Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 121 - Many Rules In Capital City

The young patriarch also took out a bone and drew the Five Elements Realm's circulation diagram he had seen in the ruins; however, it was also incomplete. "I only saw this much. Because this diagram was simply too incomplete therefore I didn't carve it in Hall of Azure Yang."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. He drew out the incomplete circulation diagram of Five Elements Realm he had seen in Doom Suppression Palace. Comparing it with the picture the young patriarch had drawn, the incomplete portions of these two diagrams were different. If they were overlapped together, some of the missing portions could be patched up!

Qin Mu then drew a new picture beside them. The missing portion in this new picture was only in the area of his left shoulder clavicle!

However, despite missing the cultivation technique for his left shoulder clavicle, now he could completely execute Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to cultivate!

The young patriarch carefully sized up the new picture he had drawn and pondered for some time. He used the fishbone to draw a few strokes on the left shoulder area and said, "I'll use my understanding to complete this circulation diagram for you; however, my patching might not be correct and will definitely be a little different from the original one. When you fight with others and circulate your vital qi, there would still be a slight flaw. If your opponent's ability is mediocre, they won't discover your flaw. If your opponent's eyesight is very good, I'm afraid your left shoulder will be your lethal weakness."

Qin Mu's heart was shaken and he immediately said, "Patriarch, how good must the opponent's eyesight be to be able to see this flaw?"

The young patriarch pondered for a moment and replied, "Celestial Being or Life and Death Realm."

Qin Mu felt relieved and smiled, "Why would I go provoke that kind of strong practitioners?"

"There are also some youths who have very good eyesight even though their realms aren't that high."

The young patriarch said indifferently, "For example, there are some youths like this in Imperial College. Don't think highly of yourself. Now isn't the era where you can shake the world with just one or two techniques that the old ancestors had passed down. If your path and divine arts doesn't improve and only relies on the two moves the ancestors had passed down, hehe, you will sooner or later be eliminated by the others. You know why I wanted to become the Grand Chancellor of Imperial College? I did it to read through all the teachings of this world and to witness a new era."

His gaze had a hint of sadness as he continued in a low voice, "It's a pity I won't be able to see it…"

Even though he took life and death lightly and wasn't sad about that his life was coming to an end, he felt sorrow about the fact that he couldn't witness the arrival of a new era because this new era was pushed into motion by him.

"It's okay if I couldn't see it."

The young patriarch raised his spirit and smiled, "But you can see it. Young Cult Master, never stop moving. You must broaden your horizons and broaden your mind!"

Qin Mu bid farewell to the young patriarch. This elder had given him a different impression than the rest of the elders in the village.

The impressions the villagers in Disabled Elderly Village gave were that they were a bunch of nice old guys. Even though they were also fiendish, one would discover they were all very kind after being in contact with them for a long time. They taught Qin Mu how to conduct himself and taught Qin Mu the methods to survive.

And the young patriarch didn't teach him these. What the young patriarch used was a method to guide him patiently and systematically to stand at a higher place to look at the world.

The height one stood determined the world one saw.

The chickens and sparrows flew low so they could only see stuff like chicken coops and grass huts, thus they could only catch worms and peck at the grains on the ground.

An eagle spread its wings and its gaze could see a thousand miles. The land within a thousand miles was its territory to catch its prey.

To become the sacred cult leader of Heavenly Devil Cult, he would need to have the boldness to see a thousand miles.

To Qin Mu, the most practical gain from this was still the Five Elements Realm's circulation diagram of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. With this diagram, he could continue to cultivate, otherwise, he would be stuck in Five Elements Realm.

He returned to Scholar's Residence and tried to execute Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to circulate his vital qi according to the circulation diagram he had sorted out. The circulation path of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique's Five Elements Realm was more complicated than before. It was another technique above the foundation of Daoyin Technique and Spirit Embryo Realm's technique.

Qin Mu browsed through all the techniques in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and even though there were many mystical techniques in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, there were not many that were comparable to the circulation path of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique's Five Elements Realm.

The circulation path of Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique's Five Element Realm was like executing three layers of techniques at the same time. By executing the simplest Daoyin Technique, it would spur the circulation path of Spirit Embryo Realm, which would then spur the circulation path of Five Elements Realm. It was quite complicated.

This time, his vital qi burst forth vigorously and circulated according to the circulation diagram. Suddenly his consciousness split into five and surged into his Five Elements Divine Treasure along with his surging vital qi.

The five big stars in his Five Elements Divine Treasure suddenly lighted up radiantly!

However, this time the five elements didn't mutually obliterate each other. Instead, a starlight shot down from the gold element star and fused with one of his consciousnesses, transforming it into a golden god. The gold god had tiger claws, white fur, a snake hanging on the left ear, feet stepping on two dragons, and held a bronze battle axe.

Qin Mu carefully executed his vital qi to circulate, allowing the apparition of the gold god to continuously absorb the gold element starlight.

The starlight formed the apparition of gold god and this starlight was called star force, the power of the stars.

At the same time, a starlight also shot down from the wood element star and fused with his another consciousness, turning it into a wood god. The wood god had a human head, bird body, bird feet which were stepping on two dragons, and held a willow whip.

A starlight also shot down from the water element star and fused with his third consciousness, transforming into an apparition of a water god that had a human head with red hair, snake body, and held a trident.

