Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1195 - Gathering Dragon Scales

The Dao of Tai Shi had a form but no substance, which was why Qin Mu and the rest had become glowing energy bodies. The Dao of Taiji was the Dao of Yin and Yang. Energy transformed into all things, and the Dao of Yin and Yang evolved into all the Dao in the world!

"The only way to solve our current predicament is the Taiji Divine Stone and Taiji Origin Stone!"

When Qin Mu thought of this, he immediately took out a few pieces of Taiji Divine Stone and Taiji Origin Stone.

He only had one Taiji Origin Stone, but he had over a hundred divine stones.

In the past, he had felt that he understood the path of yin and yang derivation of the Great Ultimate Dao very well. His Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was the intersection of yin and yang. However, after coming into contact with the true Great Ultimate mineral vein and witnessing the strange events in the Great Ultimate mineral vein, he wasn't so sure anymore.

The evolution of yin and yang allowed the substances and Great Dao to change in many ways. It even changed the species and the rules of Great Dao. It was truly marvelous and indescribable.

However, during that trip to the Taiji mine, he had also benefited greatly because he had absorbed a portion of the power of the Taiji divine stone and the Taiji mine!

His understanding of Taiji's derivation of Yin and Yang was much deeper than before!

At that time, he was in the mine, and the Tai Chi mine controlled the masters of creation to kill him time again. However, he used the unchanging substance divine art to return to the origin time again, using it to comprehend the principle of solving the evolution of yin and yang.

At the last strike, the taiji mine controlled the yin and yang qi to tunnel into his body, trying to assimilate Qin Mu.

However, Qin Mu still relied on the incomparably mysterious paths, skills, and divine arts to swallow the yin and yang qi that had invaded his body. Thus, he also obtained a portion of the power of the mine.

"The two ancient gods in the Taiji divine egg gave me this Taiji Origin Stone, which could be said to have saved my life."

Qin Mu first tried to mobilize the power of the Taiji Divine Stone. Even though he had a deep understanding of the Dao of Taiji, he wasn't an ancient god of the mine after all. He had to first try to control this power.

The Taiji Divine Stone slowly floated up in his palm, and Qin Mu felt the energy in his body merging into it, slowly transforming into yin and yang qi. This kind of situation was very marvelous, making people click their tongues in wonder.

From energy to yin and yang qi, yin and yang qi were also substances. When energy turned into substances, everything would flow naturally.

"However, pure yin and yang qi can't restore my corporeal body."

Qin Mu muttered to himself irresolutely. He had obtained the yin and yang qi in the taiji mine vein, which contained many complicated principles of yin and yang evolution. He wanted to enter the dream to deduce and organize them.

It was just that his current state was very unstable. Entering a dream relied on his powerful thinking ability to transform into thousands of clones. The amount of thoughts he could mobilize was extremely huge, and it was very likely that he would lose control of the energy in his body!

He could only give up on this thought for the time being and slowly organize the path of yin and yang evolution to comprehend the power of the Taiji Divine Stone.

From Taiji Divine Stone to Taiji Origin Stone, from shallow to deep, he could only take it slowly.

Unknowingly, more than ten days had passed, but Celestial Venerable Yue still hadn't returned. Qin Mu had also slowly mastered the power of the Taiji Divine Stone, and his understanding of the reason hidden in the mine had increased.

There was no one to disturb them, and it was very quiet.

The Feathered Forest Guards were a troop that completely obeyed the orders of their commander, and Wei Suifeng was the commander. With a command, the Feathered Forest Guards sat upright without moving. They had no other thoughts in their hearts, and their discipline was so strict that it made people fearful.

The hen dragon, Lin Xiao, was subdued by Wei Suifeng and didn't dare to make any moves.

As for King Dragon Count, Feng Qiuyun, and the rest, they couldn't sit still. As time passed, they became more restless. Luckily, they would always come to their senses when they were about to explode.

"King Dragon Count!"

Qin Mu finally got up and called King Dragon Count over. He said with a smile, "I need some energy bodies of Dragon Count to test if my gains over the past few days can solve our current state."

King Dragon Count's expression changed slightly, and he sneered. "Junior, you want to use us as a test? Who do you think you are…"

"What is a dignified Celestial Venerable to you?"

Wei Suifeng walked over and sneered. "King Dragon Count, aren't you too daring?"

