Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1213 - The Wonder Of Formations

Most of Heaven Sovereign's body had already formed, and his lower body was forming. His divine treasures and Heaven Duke were also reconstructing, and his primordial spirit was also being pieced together by countless tiny cubes.

He used formations to deconstruct everything he had. Even if he was shattered, he could reconstruct everything.

This wasn't the path of creation, but the performance of cultivating the path of formations to the highest realm. It was also the embodiment of his divine arts establishing the path.

Yet at the instant his corporeal body, primordial spirit, and divine treasures were formed, Qin Mu imprinted countless formation runes into his body.

These runes actually completely countered the basic runes of his formation skills, causing his formation skills' basic runes to disintegrate!

He let out a sharp cry, and his corporeal body, primordial spirit, divine treasures, and celestial palaces vanished like smoke!

His entire body was like a burning incense, burning from the soles of his feet to his neck. His head then turned into smoke and vanished!

"There are only five Heaven Sovereigns left. We can deal with them easily…"

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, terror rose in his heart, and he immediately executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. The Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness formed a supreme consciousness realm around him to protect himself!


An incomparably terrifying consciousness rushed over, and another Han Tianjun rode on a swarm of bees and shouted, "Consciousness? Celestial Venerable Mu, you dare to play with consciousness in front of me? Let me show you a true consciousness formation!"

The third eye at the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened up, and his third eye activated. The egg of Tai Chu, the Grand Primordium Origin Stone, and the Qin word land lit up, instantly raising his supreme consciousness realm to the extreme!

His consciousness was extremely powerful, surpassing most strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne Realm. In terms of the depth of his consciousness cultivation, he was only inferior to the Grand Emperor's Heavenly Lady Qiang, Celestial Venerable Gong Yun, Divine King Lang Wo, and God Emperor Lang Xuan. Even Shu Jun was inferior to him.

With the augmentation of his third divine eye, the intensity of his consciousness explosion increased by ten times. Not only did it resist Han Tianjun's consciousness, but it even started to retaliate!

Han Tianjun changed the structure of the formation and made the basic formation runes in the cube beehive to form consciousness formation runes. His formation immediately transformed into a consciousness formation.

This formation gathered the consciousnesses of Han Tianjun and the tens of thousands of gods in the formation. With the strengthening of the consciousness formation, its power was naturally extraordinary.

The intensity of the consciousness that burst forth from this formation had also reached a level that surpassed a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne!

As the number one formation heavenly lord of the celestial heavens, Han Tianjun had entered the path through formations. His research was extremely extensive, and he wasn't just relying on Star Sovereign Rampart's influence.

He had once been to the Blood Rust Zone and studied the imprints on the sacrificial altar there, turning the sacrificial path created by the masters of creation during the primordial era into runes and fusing them into the formation.

Not only that, he had also studied all kinds of Connate Great Daos and Postcelestial Great Daos, trying to integrate them into the array formation.

This was where his capital as the number one Formation Heavenly Lord lay.

However, even though he had changed the wall formation into a consciousness formation, he still felt extremely strained when facing Qin Mu's terrifying consciousness.

The moment their consciousnesses collided, he felt that his formation was about to collapse.

Qin Mu utilized the Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness and was about to counterattack when a second great consciousness formation came bombarding over, blasting into the supreme consciousness realm. Next was the third, fourth, and fifth great consciousness formation!

Five consciousness formations in a row that surpassed the Emperor's Throne Realm caused his supreme consciousness realm to sink!

Qin Mu's body bounced up high, and he fell backward. Peng, peng, peng, peng. He crashed through the city wall of a god city on the Paramita Ark. Qin Mu's body was almost pulled straight, and he crashed backward along the street. Soon, he broke through the god city that had a radius of several hundred miles and plowed a deep ditch into the ground.

At the same time, the five rampart formations were like a swarm of bees that had undergone a myriad of changes. The consciousnesses of tens of thousands of gods and five Heavenly Sovereigns burst forth, and before they could even come into contact with Qin Mu, they had already bombarded him back continuously.

Qin Mu found it hard to stop the decline, and his supreme consciousness realm collapsed continuously.

Compared to the Grand Emperor's supreme consciousness realm, he could only be considered an imitation. The Grand Emperor was the strongest in the supreme consciousness realm. Qin Mu could only unleash most of the power of the supreme consciousness realm. After being bombarded continuously, the consciousness realm showed signs of crumbling!


He was blasted out of the Paramita Ark by the terrifying consciousness of the cube beehive and fell towards the land.

Qin Mu took this chance to pull out his broken sword. Sword light qi shone on the 33 heavens, and in an instant, he sliced the swarm of bees at the front into 34 pieces!

In the swarm of bees, Han Tianjun instantly felt that the formation was broken, and it was hard to continue. The power of the 33 heavens of the sword path was truly terrifying. The power of the sword path domain caused more than ten percent of the gods and devils under his control to die.

Luckily, he was a Heavenly Lord of Formations, so the formation immediately changed, blocking the remaining power of the 33 heavens' sword path and not causing more damage.

At the same time, the other Heavenly Sovereigns immediately gathered the gods under the dead Heavenly Sovereign Han. The bees flew in all directions and gathered the bees.

Qin Mu finally got a chance to catch his breath and quickly calmed his surging consciousness. He circulated his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and his vital qi and consciousness frantically circulated in his body. He sprinted in his spirit embryo, and his consciousness calmed down.


He landed on that landmass, and the hurricane caused the forest to collapse in all directions. The land rose up like a mud wave, swirling and expanding frantically. Even a few mountains were lifted into the air by the mud waves.


The five great bee hordes flew over and flew rapidly while sticking close to the ground. In the next moment, they rushed over from five different directions. The bee hordes were also changing as they flew crazily while sticking close to the ground. Before they could reach Qin Mu, they could easily combine together and transform into god cities. They landed on the ground with a bang and slid for a hundred miles. They stopped in front of Qin Mu and formed a fan-shaped encirclement.

The five Heavenly Sovereigns stood on the sacrificial altars in the city and raised their hands. Suddenly, legs grew out of the god city, and they stood up with a rumble. Countless cubes in the central god city transformed into a huge weird eye with legs. The formation was activated, and a beam of divine light shot out!

One of the two god cities on the left transformed into a divine mirror with two legs while the other transformed into a long spear to attack Qin Mu at the same time!

On the other side, one of the two god cities transformed into a huge cauldron with legs. The mouth of the cauldron faced Qin Mu, and divine light spewed out from the cauldron, transforming into a long river that swept out. The other god city transformed into a pagoda, and with a stomp of its legs, it leaped up to suppress Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's body trembled, and he revealed his three heads and six arms. The broken sword in his hand split into three, and he executed his Sword Dao with one hand. He wiped the broken sword with the other, and it transformed into a long knife to execute his knife path. He shook the broken sword with his other hand, and the broken sword transformed into a brush.

His other arms were executing divine arts to enter the path, setting up formations and refining strange poison.

He retreated as he fought, and the five Heavenly Sovereigns controlled the strange eyes, divine mirrors, spears, cauldrons, and pagodas. Each of them had a different power as they attacked him frantically, covering tens of thousands of miles.

Suddenly, the treasures formed by the five walls crumbled with a crash, and Qin Mu was delighted. 'Grandpa Apothecary's poison path is working!'

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