The glow of the fire element star shot out and fused with his fourth consciousness, transforming into an apparition of a fire god that had a human face and beast body. The fire god was stepping on two dragons as well and held a fire bottle gourd.

The glow shot over from the earth element star fused with his last consciousness and turned into a human head and snake body apparition of earth god that had two doors behind. The doors even had writings on them but because it was an apparition, the writings were blurred and couldn't be seen clearly.

His vital qi fused with the apparitions of these five gods. His vital qi and star force were actually changing slowly into each other. This situation was puzzling.

"The vital qi converted into star force and the star force converted into vital qi. Is there any change with them converting into each other?"

Qin Mu was bewildered as he carefully experienced it but he couldn't find what was different. He only felt that when his vital qi had converted into star force, he could faintly feel an indescribable force stirring in the starry sky. He was unable to find out what kind of force it was.

And when the star force turned into vital qi, he discovered his cultivation had increased slightly.

"That's not a bad thing."

He let out a thorough sigh of relief. Even though the circulation diagram of Five Elements Realm still had a little flaw, it was good that he could still cultivate and won't have qi deviation happening easily.

"There's still some time before Imperial College starts their lessons, I should go back to Rain Listening Pavilion and fetch Hu Ling'er over. Furthermore, I also promised to continue seeing patients from Flower Alley."

Qin Mu walked out of his residence and saw a crowd of scholars walking over.

The area where he was staying was separated from the divine arts practitioners. It was the place where scholars of Spirit Embryo Realm and Five Elements Realm resided. All the scholars that were lower than Six Directions Realm stayed here. Now that Imperial College was opened again, many scholars from previous years had returned from outside. They had entered college earlier than Qin Mu and had dense cultivation but as long as they hadn't breakthrough Six Directions Realm, they would still stay here.

Every year Imperial College give ten places to primary school scholars and it was difficult for primary school scholars to breakthrough to Six Directions Realm within three to five years. Therefore the number of primary school scholars in Imperial College wasn't low.

These scholars passed by Qin Mu and a scholar sized up Qin Mu before asking, "This junior brother, I've heard an abandoned person from Great Ruins had come here. Do you know where he stays?"

Qin Mu was startled and asked, "Why is senior brother looking for him?"

The scholar replied, "Abandoned people are scums who can only be slaves. I never expect the emperor to let the abandoned person be a scholar of our Imperial College. This is an insult to us. We've heard news regarding this matter and are seething with fury, thus we planned to make him back out and leave Imperial College. If he stays here, how would we still have the face?"

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, "So I see. I have seen the abandoned person before and he lives nearby. Why don't let me lead you there?"

The ten something scholars couldn't help being delighted and all bowed with their hands in front, "Thanks for the trouble, junior brother!"

"Fellow senior brothers are polite."

Qin Mu continued, "I'm also from a famous family in power, yet I have to be classmate with the abandoned person. I'm so ashamed that I couldn't want more than anything to dig a hole to crawl into it. That's right, my surname is Qin."

"Surname Qin?"

The scholars were all astonished and one of the scholars greeted him respectfully, "So brother is from Qin Family. The Qin Family of the capital city is indeed an influential family. It's really an insult to be classmates with an abandoned person. Qin Family has lots of good generals and the whole family is loyal and righteous. I may have entered two years earlier than you but I don't dare to call myself as your senior brother. We'll refer to each other as brothers."

Another scholar laughed, "My father opens mine in Tiger Travelling Mountain and would also transport a few hundred abandoned people over that are bought from the borders. A few hundreds of them would die every year so we got no choice but to continue buying. Hehe, never would I expect to seek knowledge in the same school with an abandoned person. If my father knows it, he would definitely blow up and say I'm associating myself with a slave."

A female said, "I've heard about the matter this time as well. The emperor took the chance to beat senses into his ministers, that's why he had let the abandoned person into Imperial College. He also actually had the desire to swallow up Great Ruins. He admitted that abandoned people were also people of Eternal Peace. Isn't this admitting that Great Ruins is also the lands of Eternal Peace Empire? However, the emperor was inconsiderable and placed the abandoned person in Imperial College, neglecting the feelings of us scholars."

Qin Mu and these scholars had come to the end of Scholar's Residence as they chitchatted along the way. There was only one courtyard near the end which was secluded. Qin Mu smiled, "Fellow senior brothers, this is where the abandoned person resides. Please wait a moment."

He went up to knock on the door and after a while, the door of the courtyard opened and a circular face popped out from behind the door. Seeing Qin Mu, he was startled and smiled, "Brother Qin…"

Qin Mu pushed the door open and entered it along with everyone, squeezing the scholar with chubby physique in the middle of the courtyard.

Qin Mu closed the doors of the courtyard and secured the door bolts. His expression was like still water, "That's right. Fellow senior brothers, does Imperial College permit murder?"

The scholars were all startled and one of them broke out into laughter, "Brother Qin, we're only trying to teach the abandoned person a lesson and chase him out of Imperial College. Is there a need for murder? If we kill him, we'll all be chased out of Imperial College. Just giving him a beating is enough!"

Qin Mu was somewhat not happy and grumbled, "There are so many rules in the capital city and I can't kill people at will. If it was in our Great Ruins, no one would say anything even if I killed ten something people…"

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