Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1209 - Friendship Between Men

"Where did Lan Yutian go?" Qin Mu asked.

The last time he went to Eternal Peace to fetch Mute, Blind, and the rest to the ancestral court, he didn't see Lan Yutian. The last time he went to forge the broken sword, he didn't see Lan Yutian either, so he was puzzled.

"Lan Yutian can be said to be elusive now. Of course, it's more likely that he got lost his way."

Xu Shenghua said, "When I met him the last time, he was lost and happened to pass by my High Heavens Academy. That was why I had the chance to discuss the Dao with him and benefited greatly. At that time, he said that Grandpa Cripple and Celestial Venerable You couldn't teach him anymore, so he wanted to walk his own path to break the Hall of Fragrance."

Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua walked side by side, and Xu Shenghua said, "He wandered around the various heavens, and he's a little stupid. Getting lost is a small matter, but there are still people chasing after him. However, when I saw him last time, I realized Celestial Venerable You was secretly protecting him, so he should be fine."

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief. Celestial Venerable You was still the one who was most concerned about Lan Yutian. With him around, there definitely wouldn't be any trouble.

Of course, the prerequisite was that Lan Yutian didn't create any trouble.

He had a slight headache. Lan Yutian's soul wasn't complete now, so he was always a little rash when doing things. Whenever he appeared, people would worry about him.

"Even if he accidentally touched the celestial heavens, I wouldn't be surprised."

Xu Shenghua said, "His path is similar to yours. However, it's different from yours. You work hard in the mortal world while he has no distractions. It's more like he's following his Dao heart to walk in the world to comprehend the marvel of the Great Dao. I can still understand your realm, but I can no longer understand his realm."

He was slightly disappointed. Even if he could understand Qin Mu's realm, he couldn't imitate it.

Qin Mu had already walked a path that was different from the rest, and no one could walk with him.

Lan Yutian's path represented the path that cultivators would take in the next tens of thousands of years, or even tens of thousands of years, or even millions of years. Of course, this path would also contain those with high and low achievements, but there were still people on the same path after all.

On the other hand, Xu Shenghua's own path was like a summary of the million years of cultivation that had passed from the Dragon Han until now.

His future achievements would also be extraordinary.

Qin Mu stayed in High Heavens Divine Sect to exchange their gains.

Exchanging with Xu Shenghua was the fastest thing to do. Both of them were geniuses that were rarely seen in the world today. Their foundations were deep, and their understanding was extraordinary.

One of them had an unconventional nature, and his thoughts were scattered. The other had a steady nature and had meticulous thoughts, which complemented each other perfectly.

During the time Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua were together, Xu Shenghua didn't even care about his wife and children. Jing Yan and Xu Mengqing came to find Xu Shenghua, but they were all sent back by him.

Jing Yan even suspected that if she put the mother and daughter aside and put Qin Mu on the other side for Xu Shenghua to choose between the two, Xu Shenghua would probably choose Qin Mu without hesitation and abandon them.

"If there's a Dao friend, where is the need for a wife?" She was rather indignant.

In a short period of time, Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua had developed many new divine arts and researched many new Dao techniques.

When they met each other, both of their talents were displayed, and their comprehension was countless times faster than when they were alone.

During this period, Xu Shenghua had even entered the path once, allowing his divine art to take another step forward. Qin Mu was extremely envious.

Qin Mu had learned his divine arts from Xu Shenghua, and his understanding of divine arts was even deeper. Even the paths, skills, and divine arts of Xiantian Realm Five had a tendency of learning by analogy.

However, Xu Shenghua learned even more from him.

Even though Xu Shenghua had peerless talent and wisdom, he didn't like to take risks compared to Qin Mu.

Qin Mu felt that danger was an opportunity. He seemed to have many opportunities, but every opportunity was obtained with his life when there was great danger.

He was fighting with his life while Xu Shenghua stayed in West Earth to take care of his wife and teach his daughter, so he was naturally inferior to him.

This time, Qin Mu had come to West Earth to interact with him, and his gains were the most abundant. Thus, it was natural for him to enter the realm of comprehension.

Qin Mu had evolved into the five great mines and planned to tell Xu Shenghua about Tai Chi, Tai Su, Tai Shi, Tai Chu, and Tai Yi as the five realms in the future. He said, "I feel that the Celestial Heavens Realm isn't the peak. There are still realms above the celestial heavens. They should be the five Precelestial Tai Realms."

"The current cultivation system needs to be changed."

Xu Shenghua was inspired by him and was slightly excited. He paced back and forth and pondered, "The current cultivation system doesn't include these things. It seems like the reform of Eternal Peace is still very promising!"

Qin Mu guided him patiently. "The ancestral court is there, and I have a territory now. If you're bored staying in West Earth, you can go take a walk."

Xu Shenghua was tempted, but his wife and children were all in West Earth, and High Heavens Divine Sect was also here. He really couldn't bear to leave his home rashly.

His family had tied him down.

Qin Mu continued to tempt him. "There's the Tai Chu Mine, the taiji mine, the Tai Su mine, the Tai Yi mine, and the chaos mine. Of course, the chaos mine has already been destroyed by my carelessness, but the chaos qi there has transformed into a sea of chaos, making it extremely mesmerizing. I'm a very stupid person, so I'm definitely not as smart as you. What I can comprehend, you can definitely comprehend, or even more."

Xu Shenghua was even more moved.

Qin Mu stopped trying to persuade him and said, "If you want to go there, go to Eternal Peace. The emperor and I left behind a Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge in Eternal Peace that can reach outside the ancestral court. I left my own seal at the crack of the ancestral court, so it shouldn't be hard for you."

He got up to leave, and Xu Shenghua sent him off earnestly.

Qin Mu carried the lantern and walked far away. He suddenly turned back and saw Xu Shenghua still standing in front of the mountain gate of High Heavens Divine Sect, looking at him from afar.

Qin Mu was stunned. He recalled how he had comprehended paths, skills, and divine arts with Xu Shenghua over the past few days. He recalled Xu Shenghua's Great Path Domain, and the comprehensions of all kinds of divine arts came flooding in. It was as if a door had opened in his head, and he couldn't help falling into a state of comprehension.

It was early in the morning, and the fog was heavy. Qin Mu stood in the fog and looked from afar. The fog was also hazy, and so were the people.

Jing Yan saw that Xu Shenghua was still standing in front of the mountain gate, so she walked forward and said gently, "Husband, Cult Master Qin has already left, aren't you going to send him off?"

Xu Shenghua looked at Qin Mu who was in the fog and shook his head. "He and I are Dao friends, so there's no need for too much etiquette. On the contrary, I'm treating him as an outsider."

Jing Yan pouted and looked at the fog in the distance. Qin Mu stood in the fog and fell into a marvelous realm of Dao.

This stop lasted for six to seven days. Qin Mu stood there, and Xu Shenghua also stood in front of the mountain gate, never leaving.

Jing Yan came to visit him a few times and couldn't help but shake her head. 'Strange friendship between men…'

Finally, Qin Mu came back to his senses from comprehending the path, and he shouted, Dao Friend Xu, I'm going!"

Under the mountain gate, Xu Shenghua cupped his fists and bowed to send him off.

Qin Mu bowed back from afar and turned to leave.

When Xu Shenghua got up, he had already vanished without a trace.

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