Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1196 - Plucking Phoenix Feather

The dragon scales on King Dragon Count's body were plucked until they were bare, and even the reverse scales were plucked clean. There were no more dragon scales to be plucked, and Qin Mu even plucked out quite a number of his whiskers before finally shutting his mouth.

"I'm only a fine line away from success!"

Qin Mu was delighted and waved at Feng Qiuyun with a smile. "Sister Qiuyun, I need to borrow something from you!"

Feng Qiuyun's face turned ashen, and she braced herself to walk forward. Gritting her teeth, she plucked out a phoenix feather and said, "This phoenix feather of mine has been tempered a thousand times, and every single one of them is an extraordinary treasure. If I take them out, the people of the Primordial Realm will break their heads!"

King Dragon Count said angrily, "The dragon scales on our Dragon Count's body are a hundred times more valuable than your phoenix feathers. We have already been plucked clean, yet you still want to keep your hair?"

Feng Qiuyun ignored him and handed the phoenix feather to Qin Mu.

Qin Mu consoled him, "It's almost done, it's really almost done."

Feng Qiuyun said, "That's what you said when you plucked out the dragon scales of the third Dragon Count."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "It's different this time, I'm really about to succeed."


Wei Suifeng shook his sleeves, and a seven-colored sun appeared in the sky. Feng Qiuyun raised her head to look at the colorful sun with a bitter expression.

The phoenix feathers on her body gradually decreased. Unknowingly, half of them were pulled out by her and handed over to Qin Mu for experimentation. However, it was still the same as before. Qin Mu's previous experiments had always been very smooth, but they always failed at the last moment, causing the phoenix feathers to reverse and explode on the spot.

Every time Qin Mu's experiment failed, he would spend more time thinking.

Unknowingly, another half a month had passed. Even Wei Suifeng was tortured by him until he had no temper. He couldn't help but feel despair, but he forced himself to endure.

As the famous Emperor of Endless Clouds, he had experienced many storms and witnessed the rise and fall of countless heroes. He knew very well that what destroyed him was not the external factors, but his Dao heart.

There were many heroes whose Dao hearts collapsed from defeat, never to rise again.

Even though he understood this logic, he still couldn't help but feel despair when things came to a head.

"Yet junior brother seems to have always maintained his original intention. Logically speaking, failure after failure has the greatest impact on him, yet he seems to be fine… No, he should be a heartless person, as though he didn't suffer any setbacks!"

He was puzzled, but he was also full of admiration for Qin Mu. 'To fight to the bitter end, this might be the reason why he could be honored as Celestial Venerable Mu. It's also why I'm inferior to him.'

Suddenly, Qin Mu said calmly, "Success."

Everyone became excited and hurriedly looked at Qin Mu's hand. He was indeed holding a complete phoenix feather!

Qin Mu gently shook his phoenix feathers, and they shone with seven-colored light. They sparkled with dazzling divine light and had their own divine power.

Qin Mu didn't seem to be excited at all, but the light in his body gradually became brighter. However, it was soon suppressed by him.

"Everyone, calm down."

Qin Mu consoled everyone and said, "Be careful of the explosion. Sister Qiuyun, I still need to test a few more times to stabilize the success rate."

Feng Qiuyun gritted her teeth and plucked out another dozen feathers. She asked hurriedly, "Is that enough?"

Qin Mu had a troubled expression and said, "Just using the Taiji Divine Stone as an experiment should be enough. Even if there's a failure, the chances of failure aren't high. However, I still need to use the Taiji Origin Stone as an experiment. The power of the Taiji Origin Stone is much stronger than the Taiji Divine Stone, therefore…"

Feng Qiuyun was expressionless as she plucked out a hundred feathers and gave them all to him. She turned to leave and said indifferently, "I'll find a piece of clothing to cover my body. When you succeed in your experiment, call me."

Qin Mu nodded and put away the phoenix feathers.

Wei Suifeng whispered, "Junior Brother, are we not going to use phoenix feathers? I think we can use our hair to experiment."

"Shit! I forgot!" Qin Mu exclaimed.

