Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1189 - Goddess Tai Su

"The Tai Su Mine should be the mine of the Xin Clan, Celestial Venerable Gong's territory."

Qin Mu muttered to himself. He took out the Tau Su Divine Stone that Celestial Venerable Gong had given him and played with it.

This divine stone was a cube, but it was changing all the time. The inside wasn't the inside, the outside wasn't the outside, and the difference between the inside and outside was blurred.

When he had first entered the ancestral court, Qin Mu had stabbed the head of the void beast with the Glassy Sky Pagoda. The first place the void beast had gone to was the Tai Su Mine.

In other words, this divine stone should be called the Tai Su Divine Stone, while the divine egg in the Glassy Sky Pagoda should be called the Tai Su Divine Egg.

The goal of the Tai Su Divine Egg was the Tai Su Mine. Only by obtaining the divine stones and raw stones in the mine would she be able to refine the egg liquid and successfully come into being.

'Celestial Venerable Gong promised me that she would give me 10% of the Tai Su Divine Stones. I originally promised her to explore the mystery of the Tai Su Divine Stone, but after drinking a mouthful of egg liquid, I'm afraid I won't be able to research the uses of the Tai Su Divine Stone.'

He gripped the divine stone tightly and tried to absorb the power of the divine stone.

Unexpectedly, the divine stone statue seemed to have no substance and actually tunneled into his hand, following his arm to his stomach!

Qin Mu was astonished. In his stomach, the egg liquid was still changing. However, when the Tai Su Divine Stone came there, a marvelous sight happened.

The egg liquid was ever-changing, and the Tai Su Divine Stone was also transforming.

Every time these two things changed, Qin Mu felt an incomparably vast and profound Dao rune ring out from the bottom of his heart. A wave of pure power surged over, reaching all parts of his body, his divine treasures, and his celestial palaces.

Not only that, his primordial spirit suddenly transformed, sometimes solidifying into corporeal form and sometimes becoming nothingness.

The Tai Su Divine Stone was slowly shrinking, and the liquid in the egg was also decreasing. Gradually, Qin Mu had a slight understanding of Tai Su’s Dao.

Tai Su, the beginning of quality, was the process of energy transforming into matter, from intangible to solid.

Energy transformed into tangible substances, which was why she could fulfill any request.

Because of what people sought from the Tai Su Divine Egg is a change in substance, the Tai Su Divine Egg could fulfill any request!

This was different from the Tai Shi Dao.

Qin Mu studied the egg of Tai Shi. Tai Shi had quite a high attainment in the Dao of Tai Shi. The Dao of Tai Shi was a Dao that was formed from energy and had no substance. Thus, it could solve Celestial Venerable Ling's unchanging substance divine art.

"The Dao of Tai Chu should be the Connate Qi, which only has energy and no substance. The Connate Qi is the general outline of all the Connate Great Daos, so when Tai Chu was born, he was the leader of all the ancient gods. It's natural for him to become the ancient Celestial Emperor. However, he was corrupted by the Grand Emperor and didn't reach a perfect state."

Qin Mu pondered for a moment. "The path of taiji is the principle of yin and yang transforming into all things. Therefore, in the taiji mine, creatures and substances can transform into all kinds of forms. Vegetation can transform into behemoths, and people can transform into mountain rocks. There are no normal changes to the form, and it's mysterious and marvelous."

"Logically speaking, there shouldn't be any difference between the ancient gods of these four mines. As long as they are mature and come into being, they will be the leader of all Dao, the supreme being of all gods. Tai Yi is even higher."

"Tai Yi has no form, no shape, no quality, no air, and can be transformed into all things, it can appear in any period of history, and can become anyone. He is also the first perfect ancient god of the ancient mine. His realm is already hard to understand."

The Tai Su Divine Stone had already been used up, but only a tenth of the egg liquid in Qin Mu's stomach had been used up. This made him frown.

"In that case, I'll leave the ancestral court and make a trip to Celestial Venerable Gong's mine to collect a tenth of the Great Simplicity Divine Stone."

He changed his direction and walked towards the Tai Su Mine.

In the hundred thousand black mountains, the woman, Tai Yi, the dragon qilin, and Yan'er repaired the cracked black mountain before carrying the water bucket and leaving. Suddenly, the woman stopped in her tracks and smiled. "Fellow Daoist Tai Su, welcome."

