Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1197 - Modifying The Divine Treasure

The soldiers of the Feathered Forest Guards transformed into energy bodies, and everything in their bodies was energy without a corporeal body. Now was the most convenient time to transform his Divine Bridge Divine Treasure.

Thus, Qin Mu immediately started to modify it.

However, this was also extremely dangerous. Qin Mu had never tried to modify other people's divine treasures before.

From Qin Mu's previous experiment to transform the phoenix feather and dragon scales, the chances of failure were extremely high!

The previous failure had only resulted in the loss of phoenix feathers or dragon scales. Now that they had failed, the loss was the lives of the Feathered Forest Guards!

However, Qin Mu felt that he had full confidence.

He didn't have any confidence in transforming the celestial palaces for others because the celestial palaces had different attributes, and the attributes of the different techniques and celestial palaces were different.

However, he was one of the earliest founders of the Celestial River Divine Treasure. He might not be as early as Xu Shenghua, but Qin Mu had made dozens of mistakes in order to open up the Celestial River Divine Treasure. He had a deeper understanding of the seventh divine treasure of the human body than anyone else!

He was very confident in transforming the seventh divine treasure of the Feathered Forest Guards.

Wei Suifeng was extremely anxious, but he didn't dare to disturb him. He watched him reconstruct the corporeal bodies, primordial spirits, and even souls of the Feathered Forest Guards bit by bit.

Not long later, Qin Mu used the path of evolution of the yin and yang qi and used the power of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone to reconstruct this soldier of the Feathered Forest Guards!

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief, and the rest were also full of joy and encouragement.

"Junior Brother, the next soldier of the Feathered Forest Guards mustn't modify his divine treasures!" Wei Suifeng suddenly said.

Qin Mu was astonished. "Senior brother, when the Feathered Forest Guards return to the future, they definitely won't be able to return to the celestial heavens. They can only merge into Eternal Peace. The technique they cultivate is too ancient, and opening the celestial heavens is also extremely difficult. Not everyone can do it."

He smiled and said, "There are only one in ten thousand divine arts practitioners who can destroy the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure and open up the Celestial River Divine Treasure! I shall take this chance to reconstruct their seventh divine treasure. Their future achievements will be limitless!"

Wei Suifeng shook his head and said, "Junior Brother, the soldiers under my command are more than one in ten thousand. One in a hundred million is a small number. During the Dragon Han Era, the Ninth Celestial Venerable established the realm of divine treasures and celestial palaces. The divine treasures and celestial palaces were all opened up by himself, and they rarely inherited it. Especially the ten guards of the celestial heavens, they relied on their own abilities to open up divine treasures and celestial palaces. It's very dangerous for you to help them reconstruct their seventh divine treasure. When they reach Eternal Peace, they can completely destroy the divine bridge and open up the celestial river."

Qin Mu's eyes shone as he stared at the fifty thousand Feathered Forest Guards.

The Dragon Han Celestial Heavens had selected the ten guards of the celestial heavens for hundreds of thousands of years, and they were all elites among elites. The cultivation of every soldier of the Feathered Forest Guards was extremely high, and they were basically all in the Jade Capital Realm!

Furthermore, these fellows had relied on their own abilities to open up their divine treasures and celestial palaces. With such talent, even in Eternal Peace, they wouldn't be able to gather fifty thousand of such existences!

What kind of monster was this? What kind of heaven-defying existence was this?

Of course, the reforms of Eternal Peace had lasted for too short a period of time. Even though all kinds of geniuses had emerged, the time was too short and the foundation was too little. It was hard to see anything.

"Senior brother, can you guarantee that every Feathered Forest Guards will be loyal to you?" Qin Mu asked quietly.

Wei Suifeng said indifferently, "I couldn't guarantee it in the past, but after they were assimilated by the ghost ship, I'm sure they won't be loyal to Celestial Emperor anymore. I'll assimilate with them, and in their hearts, I'll be their leader."

Qin Mu revealed a smile and continued to transform the quality of the Feathered Forest Guards, transforming them from energy into corporeal bodies.

He became more proficient, and soon, he restored the hundred Feathered Forest Guards.

