Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1214 - Amethyst Flower Visits The Guest, Virtual Stage of Tai Chi

Immediately, Qin Mu's expression turned grim. He had to admit that Han Tianjun was indeed incomparably powerful. The instant the five great treasures collapsed, Han Tianjun immediately sensed that Qin Mu had poisoned the soldiers in the wall formation.

Qin Mu's poison path and medicine path were combined, and he inherited it from Apothecary. Apothecary was the founder of the celestial palace of medicine, and no matter if it was poison path or medicine path, he was at an unprecedented peak.

Qin Mu's medical path was inherited from him, and even though it wasn't comprehended by himself, it was Apothecary's spirit pill that allowed him to cultivate the celestial palace of the medical path.

However, after cultivating the celestial palace of medicine, Qin Mu's comprehensions of the path of medicine and poison came flooding in.

In the path of medicine and poison, Apothecary was number one. Even though he was inferior, he was still extremely powerful.

Combining the art of creation and the visualization of consciousness, he didn't even need to use spirit medicine and poison to create spirit pills and poison. He could use toxic Great Dao runes to poison his opponents and use the Great Dao runes of spirit medicine to treat patients!

He had already entered the path of medicine.

He didn't poison Han Tianjun because Han Tianjun was incomparably powerful and was a great expert that had cultivated his formation path to the Numinous Sky Realm. Therefore, he chose to cut off his wings first and poison the soldiers in the barrier formation to death.

In this way, Han Tianjun lost most of his abilities.

However, in the next moment, Han Tianjun changed the formation of the army and severed the Great Dao runes of the poison path. Soon, the runes of the poison path in the bodies of the soldiers were severed and refined into ashes!

"Celestial Venerable Mu, let me show you the ultimate marvel of the path of formations!"

Han Tianjun shouted, and the swarm of cube bees suddenly swarmed towards the five Han Tianjun.

Countless gods and devils in the cube collided and formed a human-shaped formation around the five Heavenly Sovereigns!

The five Heavenly Sovereigns slowly stood up, and their bodies grew larger.

"Celestial Venerable Mu!"

The five Heavenly Sovereigns were as tall as mountains as they looked down at Qin Mu. Their voices boomed deafeningly. "As a junior, an insignificant true god is actually able to force me to execute a battle technique of the path of formations. You should be proud!"

The formation on the bodies of the five giants changed noisily, and the basic formation runes that each god had made were different.

Every one of them was like the fundamental particles that formed the human body. Their vital qi passed through them and flowed through the giant's body.

This kind of magic power was close to that of an Emperor's Throne!

Not only that, their consciousnesses also merged into one at this moment, and their divine arts became a part of the great divine art!

This was the first time Qin Mu had seen someone who could actually cultivate formation skills to such a level. He couldn't help exclaiming in admiration, "If Grandpa Blind was here and met a top-notch strong practitioner of the path of formation skills like Heavenly Lord Han, he would definitely cheer like a child and use formations to defeat him openly. However, I'm not Grandpa Blind!"

Instead of retreating, he advanced and rushed towards one of the Heavenly Sovereigns. As he sprinted, he completely unleashed his divine treasure realm!

Heavenly Lord Han was too strong, and it instead aroused his fighting spirit.

His divine treasure realm opened up, and Xuandu, Youdu, the four poles, Yuandu, and the other worlds, up and down, gushed out along with the resplendent starry sky.

The celestial river passed through all the worlds and connected them into one.

The place he stepped on was the ancestral court, and the sixteen celestial palaces formed a vast celestial heavens!

Ever since he had succeeded in cultivating, he had never had the chance to unleash his full power. Even when he fought with Lin Xuan and Xu Shenghua, he was suppressing his own power.

And now, he finally had the chance to unleash his full power!

In the past, when he executed the divine treasure realm, he was still a little hesitant because if his divine treasure was broken, it would be hard for him to cultivate it back. Divine treasures were his foundation.

However, he had already comprehended Celestial Venerable Ling's unchanging divine art. Unless it was a fatal blow, no one could truly kill him!

