Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1204 - Dao Sect's Connate Qi

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and he immediately changed his move. He transformed into the Raising Calamity Sword and killed the ancient gods of the Big Dipper Stars. He forcefully broke through the Earth Chief Star Dou ancient gods, preventing them from surrounding him.

Right at this moment, more stars appeared in the sky. The Heavenly Constellation Earthly Fiend Array transformed into the Heavenly Cycle Star Gods Great Array, and an inescapable net rushed towards them!

Qin Mu's Facing Calamity Sword scattered in all directions, and the star gods were hit!

His sword path was extremely powerful.

In terms of cultivation, he was definitely the one with the densest cultivation in Eternal Peace's reform. No one could compare to him. Even if Dao Master Lin Xuan's sword skills were incomparably exquisite and his algebra was incomparably profound, it would still be hard for him to compete with his magic power.

His magic power had far surpassed Lin Xuan's!

However, at the instant the star gods were destroyed, countless stars gathered together. With a loud rumble, countless stars were pressed together and transformed into Calamity Stars!

Calamity Stars were incomparably heavy, and they were one of the heaviest stars in the universe. This kind of abnormal star spun extremely fast, and terrifying beams would frequently burst forth in the universe. They were like sword lights, and wherever they passed, everything was wiped out!

Lin Xuan's sword light flashed, and over ten calamity stars swirled around Qin Mu crazily. Shocking sword lights slashed down at Qin Mu!

Qin Mu swung his sword to block, and he heard endless explosions. The ten plus stars were actually shattered by him!

However, in the next moment, the tip of Dao Master Lin Xuan's sword moved, and the shattered stars gathered together to transform into a huge abyss that could swallow anything. With a swoosh, it swallowed Qin Mu!

It was like the place where the universe ended. It was like a black hole that swallowed everything!

"The abyss of the Ruins of End! Can your algebra evolve the Great Dao divine art of the Ruins of End?"

Qin Mu's voice came from the abyss, and the power of Sword Domain completely burst forth. The abyss of the Ruins of End that was formed by Dao Master Lin Xuan's sword light actually collapsed, and Qin Mu was about to escape.

Dao Master Lin Xuan raised his sword with his right hand and used his left hand to form a sword technique. He moved forward along the sword and smeared it on the tip of the sword. He said solemnly, "All Daos converge into one, congenital Qi!"


He stabbed out with his sword, and Qin Mu had just escaped from the abyss of the Ruins of End.

The sword light was incomparably fast and arrived in front of Qin Mu in an instant.

Qin Mu didn't have the time to swing his sword. He raised his sword with his right hand and carried it behind his back while his left hand gripped the sword technique in the heart of his brows. His voice was deep and low. "Divine treasure, open—"

The speed of Dao Master Lin Xuan's sword was extremely fast, and it stabbed the tip of his left middle finger with a clink. A drop of blood flowed down from the tip of his finger and slid down the sword.

At the same time, Qin Mu's divine treasure realm burst forth. Ten thousand Dao rumbled and spewed out, and incomparably terrifying power burst forth!

Qin Mu's left and right sword skills collided with the tip of Dao Master Lin Xuan's sword, and his sword skills smacked forward.


His celestial palaces rumbled, and the Ancestral Court, Xuandu, Youdu, Yuandu, the Four Extreme Heavens, the thousands of worlds in the heavens, and countless Great Daos resonated at the same time. As his sword technique surged, the vast power bounced Dao Master Lin Xuan and the Dao Sword high into the sky.

The sword light around Dao Master Lin Xuan crumbled, and the qi of the First Heaven in the sword also broke off layer by layer!

Bang, bang, bang. Explosions rang out, and the Daoist robe on Lin Xuan's body exploded continuously. He crashed backward together with his sword and crashed into a cliff.

Luckily, Qin Mu had retracted his power in time and didn't severely injure him. However, the power of this strike still caused blood to spurt out from his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. The Daoist robe on his body was also full of holes, and it didn't cover his body.

The cliff cracked from his collision, and Dao Master Lin Xuan fell from the cliff, sprawled in the dust.

Qin Mu jumped in shock and quickly went forward. He was about to check on his injuries when Dao Master Lin Xuan suddenly jumped up. He didn't even want his Dao sword and threw it far away. He flailed his arms and legs as he ran around joyfully. "I injured him!"

Qin Mu was stunned.

Dao Master Lin Xuan was wearing a tattered Daoist robe that was leaking air everywhere, and his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose were all covered in blood. He shouted happily, "I made him bleed! I stabbed him with my sword! Hahahaha! The insufferably arrogant Cult Master Qin was injured by my sword, by my Dao Sect!"

