Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1215 - The Liberated Sakra Li Youran

This sword was Qin Mu's Facing Calamity Sword. When the sword entered his body, it first broke through Heaven Sovereign Han's celestial palace, then broke the divine bridge, shattered the celestial being, broke through life and death, and destroyed his celestial palace and divine treasures.

His divine treasures and celestial palaces crumbled, and his corporeal body exploded as well, pulverized by the power in his body.

However, since Han Tianjun had cultivated himself to the level of entering the path through formations, if the formation markings didn't die, he wouldn't die and could reassemble at any time.

It could be said that Han Tianjun was the nemesis of Qin Mu's third form of Calamity Sword.

However, Qin Mu's abilities weren't limited to that. When his sword stabbed into Han Tianjun's body, the Great Dao runes that specialized in restraining the wall formation runes also entered Han Tianjun's body, making his formation path unable to be unleashed!

Another Heavenly Sovereign Han collapsed, and he died!

The other two Heavenly Sovereigns were alarmed and hurriedly turned around to see where this sword had come from.

They didn't know if they didn't look, but when they did, their hearts turned cold.

However, the devastated divine treasure realm that had been destroyed by them had actually been restored to its original state. Heavenly palaces floated and formed the celestial heavens. Qin Mu's primordial spirit reappeared, and the sun, moon, stars, and Xuandu reappeared in the sky. The Yuandu realm grew even faster than the Breathing Earth. The Primordial Tree also grew lushly, connecting heaven and earth. It was as if it had never been destroyed!

The four poles, Youdu, Heavenly Yin, Xuandu, and even the ancestral court were all exactly the same as before. The celestial river was vast and majestic as it passed through the various worlds. Ancient gods Qin Mu stood in their territories and controlled the paths, laws, and laws in the divine treasure realm!

That sword just now was a great divine art from Qin Mu's divine treasure!

"Heavenly Lord Han, how many true bodies do you have in total?"

A voice rang out, and the two Heavenly Sovereigns hurriedly turned their heads. They saw that Qin Mu, who had been beaten into a pile of mud by them, was standing in front of them perfectly fine, while the mud on the ground had vanished without a trace!

Qin Mu was still in his most perfect state. He didn't seem to have any exhaustion or injuries.

The two Heavenly Sovereigns immediately pulled back, and the two of them retreated in the same direction. Their bodies suddenly collided, and the two Heavenly Sovereigns actually fused together. The wall formation also fused together, transforming into an even larger giant.

The power of this giant was even stronger. After all, it was the fusion of two great wall formations. Even though the reaction speed of the divine art was slower, the power of the divine art was truly terrifying. With one strike, it pierced through Qin Mu's divine treasure realm and sprinted outwards!

He didn't dare to continue fighting.

If it was before, he would still dare to fight with six true bodies. However, now that the four true bodies had died in Qin Mu's hands, he no longer dared to risk his life!

Qin Mu's hands moved, and the sixteen celestial palaces swirled, transforming into a taiji diagram that shrouded Heaven Sovereign Han. It was the great divine art of the Virtual Stage of Tai Chi.

Among the countless cube bodies around Han Tianjun, the Wall Formation Godfiends were assimilated into the yin and yang qi and frantically escaped from his body.

Han Tianjun shrunk rapidly and became one size smaller. However, in the next moment, his divine art burst forth, and he actually broke through three celestial palaces in one strike. He shattered the three celestial palaces and the three Qin Mus primordial spirits in them, escaping!

Qin Mu was also shocked by him. He immediately raised his hand and slashed with his sword, breaking the 33 heavens and stabbing towards the back of Han Tianjun's heart.

Han Tianjun roared angrily and waved his hand backward. His arm was instantly severed into thirty-three pieces.

He continued to rush forward, abandoning the formation gods that had formed his arms.

The Wall Barrier Formation was an army of the celestial heavens, and the cultivation of the gods and devils wasn't too high. Most of them were gods of the true god and Jade Pool Realm. It didn't matter if they died, as their lives weren't as important as his.