As soon as she finished speaking, a tall and slender woman with a cold face walked out from the shadow of the black mountain. The light behind her was like a halo, and her appearance changed, making it hard to see through her.

It was just that the brilliance of her Great Dao wasn't complete. It was very incomplete. There was one piece missing here, and another piece missing there.

The goddess frowned slightly and said, "My name is Tai Su?"

"People will call you that in the future."

The woman smiled easily. "The reason why I transformed into a woman's body is to see you. As a woman, it might be easier for me to speak."

Goddess Tai Su paid no attention to this and said, "Dao brother is too considerate. Dao brother, this Celestial Venerable Mu has done evil, so why are you still tolerating him? How overbearing is what he has done? He destroyed my divine egg, ruined my cultivation, and stole my primordial liquid. This grudge is completely different! We came from the same source, so you should help me!"

The woman smiled too easily and said, "Dao friend, we are both natural gods, so we are Dao ourselves. With the heart of the mortal world, our cultivation will be low. Why are you so calculative with him?"

Tai Su shook his head and said, "You have achieved the Dao! That's why you are so open-minded and transcendent. However, my chance to achieve the Dao has been broken, so I definitely won't tolerate him! We, the gods, are destined to be the rulers of heaven and earth, the rulers of the universe. Look at Dao Friend Tai Chu, how glorious is he? How remarkable is he? If he has ambition, he must execute it. If he has hatred, he must wash it with blood. Otherwise, what's the point of having such abilities?"

The woman frowned. "You are too involved in the world, and you are getting further away from the path. Daoist Tai Su, your mortal heart is too heavy. I'm afraid it will be a huge obstacle to you."

Tai Su sneered and said, "Dao brother, I'm inferior to your abilities and divine arts, but don't stop me. I will definitely take revenge!"

The woman was too easy to persuade. "You and Tai Shi discussed in secret how to seize the world, how to rule the worlds and eradicate your enemies. It's because of this reason that you have come to this situation today. Why continue to be wrong?"

Tai Su's expression changed slightly, and he said angrily, "The place I discussed with Tai Shi was in the eyes of that brat. Even he didn't know about it, yet you actually knew about it. This shows that your divine art is unfathomable. However, since you know about this, you should also know about my calamity and how I had no choice but to come out early. Why didn't you stop him earlier? Dao brother, you are too biased!"

She laughed from extreme anger and flicked her sleeves. "Today, I will kill everyone in this black mountain. I will first wipe out the hatred in my heart before killing my way back to my mine and killing everyone there! Do you want to stop me?"

The woman put down the small metal bucket easily and looked down. "Besides the Universe Tree, I can't tolerate your impudence. I can see everything in the past and the future, but I can't see it here. This is the source of the Cataclysm. If you dare to be violent here and destroy this place, I have no choice but to stop you."

Tai Su had a fierce look in his eyes and was about to make a move when the woman suddenly flicked her finger. Tai Su instantly felt the world spinning as she flew out of the hundred thousand black mountains and landed somewhere.

The woman sighed and picked up the water bucket to leave. "It's hard to achieve the Dao if you are too infatuated. Dao friend is hard to find, yet I can't defend myself…"

Tai Su fell down and felt the world spinning around him. She only recovered after a moment, and her anger overflowed into the sky. She said hatefully, "As expected of a biased scoundrel! Fine, I'll take back the mine first and then kill that brat to take revenge!"

She rushed towards the Nü Xin Clan's mine with murderous intent. When she reached Celestial Venerable Gong's territory, her expression changed slightly when she looked from afar. She saw a divine weapon hanging high above the Tai Su Mine, suppressing everything!

That divine weapon was like a conical body, changing formlessly and continuously splitting apart. Sometimes, it would gather together and stand upright there. The tip of the conical body was pointed downwards, and it was extremely terrifying!

"My current strength isn't enough, so I'm afraid I won't be able to kill my way in. That treasure is powerful, and if I try to force my way in, I'll only be harmed by it."

Tai Su hesitated for a moment before turning around to leave. "In that case, let's go find that Dao friend in the taiji mine. That Dao friend will guide this brat to the roots of the universe tree. If he wants to harm him, he will definitely cooperate with me!"

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