The Daoists in Dao Sect looked at each other in dismay.

They saw their sect master sprinting frantically, running all over the mountains and plains, shouting non-stop as though he was extremely happy.

However, Sect Master's Daoist robe couldn't hide his body, and his white buttocks could be seen from behind.

Many female Daoist nuns hurriedly covered their faces and couldn't bear to look at them, so they could only sneak peeks through the gaps between their fingers.

Qin Mu's face turned red, and he went to intercept Lin Xuan. "Dao friend, you stabbed my fingertip, yet I beat you half to death. Logically speaking, I won, but you were so excited as if you had won…"

Dao Master Lin Xuan placed his hands on his hips and said righteously, "If I hurt you, it would be considered my victory! Xu Shenghua is so powerful and Immortal Wang Muran is so impressive, but they have never hurt you, only I have! I'm stronger than them!"

Qin Mu muttered, "That's because I'm stronger, what are you happy about…"

Dao Master Lin Xuan was indescribably excited. "I injured Celestial Venerable Mu! No one else can do it, only I can! Even Xu Shenghua can't, he can't! I'm the alpha, he's a beta!"

Qin Mu gave a cough and reminded him, "You are currently naked…"

"I was born naked, what am I afraid of?" Dao Master Lin Xuan still couldn't suppress his excitement.

Qin Mu sighed. Dao Master Lin Xuan must have suffered a huge blow and gone crazy.

'Could it be that Xu Shenghua dealt him a harsh blow?'

Qin Mu blamed Xu Shenghua in his heart and thought to himself, 'He's the beta Overlord Body after all, how could he be like me? Every time I make a move, I know my limits…'

Dao Master Lin Xuan was excited for quite a while, and he ran around the entire mountain. Finally, an old Daoist took out a Daoist robe and put it on for their Sect Master.

Only then did Lin Xuan calm down, and his face turned slightly red. He then returned to his normal appearance and became the calm Dao Master of Dao Sect again. He said apologetically, "I lost my composure just now, please don't take offense."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "The Daoists on the mountain are going crazy from your scare."

Dao Master Lin Xuan said with a smile, "My Dao Sect is like this, full of emotions and not caring about trifles."

Qin Mu knew he was putting gold on his face, so he didn't expose him. "I'm here to seek knowledge for a period of time, please teach me."

The smile on Dao Master Lin Xuan's face was hard to suppress, and he said with a smile, "Dare I disobey?"

The Daoists of Dao Sect had yet to come back to their senses from Dao Master's shouting earlier. Dao Master Lin Xuan gave a loud shout and lectured, "As Daoists, it's important to not be alarmed by flattery or humiliation, but the true me is the one with the most emotions, the true person! If you guys can't cultivate, you guys can face the wall for three days!"

The Daoists received their orders and obediently went to face the wall.

The sect master couldn't hide his excitement. As he walked forward, he muttered softly, "I injured him, I made him bleed. Hehe… I injured Celestial Venerable Mu! Cough cough, Cult Master Qin, this way please!"

Qin Mu stayed in the Dao Sect for over ten days to learn Dao Master Lin Xuan's algebra Dao Domain. However, his main goal was still Lin Xuan's First Qi of Connate!

The Connate Qi was the Great Dao of the ancient Celestial Emperor, and it was extremely marvelous. Besides the ten Celestial Venerables, only the Dao Ancestors of the Dao Sect had seen Celestial Emperor's corporeal body.

Dao Ancestor had taught Lin Xuan, which was why Lin Xuan's First Qi of Connate was so powerful. The final blow even injured Qin Mu.

If it wasn't for Qin Mu unleashing his divine treasure realm at the crucial moment, it wouldn't be as simple as having his fingertip pierced. He might even be severely injured by Lin Xuan!

Dao Ancestor used macroscopic algebra to construct the Connate Qi, while Lin Xuan supplemented it with microscopic algebra. This could be said to be the closest Dao technique to the true Connate Qi.

Qin Mu learned very seriously and asked if he didn't understand.

Dao Master Lin Xuan also took this chance to ask him many questions, so Qin Mu taught him the new Spirit Embryo Cultivation system that he had comprehended.

Lin Xuan was flabbergasted, and he was so shocked that he couldn't say anything for a long time. Only after a long time did he come back to his senses. He pondered for a moment and said, "This technique and cultivation system of yours, only you can cultivate it now, I can't learn it."

Qin Mu asked in astonishment, "Why?"

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