Far away, Feng Qiuyun stumbled and fell to the ground. She then got up and left without looking back.

Qin Mu used the Taiji Divine Stone to experiment over ten times and finally stabilized the success rate. He then took out the Taiji Origin Stone and continued to try using it.

The path of yin and yang transformation contained in the Tai Chu Origin Stone was even more complicated, and understanding was even harder. Qin Mu had experienced dozens of failures, and after every failure, he had to summarize and comprehend the path of yin and yang transformation from the Grand Primordium Origin Stone.

Even though he hadn't succeeded yet, his understanding of the path of taiji was even deeper and his comprehension was even deeper.

"It's a pity I can't enter the path in the dream and use the world in the dream to deduce the path of taiji. Otherwise, it wouldn't take long for me to completely comprehend the logic contained in this taiji stone."

Qin Mu sighed to himself. There were many profound truths in the Grand Primordium Origin Stone. It wasn't as simple as the conversion of quality energy. It also included the evolution of the Great Dao, which was profound and mysterious. It wasn't something he could solve in a short time.

However, by using the Taiji Origin Stone to change its quality energy, he already had an eighty to ninety percent chance of success.

Using the Grand Primordium Divine Stone to transform everyone's energy bodies into living beings was enough for him to be completely confident. However, the Grand Primordium Divine Stone could only restore everyone's corporeal bodies and divine power, but it couldn't restore everyone's Dao techniques.

However, the Taiji Origin Stone was different.

Using the Taiji Origin Stone to transform could allow everyone to recover to their most perfect state, even becoming stronger and more perfect than before!

Of course, the fur and scales of a person who had all their hair and scales plucked out couldn't be recovered. They could only grow out by themselves.

Qin Mu used the remaining phoenix feathers to continue experimenting and finally succeeded. After the recovery of the Tai Chu Origin Stone, this phoenix feather shone with a seven-colored brilliance. The divine power inside was abundant, and it was even filled with the Dao runes of the phoenix race!

Qin Mu gently waved his phoenix feathers, and seven-colored light shone. With a whoosh, the huge mountain in front of him shattered!

'This phoenix feather is even stronger than Feng Qiuyun's original feather!'

He nodded gently. Wei Suifeng, King Dragon Count, and the rest looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to speak.

Qin Mu continued to experiment and strived to succeed every time.

Unknowingly, he experimented with the remaining phoenix feathers, and the success rate became higher. There was rarely any possibility of failure. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "Everyone, I can recover everyone."

Feng Qiuyun walked over with an excited expression.

Qin Mu muttered to himself for a moment and threw a glance at Wei Suifeng. Wei Suifeng understood and said, "Recover a few soldiers of the Feathered Forest Guards first so that we don't fail. After that, we'll be restored."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "These few soldiers of the Feathered Forest Guards sacrificed themselves for righteousness, it's admirable."

Feng Qiuyun and King Dragon Count knew that the reason why Qin Mu and Wei Suifeng said that was because they were worried that the two of them would rebel and take the chance to kill everyone.

The officers and soldiers of the Feathered Forest Guards were different. The Feathered Forest Guards only listened to the orders of their commander. Wei Suifeng was their commander, the leader in their hearts, and he had long subdued them.

Their loyalty to Wei Suifeng even surpassed their loyalty to Celestial Emperor!

Wei Suifeng summoned a few soldiers over, and Qin Mu immediately executed the Grand Primordium Origin Stone. The energy in the body of the first Feathered Forest Guards soldier gradually transformed into a heart, and a heart slowly formed.

It was a divine heart!

Blood vessels spread out in all directions in the heart of the god, covering every part of his body. With these blood vessels, his bones and organs were also slowly forming!

When they came to the places where all the great divine treasures were, divine treasures were actually being formed!

Suddenly, Wei Suifeng cried out in astonishment. He saw that the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure of this Feathered Forest Guards soldier hadn't been restored. Instead, it had transformed into a Celestial River Divine Treasure!

"Junior brother is modifying him! This fellow is still so daring, what if he makes a mistake?"

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