Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1188 - Eggs Shattering and God's Emergence

In front of his eyes was the terrifying sight of the entire universe being destroyed and all matter returning to energy. In front of this terrifying power, all paths, skills, and gods were completely useless!

Even Qin Mu could feel his Great Dao crumbling and disintegrating into energy!

His corporeal body was useless in front of this terrifying destructive wave!

His primordial spirit was also tearing apart!

He turned his head back and saw an incomparably ancient tree towering in the destruction of the universe. It was lush and verdant with thousands of multicolored lights swirling around it.

"This is the main body of the big black tree…"

He wanted to return to the divine tree, but when he raised his leg, his feet had already turned into ashes.

Qin Mu revealed a look of terror. Suddenly, a flash of inspiration hit him, and he hurriedly took out the ancient god egg that he had requested for. That ancient god egg immediately sensed the abnormality in front of him, and it seemed to know that a disaster was imminent. Countless magnificent Great Dao runes flew out from the egg to block the terrifying fluctuations of the universe's destruction.

Qin Mu immediately felt the pressure lighten, and he executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. His feet grew rapidly, and he raised the ancient god egg high into the air, rushing towards the divine tree.

A resonant Dao voice came from the ancient god egg. The Dao voice rang out to block the impact of the apocalypse.

The human and the egg rushed towards the divine tree like two streams of light.

The ancient god egg was furious. Even though it knew it was Qin Mu who had brought him into this dangerous situation, it had no choice but to rely on him.

The destructive energy of the universe became more terrifying. Qin Mu seemed to be very close to the divine tree, but he was actually very far away. The incomparably terrifying energy assaulted him, causing the ancient god egg to emit cracking sounds.

The ancient god egg could be crushed at any moment!

Qin Mu gave a furious roar and poured all his strength into his feet. He rushed forward frantically and his speed rose to an unprecedented extreme!

He felt that space didn't exist. In the extreme speed, there was no space or time!

Finally, he rushed to the bottom of the divine tree.

At that moment, a destructive energy wave came over and crushed the safe zone that the ancient god egg was supporting. Cracking sounds rang out, and pieces of shattered eggshells flew out in all directions, even slicing Qin Mu's cheek!

He used the last of his strength to rush to the bottom of the tree, raising a huge piece of eggshell high up with both hands. Divine light rushed into the sky from the eggshell, and the divine tree was extremely colorful.

Just as he rushed to the bottom of the tree, the world suddenly turned dark, as if he had stepped from one universe to another.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief, knowing that he had returned to the black mountain. His legs went limp, and he stumbled forward several hundred miles before stopping.

Suddenly, he felt his hands becoming lighter, and he hurriedly raised his head to take a look. He saw that the half of the eggshell was empty, and only some egg liquid was left. The ancient god in the egg had already vanished!

Qin Mu held the huge eggshell and liquid, and he was astonished. He hurriedly looked around, but he couldn't see the figure of the ancient god.

'Did this ancient god stay in the previous universe or did he escape while I was escaping?'

Qin Mu composed himself and felt slightly uneasy.

If that ancient god had stayed in the previous universe, he would have died along with that universe.

If he escaped back with her, he would definitely bear a grudge against her for almost taking his life with him. Furthermore, he was forced to come into being before he even matured. No matter if it was in terms of cultivation or abilities, he was much inferior to a mature body.

This grudge was huge!

Qin Mu was worried. He was trying so hard to comprehend the Great Dao runes of Tai Shi's egg. Besides saving Celestial Venerable Ling and Wei Suifeng, he also wanted to know what the ancient god and Tai Shi were talking about.

Now, even though he had deciphered the runes of the Great Dao of Tai Shi, the ancient god in the egg had escaped and created such a huge grudge. It was likely that there would be trouble in the future!

"I hope he dies in the previous universe… Eh, this egg liquid is so fragrant—"

Qin Mu's index finger suddenly twitched as he picked up the huge eggshell and carefully tasted it. "How fragrant! No wonder this ancient god isn't willing to come out of the eggshell! Crap, there's too much of this one, I can't refine it…"

On the second day, the sky gradually brightened, and everything outside the hundred thousand black mountains was calm and peaceful. The apocalyptic terror from last night had vanished, and the ancestral court was still the same as before.

Qin Mu held onto his stomach and frowned. He had drunk a mouthful of egg liquid last night, and his stomach felt heavy and uncomfortable.

At times, there seemed to be a celestial river surging violently in his stomach. At other times, there seemed to be huge beasts overturning the rivers and seas. At other times, it was incomparably heavy as though there were a hundred Mount Meru in it. At other times, it was as though there was a sun hidden in it, roasting his organs until they were charred.

That mouthful of egg liquid seemed to be able to transform into countless forms in his body, making it impossible to digest!

He could feel that the egg liquid contained an extremely abundant amount of energy. However, not only was he unable to refine it, it had become his burden instead.

'I can't eat anything in the future. This egg liquid is even more poisonous than Grandpa Apothecary's spirit pills, but it's really fragrant…'

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Mu's forehead. Just as he was about to walk out of the ancestral court, he suddenly saw a mountain peak split open. A young and beautiful woman carrying a bucket walked over to the mountain peak.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and greeted, "Dao Brother Tai Yi!"

The woman was none other than Tai Yi. When she saw him, she couldn't help but shake her head and say, "Dao friend, you went to the previous universe last night? Yet you are also daring enough to step out of the black mountain after dark. Tai Su also came out early because of you. The karma between you and her isn't small."

Qin Mu endured the intense pain in his stomach and asked, "Does Dao brother know where she is hiding?"

The woman shook her head. "I know, but I can't tell you that you have ill intentions."

Qin Mu frowned.

The woman said with a smile, "You ate her egg liquid? That's her thing to achieve the path, so the karma is even deeper."

Qin Mu asked humbly, "How do we resolve this grudge?"

"I can't."

The woman shook her head. "She had her doubts about the birth of Tai Chu and was dug out by the masters of creation, so she doesn't trust anyone. She's also ambitious, so it's only a matter of time before she clashes with you. Celestial Venerable Mu, I can teach you how to dissolve the egg liquid."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly.

The woman continued, "The Tai Su is born in the Tai Su Mine. By absorbing the power of the Tai Su Origin Stone, she can refine the egg liquid and master the Great Dao of Tai Su. You can use the Tai Su Divine Stone to dissolve the energy in the egg liquid."

Qin Mu bowed to express his thanks, and the woman said with a smile, "I'm only giving you pointers for the sake of the future. I also took advantage of you. Even if I don't tell you, you will soon know the use of the Great Simplicity Divine Stone." After she said that, she carried the bucket to the cracked black mountain.

The dragon qilin and Yan'er had already arrived. When they saw that Qin Mu was still in the hundred thousand black mountains, the dragon qilin hurried over. Qin Mu instructed, "Warn everyone not to go out at night, or else you will definitely die! Remember, remember!"

The dragon qilin jumped in shock and cried out, "Cult Master, you went out at night?"

Qin Mu blushed slightly and said, "Stop asking."

The dragon qilin watched him leave and thought to himself, 'I have already told everyone that I can't go out at night. Even that mischievous fellow in Jiang Yunjian doesn't dare to go out. Only Cult Master, this incomparably curious fellow, still dares to go out after seeing the great terror of the destruction of the universe…'


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