Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1200 - Dreamlike Fantasy

Celestial Venerable Yue was delighted. She saw that Qin Mu was painting very seriously, and he even stamped his seal as though he was painting.

"Man, this is a dream and not reality. Are you afraid that I will run away from the painting?" Celestial Venerable Yue snatched the painting over and rolled it up happily.

To her, this painting was the imprint of a dream, so she naturally couldn't take it from reality.

In the future, if she was really disfigured and became ugly, she could also take out this painting in her dreams to recall her appearance back then.

Qin Mu smiled and continued to paint. He drew the second painting of Celestial Venerable Yue and didn't tell her the truth.

There were some things that Celestial Venerable Yue would do no matter what. He couldn't stop Celestial Venerable Yue from killing Mother Earth.

For this girl to be able to support the High Emperor Era for three hundred thousand years, she had her own thoughts and opinions. Mother Earth had done meritorious service to the Primordial Realm, but she had also caused great trouble.

During the three hundred thousand years of battle between the North and South High Emperors, all lives suffered. Mother Earth had to die no matter what.

Whether or not Celestial Venerable Huo had suggested it, she would do it. Celestial Venerable Yue was such a person.

What Qin Mu could do was to leave hope for her future.

"I'll keep this painting."

Qin Mu smiled. "One is imprinted in your heart, and the other is imprinted in my heart."

Celestial Venerable Yue blushed and smiled. "Luckily it was in my dream. Otherwise, I would have thought you were teasing me."

Qin Mu laughed loudly.

Celestial Venerable Yue said in a low voice, "If this was a dream, everything that happened here would be beautiful memories."

Qin Mu seemed to not understand the meaning in her words and said, "Dreams are dreams after all, and you still have to wake up. Yue, look into my eyes."

Celestial Venerable Yue raised her head to look at him, her eyes were like limpid autumn waters. She slowly closed her eyes again.

However, she didn't receive a reply from Qin Mu for a long time. She secretly opened her eyes and realized that she was standing beside Qin Mu. Wei Suifeng was lecturing the Feathered Forest Guards from afar. King Dragon Count had brought seven Dragon Counts, and the remaining eight Dragon Counts were all stripped bare. They looked down and had no desires.

Qin Mu was still trying his best to execute the Taiji Origin Stone to recover his corporeal body. Everything was just her dream.

"It's a pity it's a dream…"

Celestial Venerable Yue was depressed. Suddenly, she saw the painting scroll in her hand, and she was shocked and embarrassed. She hurriedly unfurled the painting, but she saw that she had the shyness of a young girl in the painting, and the moon was round above her head.

Celestial Venerable Yue rolled up the painting and looked at Qin Mu. He was still trying his best to recover his corporeal body, and there was another painting beside him.

The world in front of her seemed to change from black and white to dazzling and colorful.

Celestial Venerable Yue left with the painting. This painting wasn't just a mark of her appearance, it was also a form of attachment.

Even though she was a Celestial Venerable, she was also a woman, and her emotions made her slightly drunk. However, when she came to the outside world, she quickly threw these feelings to the back of her mind.

She could see the deeper meaning behind Qin Mu letting her experience those dreams, but no matter what, she had to get rid of Mother Earth. She couldn't tolerate Mother Earth continuing to prey on the people of the Primordial Realm.

"In this battle, the worst outcome would be for me to break my legs and destroy my face. However, in exchange, Mother Earth would be beheaded and no longer cause any trouble."

She revealed a smile. "It's worth it. Sister Ling is the most important. As long as she's still alive, there will be a chance and hope for everything."

She walked towards the High Emperor Celestial Heavens with light steps, her heart full of fervor. 'As long as Sister Ling is here, with her divine art, no one in this world will be her match. As for Yue'er, Celestial Venerable Yue, she's just Sister Ling's little sister, just her shadow…'

Qin Mu gradually recovered his corporeal body, and his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was constructed according to his expectations.

He quietly put away Celestial Venerable Yue's painting.

This time, he was an energy body, and even Celestial Venerable Yue's portrait was for pure energy. He didn't hesitate to lose a portion of his energy to draw these two paintings.

One of the paintings would be brought to this era and transformed into an energy body with him.

As for the other painting, Qin Mu treasured it. In the future, he would use this painting to restore Celestial Venerable Yue's appearance.

The most important thing now was to fulfill his promise and restore the corporeal body and primordial spirit of the Feathered Forest Guards.

After experiencing this upheaval, he had recovered his corporeal body and was even stronger than before. The divine treasures that he had reassembled contained all kinds of strange power. The most peculiar thing was the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure that he had reopened. According to the standard of the ancestral court, the marvel contained within was something that even Qin Mu couldn't imagine.

This was especially true for the five mines. The power of taiji, the power of absolute beginning, the power of taiji, and the power of primordial beginning had all begun to show signs of progress. Only the Chaotic Qi pervaded the mine, but no power was revealed.

Other than that, he used the ancestral court as the center of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and used it as the origin. He opened up the universe of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, established the Primordial Realm, opened up Xuandu, opened Youdu, and erected the four poles. The celestial river originated from the Jade Pool of the ancestral court and passed through Xuandu to the four poles. From Yuandu to Youdu, he entered the Ruins of End.

He then returned the Jade Pool from the Ruins of End, forming a huge cycle.

The celestial river was formed by vital qi, and the circulation path of the celestial river was the circulation path of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique!

As for the places where the vital qi flowed, such as the spirit embryo under the divine tree, the Heaven Duke of Xuandu, the four deities of the four poles, Mother Earth of Yuandu, Earth Count Youdu, the Twin Lotuses of the Ruins of End, and the ancient gods of the stars and constellations in the other forests, all of them had different paths of vital qi circulation that followed the Great Dao of the ancient gods in these places.

At this point, Qin Mu felt that this circulation system was close to perfection!

"If we are separated by realms, the ancestral court's spirit embryo is the first realm, Xuandu is the second realm, Heavenly Cycle Star God is the third realm, and the four poles are the four small realms. Mother Earth of Yuandu is the fifth realm, Youdu Earth Count is the sixth realm, and the Ruins of End are the seventh realm."

Qin Mu opened his eyes and thought to himself, 'These seven realms are the Seven Realms of the Divine Treasures. After cultivating a perfect cycle, it will be the Celestial Heavens Realm. After the Celestial Heavens Realm, it should be the power to develop the five great mines of the ancestral court…'

His eyes became brighter, and he felt that he had found an extraordinary path!

This path was even more perfect than the current system of divine treasures and celestial palaces. It was even more complete than the system of Dao Realm!

Furthermore, at the end of this path, he saw the five great realms of Taiji, Tai Su, Tai Shi, Tai Chu, and Tai Yi!

Currently, he was the only one on this path, but after his realm was established, the future generations only needed to cultivate along this path, and they might even reach the peak!

It was true that Qin Mu's path was extremely difficult to cultivate, but with the appearance of the ancestral court, there would be people who would realize the benefits of this path and the unreasonable systems of the divine treasures system and celestial palaces. There would still be people who would come to his path and walk forward diligently!

In the past, his path was too difficult, but now, this path had the possibility of others stepping on it!

He stood up and walked towards the Feathered Forest Guards.

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