Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1212 - Heavenly Court's Number One Formation Heavenly Lord

Qin Mu looked at the six 'water droplets' falling down. The moment the water droplets separated from the land, the surface of the six water droplets and the cube inside immediately transformed into six divine cities that surrounded the Paramita Ark!

When the water droplet transformed into a god city, the attitude of the gods and devils in every cube instantly changed. The mudra on the left hand transformed into a thumb pressing down on the middle finger, while the other three fingers stood upright.

His right hand was clenched into a fist, and his thumb was pressed against the center of the fist.

The gods and devils in the cube changed their postures, and the wall formation also changed. This was different from Formation Master He Yiyi's formation.

He Yiyi's formation was an element that used rocks as the foundation of the formation. The cubes were covered with all kinds of basic runes.

The runes on it couldn't change.

Different rocks were pieced together, and different basic runes were also pieced together to form different formations.

The strong point of the Wall Barrier Formation was that the most basic element of the formation was the gods and devils of the Wall Barrier Formation. Every god and devil could change their mudra skills, body shape, and even vital qi imprints. They could then change the structure of the Wall Barrier Formation.

Using living gods and devils as the basic elements of the formation was much more powerful than simply using a cube!

There was a huge sacrificial altar in the center of each of the six god cities. The light in the center of the sacrificial altar was like a pillar that shot straight out and connected the six great god cities, forming a cube!

The light that shot out from the sacrificial altars of the six divine cities took the shape of chains, as though the Great Dao was interweaving together.


Rays of light descended from the sky and landed in the center of the six sacrificial altars, transforming into six gods that looked exactly the same. They looked excitedly at Qin Mu, Sakra Buddha, and Li Youran. They were none other than Heavenly Sovereign Han.

He split into six, and all six of them were his true bodies. There was no so-called clone embodiment.

Qin Mu stood on the platform of the Paramita Ark and swept his gaze over them. Every one of them had a spirit embryo, soul, primordial spirit, divine treasures, and celestial palaces.

His body was also very peculiar. He had a body of flesh and blood, but his flesh and blood seemed to be formed by countless tiny cubes that could disperse like sand at any time to reform his corporeal body.

His primordial spirit, divine treasures, and celestial palaces seemed to be able to change their forms at any time and reconstruct themselves.

"This Heavenly Sovereign Han's technique is truly strange."

Qin Mu was astonished. Han Tianjun was probably a formation grandmaster of the celestial heavens. It could even be said that he was an existence that was about to use formations to achieve the celestial palace, an existence that was about to cultivate to the Emperor's Throne with his attainments in formations!

Formation celestial palaces were a type of Postcelestial Great Dao celestial palace. Blind was an expert in this field, and even Blind had cultivated Formation Celestial Palace not long ago.

Meanwhile, Han Tianjun had cultivated Formation Celestial Palace far before Blind!

He just hadn't cultivated to the Emperor's Throne Realm.

However, from his cultivation, he shouldn't be far from the Emperor's Throne Realm.

His attainments in the path of formations could basically support him to enter the Emperor's Throne Realm.

One had to know that even the four great heavenly teachers of the celestial heavens didn't cultivate to the Emperor's Throne with formations. Instead, they relied on their own wisdom to enter the Emperor's Throne Realm. It was very likely that Han Tianjun would become the number one person in formation skills.

"Doesn't Heavenly Sovereign Han know that all of the Great Dao runes of Star Sovereign Rampart have been deconstructed by Dao Ancestor, and his Rampart Array has no secrets in front of me?"

Qin Mu had a weird expression. Even though Han Tianjun's formation was incomparably exquisite, he had cultivated all kinds of formation runes in the wall-barrier formation. Not only that, he had even broken the Great Dao runes of the wall-barrier formation!

In his opinion, even the vast god city was nothing much.

Even though Han Tianjun's formation was exquisite, it had been completely broken. His formation was already outdated compared to Blind's formation entering the path with formations!