"Heavenly Sovereign Han, your physique is too big, and you have lost the agility that a divine arts practitioner should have!"

Qin Mu stepped into the void and passed through it, avoiding the combined attack of the five Heavenly Sovereigns. He laughed loudly and said, "You have incomparably strong power, but you have never thought that the operation of the formation requires time. I won't give you that time!"

The magic power of the five Heavenly Sovereigns was simply too vast, and their power was truly astonishing. Their palms carried incomparable power as they struck into the void.

Qin Mu leaped out of the void and appeared behind the head of one of the Heavenly Sovereigns. He executed Amethyst Flower Visits The Guest to strike backward.

This was the fifth form of his divine art of entering the path, Amethyst Flower Visits The Guest.

His fingers trembled, and a lotus flower appeared. The lotus flower split into two, two into four, and when it reached the side of that Heavenly Sovereign Han, it had already transformed into a sea of flowers. Countless flowers stuck to every part of his body.

The cubes that formed Han Tianjun's body and the gods and devils in them immediately felt their power flowing away rapidly and being absorbed by the lotuses.

The most skilled technique of Amethyst Flower Visits The Guest was to break other people's divine arts and formations. Qin Mu had once used this divine art to break all the strong practitioners on East Pole Heavenly Dragon Island, making them unable to retaliate.

"Nine Heavens of Fire!"

Another Heavenly Sovereign Han pounced over, and his body trembled. Countless cubes flew out from his body and transformed into the Nine Heavens Li Fire Formation, enveloping that Heavenly Sovereign Han.

Qin Mu's divine treasures were completely spread out, and in the sixteen celestial palaces, the primordial spirits mobilized the power of the celestial palaces to execute the same divine art.

The sixteen celestial palaces swirled and transformed into the shape of a taiji diagram, enveloping the second Heavenly Lord Han!

The moment that Heavenly Sovereign Han Tianjun executed the Fire Parting Nine Heavens Great Array to break Qin Mu's Amethyst Flower Visits The Guest, he was instantly covered by Qin Mu's great divine art.

The taiji mine in Qin Mu's ancestral court suddenly trembled, and the Dao of Yin and Yang burst forth from the taiji mine. The body of Heavenly Lord Han immediately transformed into two streams of air, one black and one white, unable to fuse together anymore.

The Virtual Stage Of Tai Chi, the ninth form of Qin Mu entering the path divine art.

The so-called void form was the taiji, and the void form was the corporeal body ascending into the void. However, in Qin Mu's great divine art, it wasn't ascending into the void. Instead, it was transforming into the form of Taiji, transforming it into yin and yang qi. When yin and yang qi were sent into the void, their souls would vanish completely.

Before that Heaven Sovereign Han had completely vanished, the other three Heaven Sovereigns had already slaughtered their way into Qin Mu's divine treasure realm. Their divine arts had destroyed Xuandu, Heaven Duke Qin Mu, and even the Great Dao!

The next to collapse was Youdu, and the one to die was Earth Count and Qin Mu!

Next, Yuandu cracked, Primordial Tree broke, Heavenly Yin shattered, Ruins of End destroyed!

The three Heavenly Sovereigns slaughtered their way into the ancestral court and shattered the celestial palaces. Even Qin Mu's primordial spirit in the consciousness celestial palace wasn't their match.

Their consciousnesses burst forth and destroyed the consciousness celestial palace easily!

Even though Qin Mu had destroyed three of their bodies and broken three walls, they still had the upper hand.

The three Heavenly Sovereigns attacked the center of the ancestral court and worked together to attack Qin Mu.

Qin Mu tried his best to resist, but in the next moment, he was turned into a pile of mush by the three Heavenly Sovereigns.

"He's finally dead!"

The three Heavenly Sovereigns stood in front of the mud and each let out a long sigh of relief. One of them had a grim expression and muttered, "This is the first time I've seen such a powerful true god. He actually destroyed half of the troops in my wall formation and destroyed three of my true bodies…"

Suddenly, a sword tip pierced through his huge body, stabbing into the back of his body and out of his heart!

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