Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1203 - Destroying The Waves

Qin Mu raised his cup of tea and gently blew on the tea leaves. He said with a smile, "I've been wandering in the celestial heavens for so many years, but I haven't died yet. Could it be that I can still die from wandering in your small Dao Sect?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan drank the tea in one gulp, and Qin Mu also drank the tea in one gulp. Both of them put down their teacups at the same time. The teacups were deeply embedded into the stone table, and the surface of the cup was equal to the stone table.

This was a creation divine art!

The two of them executed their creation divine arts at the same time to change the structure of the stone table and the teacup, allowing the teacup and the stone table to become one!

In the distance, a few Daoists looked into the distance and whispered to each other with different opinions.

"Dao Master has always been calm and collected, as high as the sky and as far as the clouds. Even though he's young, his cultivation is unfathomable, and he's as indifferent as a wild crane. Ever since Dao Ancestor came here, Dao Master has become even more unfathomable, and his cultivation is like a vast ocean."

A young Daoist asked bewilderedly, "Why are you angry today?"

The older Daoist beside him smiled and said, "That's because you don't know who he is. This guest is the famous Celestial Venerable Mu, a person who wreaks havoc in the world. Back then, Dao Master didn't suffer less in his hands!"

The young Daoist was puzzled. "Celestial Venerable Mu? Why would Celestial Venerable hang out with Dao Master? And why would Dao Master get angry?"

"You don't know about this, but the older generation is very dirty-minded. Back then, Celestial Venerable Mu was called Cult Master Qin and was a great devil. Heavenly Devil Cult Master, Dao Master lost to him the first time and his Dao Sword was broken by him."

The other Daoists talked at once and revealed all of Dao Master Lin Xuan's secrets. "Other than Immortal Wang of Little Jade Capital, Xu Shenghua of West Earth, Zhe Huali of Middle Earth, and Rulai of Mount Meru, there aren't many people in this world that can be compared to Dao Master. Also, that Qi Jiuyi is also very powerful, but he doesn't really interact much recently. However, the one Dao Master wants to fight the most is still this Celestial Venerable Mu. Now that he has delivered himself to our door, we will definitely have a fight!"

In front of the stone table, Qin Mu stirred his teacup, and it spun out from the stone table again. The surface of the table wasn't damaged at all, and he said indifferently, "It's been a long time since I beat you guys up. Looks like you guys think of yourselves as overlords."

Dao Master Lin Xuan also stirred his teacup and said indifferently, "Does Cult Master know who is the alpha and beta Overlord Body?

His teacup also floated up, leaving no trace on the stone table.

"Over the years, I used microscopic algebra to reconstruct the sacred runes of the Great Dao of the heavens, and I also learned macroscopic algebra from Dao Ancestor. In terms of attainments in algebra, the difference between you and me is like clouds and mud. I'm a cloud, and you are mud."

Dao Master Lin Xuan pulled out his sword and stabbed it into the stone table with a clink. He said with a smile, "Founding Emperor also came to the Dao Sect and imparted the sword path to me, allowing me to see the ultimate marvel of the Dao Realm. Village Chief also came here. He sounded very disappointed in you, but he was full of praise for me. They thought you were already crippled and your path was off."

Qin Mu stared at his sword and pulled it out with a wave of his hand. He stabbed his broken sword into the table and sneered. "I'm not the one who's crippled, it's Village Chief and Founding Emperor! I'm the one who's right! I've beaten both of them!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan's eyes lit up, but his aura became even more restrained. "Even the evil and unorthodox paths say so. After so many years, you still haven't changed at all!"

Qin Mu laughed and said, "If I didn't beat you up, you would really think you were the alpha. Do you think you can seize the fate of my Overlord Body?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan stood up, and his Daoist robe fluttered in the wind as if he was going to ride the wind. "There's no point in saying more. Whether you are an alpha or a beta, the truth will be revealed in your hands!"

Qin Mu stood up and said leisurely, "You guys underestimate me too much. Even if you guys continue the reform of Eternal Peace, I'm not bad. In terms of cultivation, I'm still the strongest. In terms of sword path, I'm still the strongest. In terms of battle power, I'm still the strongest. In terms of algebra, I'm still the one standing on the peak."