Qin Mu, Youdu Earth Count, appeared and used the Styx River as a whip to wrap up Heaven Sovereign Han and cut down the three souls and seven spirits of the formation army.

Qin Mu, Heaven Duke, appeared in the sky and raised his hand to unleash 49 Heavenly Dao divine arts, blasting all parts of Heaven Sovereign's body apart. The heavenly fire burned the gods and devils in the wall formations to death.

The Primordial Tree swept over, tearing his skin and flesh apart.

The four ancient gods of the four poles, Qin Mu, transformed into Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise to attack. The star gods of the heavenly cycle laid out an inescapable net, and Qin Mu shattered thousands of primordial spirits of gods and devils with one strike.

Even so, Han Tianjun's speed still became faster. Wherever he passed, the Primordial Tree would break, the Underworld River would crumble, Qin Mu of Heavenly Yin would die, and Qin Mu of the four poles would be be beheaded. His death was extremely miserable.

Even Heaven Duke and Qin Mu fell from Xuandu from his blow.

Qin Mu sighed to himself. "My abilities are still lacking. Even though my divine art is here, my cultivation realm isn't there yet. I can defeat Han Tianjun, but I definitely can't kill him."

Han Tianjun barged his way out of Qin Mu's divine treasure realm and ran for his life. He shouted, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you've done me wrong. When I recover my power, I'll make sure you never reincarnate…"

Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly stopped and saw a handsome buddha standing in front of him. It was none other than Sakra Buddha Li Youran.

While Qin Mu was fighting with him, Sakra Buddha Li Youran had already repaired the Paramita Ark.

Han Tianjun's body was too big, and he couldn't stop the inertia of his body. He could only grit his teeth and rush forward. The shattered cubes around his body kept falling down.

Because the Wall Formation Godfiend in the cube had been injured in the divine treasure realm, it affected the operation of the Wall Formation and was mercilessly abandoned by him.

Sakra Li Youran had a solemn expression. When he saw him getting closer, the buddha image on his face became abnormally furious. Flames of fury blazed around his body!

He was originally fated with buddhism, but the feelings in his heart were hard to understand. When his clansmen were attacked, he always thought that it was Red Deity Qi Xiayu who killed his clansmen, so he went to the Buddha Realm in despair.

Never did he expect that it was Heavenly Lord Han who had made a move to frame Red Deity!

"Heavenly Lord Han, didn't you want to see why I'm called Heavenly King of War?"

The fury on Li Youran's face was only a fraction of the fury in his heart. At this moment, this fury burst forth, and his buddha nature, buddha cultivation, and all of his buddhism transformed into the fury of the furious king.

The flames burned the sky and distorted space. In the flames, Qin Mu saw countless buddhas. They became sinister and fierce in their fury. They no longer looked like buddhas, but like they were somewhere between buddha and devil.

The Heavenly King of War's anger transformed from his fury was like the flames in a blacksmith's furnace. Red flames, green flames, white flames, all kinds of colors.

He faced Han Tianjun, and Heavenly King of War's fury twisted his face. He was no longer handsome, and the structure of his body also underwent a peculiar transformation. He grew a thousand arms!

His weapon was no longer a monk staff or buddha beads. Instead, it was a hammer, a hook sword, a spear, an ax, all the weapons he could forge!

A thousand arms, a thousand kinds of divine weapons!

This was his Bright King Armament!

He was originally a Heavenly Worker, a Heavenly Worker that forged weapons for Founding Emperor. Even though he was a blacksmith, he had a handsome face.

He had forged too many weapons in his life. Even Founding Emperor's Carefree Sword Carefree Village was forged by him.

As a Heavenly Worker, understanding the attributes and personality of every weapon was his specialty.

He was able to become the Heavenly King of War not only because he could forge exceptional divine weapons to arm the gods under Founding Emperor, but also because when the furious Li Youran picked up the divine weapons he had forged, he would become a terrifying devil king!

In this state, Li Youran was definitely a battle machine, a killing machine!

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