The dragon skin on King Dragon Count's face trembled. He was fearful of Wei Suifeng. It was Wei Suifeng who had brought the Feathered Forest Guards to eradicate Dragon Count Country and suppress the chaos of Dragon Count. He had beheaded countless Dragon Counts and sacrificed them to the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens!

Even he was captured by Wei Suifeng.

"Celestial Venerable Mu is the ninth Celestial Venerable of the Dragon Han Celestial Venerable. He is indebted to the people of the world for imparting his teachings. From ancient times until now, anyone who meets him, even the ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens, will have to call him Dao brother!"

Wei Suifeng said indifferently, "He saved your life, and not only did you not repay him, you even spoke rudely. You're impotent."

King Dragon Count's expression softened slightly, and he said, "I'm the ruler of Dragon Count Country, a god born from the dragon vein of the ancestral court. My status is a hundred times higher than that of the so-called Celestial Venerables! During the Celestial Heavens Meeting back then, Celestial Emperor invited me to a banquet. As for the Nine Celestial Venerables of Dragon Han, they were merely small fry playing in the Jade Pool, so I really didn't put them in my eyes. However, since the Feathered Forest Guards' Commander has spoken, I'll give you some face."

He muttered to himself for a moment, then summoned a Dragon Count and said, "Remove a dragon scale from you and let this Celestial Venerable Mu test it."

Dragon Count felt humiliated. King Dragon Count snorted coldly and pulled out a dragon scale from his body.

Dragon Count's face twitched as he stood at the side with a wronged expression.

Qin Mu took the dragon scales and immediately executed the Taiji Divine Stone to test his new achievements. He didn't take the sarcasm in King Dragon Count's words to heart.

Wei Suifeng and King Dragon Count looked at the dragon scale nervously. They were indescribably excited and hurriedly suppressed their emotions.

As Qin Mu executed it, the Taiji god stone statue lost its fixed form and transformed into black and white yin and yang qi that swirled around the dragon scales. A marvelous power burst forth from the divine stone and changed the physical structure of the dragon scales.

This dragon scale was just a body of energy in the shape of a dragon scale and had no substance. However, under the effect of yin and yang qi, the dragon scale gradually formed a substance!

Everyone found it hard to suppress the excitement in their hearts, but they had no choice. It was truly tiring.

When he saw that the dragon scales had already transformed by more than half, the process of the dragon scales changing from energy to matter rapidly reversed, changing from matter to energy!

The dragon scales quickly shone, and the light became brighter!

Wei Suifeng's expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly swept his sleeves to sweep up the dragon scale into the sky.


Matter was annihilated, and energy erupted. It was as if there was an additional sun in the sky. It was incomparably terrifying and didn't disperse for a long time.

"One more," Qin Mu said with a slight frown.

King Dragon Count beckoned to that Dragon Count. That Dragon Count had a bitter expression and walked forward unwillingly, having another dragon scale plucked out by him.

After a moment, Wei Suifeng swept his sleeves, and another sun appeared in the sky. The sun in front of him had yet to completely dissipate.

"One more," Qin Mu said without raising his head.

King Dragon Count plucked another piece from that Dragon Count's body, and Qin Mu took it. He adjusted the strength of his hand techniques and tested it again.

"One more."

King Dragon Count plucked that Dragon Count until he was bald. He waved his hand and let that Dragon Count off. He changed into a new Dragon Count and continued to pluck the scales.

More than a month had passed, and the explosions in the sky came wave after wave. Qin Mu had failed countless times, but he had never succeeded once!

The green qi on King Dragon Count's face scattered, and he almost exploded on the spot several times. Luckily, he had seen the world before, so he endured it.

"One more," Qin Mu said.

This voice was like a curse that caused King Dragon Count to explode. He was unable to restrain his anger as his body became brighter.

Wei Suifeng coughed and said, "King Dragon Count, be careful not to explode."

King Dragon Count came back to his senses and suppressed the fluctuations of his Dao heart. He gritted his teeth and plucked a dragon scale from his body. He gritted his teeth and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you can't just take away our Dragon Count! The leader of the phoenix race over there also has quite a few feathers!"

Qin Mu said apologetically, "I'm about to succeed, I'm about to succeed. Once I'm done with you, I'll go get Sister Qiuyun."

Far away, Feng Qiuyun's expression changed drastically.

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