Dao Master Lin Xuan swept his sleeves, and sword lights filled the sky. However, in the next moment, the sword lights vanished.

In its place were the vast stars of the universe. The planets seemed to appear in the tiny Dao Sect, displaying their magnificent beauty.

On the other hand, if one looked carefully, any grain of sand, a blade of grass, or a drop of water in those stars would show endless microscopic structures, fully displaying the beauty of the microscopic world!

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and he muttered in his heart, 'It seems like I'm still not the strongest in algebra…'

Dao Master Lin Xuan's macroscopic algebra and microscopic algebra had both reached the level of Dao!

His sword skills combined microscopic macroscopic together perfectly, and even all kinds of different Great Daos were deconstructed by algebra. The changes in algebra resulted in changes in the Dao.

This resulted in a change in his Sword Dao.

In terms of algebra, Qin Mu felt that he was far inferior to him.

Other than Dao Sect's Dao Sword, Lin Xuan's Sword Dao also had the shadow of Founding Emperor and Village Chief.

Founding Emperor and Village Chief were both existences that had cultivated the Sword Domain, and their attainments in the Sword Dao were extremely high. Dao Master Lin Xuan's talent in the Sword Dao was also extremely high. With the guidance of two experts in the Sword Dao, his attainments in the Sword Dao had also reached an eye-opening stage!

He just didn't know if Dao Master Lin Xuan had learned the twentieth sword form.

'Xu Shenghua came to see him a few times, but Lin Xuan was defeated. Doesn't that mean Xu Shenghua is stronger?'

When Qin Mu thought of this, he pulled out the broken sword from the stone table. "However, you are all betas!"

He pulled out his broken sword, and his sword realm burst forth. Great algebra Dao Domain and Calamity Sword Domain collided, and the huge planets surrounding the Dao Sect collapsed in his Calamity Sword Domain!

Dao Master Lin Xuan gave a long roar and executed his technique to reverse the situation. However, he saw the collapsed stars starting to shrink before rapidly expanding and burning, transforming into suns formed by heavenly fire!

Great Sun Sovereigns flapped their wings and flew out from the sun, transforming into three-legged golden crows that pounced at Qin Mu from all directions. They had the power of the innate Dao!

Starry Substitution and the sun formed a sword formation, and the Great Sun Sovereigns were the core of the formation!

This was the sword formation of the Great Sun Divine Sword!

Lin Xuan had originally cultivated Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique. Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique was taught by the abandoned disciples of the celestial heavens' Dao Sect and was a part of the celestial heavens' Dao Ancestor's Supreme Mystery Dao Technique.

When Dao Ancestor came to visit, he imparted the complete Supreme Mystery Dao Art to him.

His cultivation was truly vigorous. In addition to his great algebra Dao Domain, the beauty of his ultimate algebra was intoxicating.

This scene looked like he was using the Connate Great Dao to set up the formation, but it was actually a sword skill. It looked like a sword skill, but it was actually a formation. It looked like a formation, but it was actually algebra!

Everything was ultimately algebra. This was the essence of paths, skills, and divine arts!

Qin Mu's broken sword quickly recovered, and his sword realm expanded. He used his sword to break the formation and the Great Sun Divine Sword!

"How capable!"

He praised in his heart. When he broke the formation, he felt the power coming from the sword formation. 'Lin Xuan's cultivation isn't as good as mine, but macroscopic microscopic algebra makes up for his lack of magic power. His improvement over these years isn't small!'

Unexpectedly, at the instant the sword formation was broken, the stars changed, and the stars shifted. Dao Master Lin Xuan's sword light scattered, and the sword light transformed into ancient gods of the stars, forming the Heavenly Constellation Earthly Fiend Formation without any explanation!

The stars in the sky suddenly increased in number, and the ancient gods of the stars looked like they were formed by countless suns. They looked simple, fierce, and fierce. Once the formation was unleashed, it froze Qin Mu's sword realm.

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