Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1206 - Uncle Wants To Beat Your Father

"The general trend?"

Qin Mu sneered and shook his head. He continued to walk forward. "Tai Chu, a million years ago, you could say this to Celestial Venerable Yu. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, you could say this to Celestial Venerable Yun. Ten years ago, you could also say this to me. But now, you can't say it anymore."

He looked forward and saw the magnificent mountains and rivers of the Primordial Realm.

All living beings were numerous, and the various heavens were beneficial.

"I'm borrowing power now to nurture the general trend. You seem to have the general trend now, but it's hard to say in the future."

"Your power is great, but it can be weakened. My power is small, but I can grow!"

"This battle has just begun!"

West Earth, High Heavens Divine Sect.

Qin Mu came here and saw Xu Shenghua again. When the two of them met, Xu Shenghua was playing with a three to four-year-old little girl. Qin Mu looked at her and had a weird expression. "Xu Shenghua, this unfeeling person, actually gave birth?"

That little girl was definitely Xu Shenghua and Jing Yan's child. She had Xu Shenghua's thin lips and a tall nose bridge, and Jing Yan's eyebrows and delicate air.

Qin Mu walked forward and said with a smile, "Brother Xu is at ease, you are actually teaching your wife and daughter here. What's the name of my darling?"

Xu Shenghua picked up the little girl and placed her on his shoulder. The little girl said clearly, "My name is Xu Mengqing. Uncle, you are that great devil king called Qin Mu, right?"

Qin Mu was astonished and said with a smile, "Little girl, you have quite the guts to speak out the thoughts of your old father."

Xu Shenghua laughed loudly.

Qin Mu reminded him, "Be careful not to pee on your neck."

Xu Shenghua put the little girl down. "You can't call him devil king, you have to call him Celestial Venerable Mu. Your Uncle Qin is very powerful, not weaker than me."

Qin Mu said resentfully, "I just beat Dao Master Lin Xuan back."

Xu Shenghua tidied up the little girl's collar and said without even raising his head, "I've fought before too, and there were a few times. I even fought your brother, Devil Ape. He's the Rulai now, entering the path through dreams every day and traveling the heavens and the myriad worlds. His abilities are also very powerful."

Qin Mu said, "He's my brother, it's not good for me to beat him up."

"I even beat Immortal Wang."

Xu Shenghua thought about it and said, "The foundation of Little Jade Capital isn't as good as Great Thunderclap Monastery and Dao Sect, but these few years, Immortal Wang has been very good at currying favor. He went to all parts of Eternal Peace to seek knowledge, and he actually comprehended a terrifying technique. It's very powerful."

Qin Mu sighed ruefully. "It's rare for me to come back, but you guys have all become old and famous."

Xu Shenghua stood up and took a glance at him. "Are you trying to say that after not beating you guys up for so long, you guys have become arrogant?"

Qin Mu nodded with a smile and took out the flying knife he had gotten from the ancestral court. He gave it to the little girl, Xu Mengqing, and said gently, "Uncle wants to beat up your father. Go over there and play for a while before coming back."

Xu Mengqing ran away with her flying knife and smiled. She turned back and said, "My father will beat you to death!"

Xu Shenghua waved his hand and said, "Actually, I'm not invincible among my peers in the Primordial Realm. I've fought with Xing An, and his improvement is very fast. He's almost catching up to me."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Xing An occupies a divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu, and there are runes of the Great Dao of the ancient gods hidden inside. His cultivation speed must be extremely terrifying."

Xu Shenghua's footsteps were uneven, and he said indifferently, "However, his path was wrong, so he still lost to me. I even met the real Celestial Venerable Yu."

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and asked guiltily, "You defeated him?"

Xu Shenghua said, "He is mixed with Jiang Yunjian of the younger generation and is Jiang Yunjian's master. However, his realm is very strange, and the realm he taught Jiang Yunjian is also very strange."

He frowned.

This was the first time Qin Mu saw Xu Shenghua frowning.

This fellow had always been expressionless. No matter if he was shocked or overjoyed, he had the same face.

Even Qin Mu had only seen him smile two to three times. As for frowning, that was even more unprecedented.

However, Celestial Venerable Yu, Lan Yutian, made him frown.

"I can't understand his realm anymore."

