Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1207 - Invincible Talent

Xu Shenghua was born in High Heavens, and after he entered the world, he was famous for his divine arts.

He had incomparably astonishing talent and was skilled in adapting to situations. When he fought with his enemies, he created all kinds of divine arts, paths, and skills. The stronger his enemies were, the fewer moves he used, and the greater the power of his divine arts!

His wisdom was still above his divine arts. Ever since he had started his path, he had rarely lost. He had only lost to Qin Mu and Son of Heaven Yin's disciples.

The reason he had lost to Qin Mu was because of his Dao heart and adaptability. Back then, Qin Mu had undergone the teachings of the nine elders of Disabled Elderly Village, and no matter if it was wisdom or Dao heart, he surpassed Xu Shenghua.

His defeat by Son of Heaven Yin's disciple was the first time he had come into contact with an Emperor's Throne level technique and divine art. Even though High Heavens was very powerful, the highest technique was only at the level of Southern Heavenly Gate and the true god realm. He had used a true god level technique to fight an Emperor's Throne level technique and divine art, so it was natural for him to lose.

Yet ever since then, Xu Shenghua had almost never lost again!

He had entered the path with divine arts, but instead of calling it divine arts, it was more apt to call it wisdom.

Entering the path with wisdom is better suited for the likes of him.

His divine passage realm was more like the embodiment of his wisdom, and divine arts were just a way to express his wisdom.

At this moment, his divine passage realm opened up and was on par with Qin Mu's divine treasure realm.

Qin Mu only had time to see the tens of thousands of Great Dao rules in his Great Path Domain. In the next moment, his Dao Domain suddenly changed, becoming orderly from the scattered Great Dao rules!

Qin Mu saw the ancestral court, the divine tree, Xuandu, Youdu, Yuandu, the celestial river, the four poles, and even the spirit embryo formed by Xu Shenghua's Great Dao rules!

In just a short moment, Xu Shenghua had almost completely replicated his divine treasure realm!

Qin Mu's face turned black. Xu Shenghua's great divine passage realm had now transformed into a realm that was exactly the same as his divine treasure realm. This heaven part was indeed extraordinary!

'When I showed off my realm to him just now, he had seen it from the beginning to the end. That's why he could transform his divine art into my divine treasure realm in such a short time!'

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. 'This is blatant plagiarism! From now on, if anyone dares to say that Xu Shenghua is an honest person in front of me, I will definitely beat him up!'

Granny Si Youyou had also entered the path with divine arts, but Granny Si's path was still slightly shallow compared to Xu Shenghua's. The depth and breadth of Xu Shenghua's paths, skills, and divine arts far surpassed Granny Si's.

Granny Si's treasure was called the Dao Wheel, and her paths, skills, and divine arts were hidden in it. It should be called the Ten Thousand Laws Dao Wheel.

On the other hand, Xu Shenghua should have received Founding Emperor's guidance and cultivated his realm. His realm contained even more paths, skills, and divine arts. It was even possible that Xu Shenghua had already comprehended the essence of the paths, skills, and divine arts, which was why he could be called the Great Path Domain.

However, Qin Mu had incomparably strong confidence that Xu Shenghua could at most imitate him. He didn't cultivate the cultivation system of the ancestral court, so even if his talent was heaven-defying, he couldn't be as strong as Qin Mu.

"If you imitate me, you will never be able to do what I did!"

The power of his divine treasure realm burst forth. This time, Qin Mu took the initiative to attack, and the first move he made was the 33 heavens of the sword realm!

Even when he fought with Lin Xuan, even when he fought with First Ancestor Human Emperor, Yan Qiling, and the rest in the ancestral court, he had never taken the initiative to attack. He had always been forced to face the enemy and defeat them.

That was because in Qin Mu's heart, other than existences like the ten Celestial Venerables, there weren't many people in the same realm that were worthy of him taking the initiative to attack.