Qin Mu looked at Wei Suifeng, and Wei Suifeng understood what he meant and stepped forward. Even though Feng Qiuyun and King Dragon Count knew their place, they might not submit to him wholeheartedly. They had to have strong practitioners like Wei Suifeng and the Feathered Forest Guards to intimidate them so that they wouldn't dare to move.

Wei Suifeng was too strong, and it was much harder for him to recover than others. Qin Mu had to put in a lot of effort to barely recover him from his energy state.

"Junior Brother, you should recover first. Your condition is very unstable. If you continue to exhaust yourself like this, you won't be able to cultivate and replenish your vital qi. Sooner or later, your cultivation will be exhausted," Wei Suifeng said.

Qin Mu nodded his head.

The energy body was indeed very dangerous, and the slightest carelessness would cause it to explode. Furthermore, activating the Taiji Origin Stone required the energy in his body to be exhausted. If he couldn't cultivate, he could indeed exhaust all of his energy and be unable to revive.

He rested for a moment and started to recover.

When the Grand Primordium Origin Stone was activated, Qin Mu's heart suddenly stirred, and his thoughts became active. 'Big Senior Brother doesn't want me to transform his comrades, so I can still transform myself!'

His eyes lit up, and when Wei Suifeng saw this, he couldn't help but worry that the kid's eyeballs would suddenly explode and send his skull flying.

"Junior Brother, stop tormenting yourself."

Wei Suifeng said earnestly, "I'm not worried about other people, but I'm worried that you're courting death and messing around."

Qin Mu smiled. "Don't worry, senior brother, I know what I'm doing."

"No way!"

Wei Suifeng was flustered and exasperated, and he said angrily, "When have you ever known your limits? Not only are you torturing others to death, you're also torturing yourself to death! You should just obediently recover yourself and stop messing around!"

Qin Mu nodded his head repeatedly and thought to himself, 'My cultivation system is different from others. I only have the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, and the seven realms of the celestial heavens are just a small realm. In terms of realms, I don't have much space to change. However, the system of Dao Realm that Founding Emperor created requires one's own comprehension, and it can't be cultivated by relying on quality. What I can change now is the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.'

His eyes were shining again, and Wei Suifeng's heart was pounding.

'When I opened up my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, I didn't have a deep understanding of the path of yin and yang evolution, therefore, I was greatly lacking. This time, after reconstructing my corporeal body and primordial spirit, I can try to incorporate my comprehension into my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. Other than that, it's the Tai Su Dao!'

Qin Mu thought to himself, 'The Tai Su, the beginning of the substance. It has form but no substance. It has form but has yet to form a body, therefore, it can transform into thousands of things. However, my understanding of the Great Dao of Tai Su isn't deep enough… What if I can fuse the egg liquid of the Tai Su Divine Egg into my body?'

He then shook his head, and his eyes dimmed.

Wei Suifeng let out a sigh of relief.

"The Tai Su egg liquid can only be catalyzed by Tai Su divine stone. If I forcefully fuse it, I'm afraid I will become a pool of egg liquid and be eaten by others."

Qin Mu had another idea. 'If I break the runes of the Dao of Tai Shi, I can add them into this qualitative change! That's right, there are also the runes of the Great Dao on the eggshell of Celestial Emperor Tai Chu. Even though I don't know much, I can copy them down and imprint them into my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. This is still possible!'

He became excited again, and his eyes became brighter. Wei Suifeng became worried again.

Qin Mu walked around the Taiji Origin Stone and thought to himself, 'I can also incorporate the Tai Yi Chaotic Eggshell into my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and use these two halves of the eggshell as the cornerstone of my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure! That's right! I should forge my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure according to the standards of the ancestral court and not based on the universe's dry kun! I'll use the taiji diagram as the center point and expand to both sides… No, I should use the huge black wood and the hundred thousand mountains as the center point!'

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. Wei Suifeng immediately shouted, "Junior Brother, calm down! Your eyeballs are about to explode!"

Qin Mu hurriedly composed himself and calmed himself down. He thought to himself, 'The one hundred thousand black mountains are the divine tree that connected the sixteen universes together. I might be able to use the big black tree to recreate the divine tree in my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure! I can also use the five precelestial paths to transform into the five great ancient mines in my Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure! That's right, let's do this!'

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