The six Heavenly Sovereigns smiled as they looked at the almost complete Paramita Ark. "Today is truly a good day for me. With the Paramita Ark, the Great Void and Carefree Village will be destroyed. This is a heaven-defying contribution! Killing Celestial Venerable Mu is another heaven-defying contribution! With these two contributions, my position can even surpass Heavenly Teacher, Heavenly King, and become the three dukes of the celestial heavens!"

The six great god cities suddenly trembled like a swarm of bees formed by countless bees. In an instant, the gods and devils in the cube changed their postures, mudras, and rune markings. The basic structure of the formation immediately changed!

The bee swarm formation formed by countless cubes was ever-changing. Five of the bees rushed towards Paramita Ark while the remaining one rushed towards Qin Mu!

Han Tianjun attached more importance to Sakra Buddha and the Paramita Ark. In his opinion, Sakra Buddha Li Youran was a great expert on the Numinous Sky Realm at the peak, and he was even the war god of Founding Emperor Era. Sakra Buddha was powerful, and he was even more outstanding in battle.

Qin Mu was still young, and even though he had the identity of Celestial Venerable Mu, his cultivation realm was still there. Using a god city to deal with Qin Mu was already thinking highly of him.

Qin Mu looked at the countless cube bees that were surging over. The gods and devils in the cube changed their postures and seals, allowing the formation to be in a state of ever-changing.

Meanwhile, one of them, Heavenly Sovereign Han, was like a queen bee, surrounded by mountains. He had his hands behind his back as he stood on the formation platform formed by numerous cubes, controlling the situation.


The swarm of cube bees rushed onto the Paramita Ark, and the rotating cube brought the gods and devils over. Everywhere it passed, the palaces, streets, cities, and even mountains and rivers on the Paramita Ark were all pulverized by the power of the formation!

Recommending an app that was comparable to an old version of a book chasing divine weapon.

The ferocity of Han Tianjun's formation was truly rare!

The cube bees got closer, forming a circle around Qin Mu. Qin Mu looked around and saw that the gods and devils in the cube were like pious sacrifices, changing their mudra skills, body postures, and vital qi imprints in an orderly manner.

They were like worker bees, listening to the dispatch of the queen bee, Han Tianjun.

In that instant, the formation changed thousands of times. There were thousands of formation structures, but there was no repetition. It was dazzling. Let alone breaking the formation, even the formation's structure could not be seen clearly!

Furthermore, Han Tianjun's abilities were more than that.

He entered the path with formations, and he could make corresponding changes to the enemy's techniques and divine arts the instant he came into contact with them!

As he got closer to Qin Mu, the smile on his face grew wider.

He was about to receive this exceptional merit!

At this moment, Qin Mu slowly raised his fist and spread his five fingers. "Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness!"

Heaven Monarch Han's mind was blown, and he instantly felt a majestic and unmatched consciousness crushing his consciousness like rotten weeds, severing his connection with the gods and devils in the cubes!

The cube bee swarm closed, and a killing formation instantly formed around Han Tianjun!

Han Tianjun was astonished. He saw that the gods and devils in the wall formations had actually fallen under the control of Qin Mu's powerful consciousness!

The power of the killing formation instantly erupted!

Han Tianjun's corporeal body expanded frantically, and the structure of his corporeal body was changing frantically. He tried to block the attacks of the wall formation, but in the next moment, his body exploded, and his primordial spirit exploded. His divine treasures and celestial palaces were destroyed and disintegrated by the terrifying power!

"Celestial Venerable Mu, I underestimated you! But it won't happen again!"

The exploded Han Tianjun suddenly shattered into countless pieces, transforming into blood-colored smoke that soared into the sky from the wall formation. Countless incomparably tiny cubes pieced together in the air and were about to form his body!

At this moment, Qin Mu's body suddenly appeared in front of him. With a shake of his body, he revealed his three heads and six arms. His six hands moved rapidly, and in an instant, he imprinted countless runes into the body of Han Tianjun who was currently forming.

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