to the Emperor's Throne Realm was to make the other party back off.

The life and death battle between the two of them was extremely dangerous, and he could see signs of his defeat. Even if he and First Ancestor Human Emperor got injured, his face wouldn't look too good. Thus, he raised his cultivation to Emperor's Throne Realm to make First Ancestor retreat in the face of difficulties, leaving him some face.

Even so, he still couldn't maintain his face. Just as he was about to say something, First Ancestor ignored him and his gaze landed on Qin Mu's face.

Qin Mu laughed and stood up. He waved his hand and said, "Nephew Gao, you may leave. I still have to deal with him personally!"

Gao Huaitong felt a wave of depression in his chest that was hard to release, and he thought to himself, 'You sound like you're here to stand up for us! You're the one who brought them to block the door!'

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