However, Xu Shenghua was definitely an exception.

The instant the 33 heavens' Sword Domain erupted, Xu Shenghua also started to move.

He wasn't proficient in sword skills, but at this moment, he was like a great grandmaster of the sword path. His sword skills were awe-inspiring, but in Qin Mu's eyes, he immediately saw that Xu Shenghua was using Dao techniques to deconstruct sword skills. He was still different from the true sword path.

The profound runes that constituted his sword skill were still Dao skills!

However, Xu Shenghua's sword move was extremely capable of transforming sword skills, and it even had a hint of the Dao runes of the sword path!

This was no small matter. There was a vast difference between sword skills and sword path. After Qin Mu created Raising Calamity Sword, his attainments in sword skills were unmatched for a million years. No matter if it was Yan Yunxi, Village Chief, or Founding Emperor, they were all much inferior to him in sword path.

Yet on the path of the sword, the Raising Calamity Sword was only at the initial stage.

Founding Emperor's 34 heavens of the sword realm was the true peak of the sword path.

However, Xu Shenghua actually used paths, skills, and divine arts to imitate the sword path, using divine arts to express the deeper level of the Dao runes of the sword path. It was truly an eye-opener!

His sword path collided with the 33 heavens of the sword realm that Qin Mu had executed, and he was immediately unable to withstand it.

After all, he was only imitating with divine arts and wasn't truly simple. However, he managed to block Qin Mu's sword, shocking Qin Mu.

Xu Shenghua immediately changed his move.

The thirty-three heavens of his sword path had completely vanished, and what replaced them was the thirty-three heavens of his divine art. It was as if thirty-three magnificent heavens were pressing down on Qin Mu. One divine art after another, the thirty-three heavens pressed together, and their power was vast and surging!

Previously, his thirty-three heavens of the sword path wasn't his ability and was just an imitation. Now, the thirty-three heavens of the divine art was a true great divine art that was born from the foundation of the thirty-three heavens of the sword path!

This was his true ability!

Qin Mu wanted nothing more than to knock open Xu Shenghua's head and see how he used his wisdom to reconstruct the 33 heavens in a short time, turning his sword skills into divine arts!

One had to know that back then, in order to learn the 33 heavens of the sword path, Qin Mu had taken one step at a time. He had fought his way from the lowest level of Supreme Emperor Heaven to the highest level and only learned everything from Yan Yunxi.

Xu Shenghua, on the other hand, used his divine art to reconstruct the 33 heavens in an instant and evolved it into a divine art!

In this split of heaven, Qin Mu admitted that he was inferior.

Of course, there were specialties in every field. From the moment Xu Shenghua was born in High Heavens, he had walked the path of divine arts breaking all techniques. All of his divine arts were created on the spot and adapted to the situation. He used his strong wisdom to break all of his opponents' divine arts, sword skills, and formations.

He had immersed himself in it for dozens of years, and he had also experienced the most glorious years of Eternal Peace's reform. His divine art had entered the path and directly solved the essence of the divine art. In the eyes of others and even Qin Mu, it was something impossible, but he could do it.

This was the reason why he was able to endure for so long without dying, never losing, never losing, and always winning.

Qin Mu had always been improving, and he was also improving.

Qin Mu's divine treasure realm spread out and collided with his divine passage realm. He said with a smile, "Brother Xu is so powerful and your aptitude is so heaven-defying. I'm quite gratified. However, I promised Dao Master Lin Xuan that I would let you feel despair!"

He was like a four-faced god that stood under the divine tree in the center of the ancestral court. Youdu, Xuandu, Yuandu, the four poles, the righteous gods of the heavens all moved at the same time. In the sixteen celestial palaces, the primordial spirits of Qin Mu turned towards Xu Shenghua!

Xu Shenghua attacked forward, and their domains clashed. Xu Shenghua's Dao Domain was instantly crushed and disintegrated!

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