Xu Shenghua let out a shaky breath and said, "I've looked for him before. His realm starts with Spirit Embryo Realm, followed by Galaxy Realm."

Qin Mu nodded. He knew when Celestial Venerable Yu opened up the Spirit Embryo Galaxy. However, the Eternal Peace Calamity was about to break out. Qin Mu had sent him to Youdu, so he didn't know much about his realm.

"The third is the Celestial River Tier, and the fourth is the Four Extreme Heavens."

Xu Shenghua's expression became weirder. "The fifth realm is the Yuandu Realm, the sixth realm is the Youdu Realm, and the seventh realm is the Ruins of End Realm. After seven realms, there's no so-called god realm, but he's much stronger than gods."

Qin Mu was stunned, and he praised, "These seven realms have the same marvel as my realm! However, he walks from the outside, while I walk from the inside."

Xu Shenghua took a glance at him. "You and I are very familiar, there's no need to flatter yourself."

Qin Mu's body trembled slightly, and he released his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. Instantly, golden light shone brightly in High Heavens Divine Sect, and a divine treasure covered thousands of miles. In the center was the ancestral court, the divine tree, and under the tree was Qin Mu's spirit embryo. It was three hundred yards tall.

Above was the celestial heavens, above was Xuandu, below was Heavenly Yin, Youdu, Yuandu, and below was the Ruins of End. The celestial river coalesced and connected the various worlds.

The gods of the various worlds guarded the place, and the Dao rumbled.

Xu Shenghua was astonished. He walked back and forth in his divine treasures and examined his surroundings. The astonishment in his eyes grew stronger.

"Your realms are indeed reversed!"

Xu Shenghua's expression didn't change, but his gaze was filled with astonishment. "Lan Yutian first established the spirit embryo, then the galaxy and Xuandu, then the celestial river. Through the celestial river, he established the four poles, and through them, he established Yuandu, Youdu, and the Ruins of End. When I met him not long ago, he was researching the eighth realm."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he said, "His eighth realm is the ancestral court."

Xu Shenghua said, "He said that it was a great realm, and if this realm was opened up, it would be even more powerful than the celestial palaces and celestial heavens. He's still deducing and isn't sure. However, Cult Master Qin, you have to confirm the ancestral court first before confirming the other Xuandu, Youdu, and Yuandu. It looks like you are following the rules of heaven and earth, but it's incomparably difficult to cultivate."

Qin Mu thought about it was indeed the case. Lin Xuan had also said that.

"Lan Yutian established another realm first, from the outside to the inside, but the difficulty was greatly reduced."

Xu Shenghua said, "If the two cultivation systems want to be passed down, your technique will definitely be the first to be extinct, while Lan Yutian's inheritance can be passed down for ten thousand generations!"

Qin Mu opened his mouth, but only one word came out. "Yes."

Xu Shenghua looked at him without taking his eyes off him and said neither too fast nor too slow, "Are you unhappy in your heart? Do you have a feeling that your intelligence is being crushed and you're doing meaningless things? Do you think you're the beta and he's the alpha?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "I'm different from you guys. You guys are used to being attacked by me. I only get defeated by him once in a while."

"You'll get used to it."

Xu Shenghua said indifferently, "You have been to the ancestral court and know the layout of the universe's prehistoric times, but Lan Yutian pushed it in reverse. He has never been there. He deduced this place based on the circulation of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. The difficulty of him opening his realm is much harder than yours."

Qin Mu nodded.

"I'm using him to attack your Dao heart, and only then will I have the confidence to win."

Xu Shenghua said calmly, "Your Dao heart is sturdy, and almost no one can break it. Especially after the Eternal Peace Calamity, your Dao heart has reached an unprecedented state. If your Dao heart is a realm, then the height of your realm is so high that not many people in this world can compare to you. Unfortunately, it's not."

Qin Mu's gaze was bright, and he said with a smile, "However, my Dao heart won't be so easily defeated. Lan Yutian's talent indeed surpasses mine. He walks the same path as me, and my achievements won't be weaker than his. I will only be stronger than him! He knows, I know, he might not understand."

With his hands behind his back, he said leisurely, "Brother Xu, in front of me, you have no chance of winning!"

Xu Shenghua suddenly raised his head, and the divine path domain burst forth!

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