Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1216 - Fighting the Heavenly King of War

Heavenly Lord Han met Sakra Li Youran head-on, and astonishment appeared in his eyes. Those terrifying weapons burst forth with a sharpness that he had never seen before in Li Youran's hands. They simply sliced into his body like knives slicing through tofu!

It was like a butcher dismembering an ox. The formation that he was proud of met Li Youran's knife, ax, and divine weapons and was easily sliced apart, dissected, and dismembered!

In just a face-off, he was stripped of all the cubes of the wall formation, and his true body appeared in front of Li Youran.

He raised his hand to block, but when the thousand divine weapons landed, Han Tianjun heard the sound of his bones cracking and his skull being sliced open.

He even heard the sound of the Great Dao runes in his body shattering.

Li Youran was like a crazy devil king with a thousand arms. He brandished thousands of divine weapons and smashed them at him furiously, flattening him and smashing him into pieces. He treated him like a piece of stubborn iron, smashing him into pieces!

The formation runes in Han Tianjun's body crackled and exploded. He wanted to recover his corporeal body, but no matter how he tried, he would be shattered again.

Not only that, the formation runes he could control were becoming fewer. Those runes had already been smashed into smithereens by Sakra Li Youran.

He was incomparably terrified. He wanted to beg for mercy and save his life, but he couldn't say anything at this moment.

Qin Mu stood far away and watched this scene quietly.

Li Youran had already created a huge pit on the ground, and the bottom of the pit was incomparably smooth. This was the basic skill of a blacksmith.

Li Youran's basic skills were the most solid.

Han Tianjun had already been smashed into a thin piece of paper. It was incomparably thin and had almost no thickness. However, Li Youran was still furious as she smashed it down frantically.

In his fury, he had no buddha heart or buddha nature, only boundless fury.

He was the Heavenly King of War.

After a long time, the sound of heavy blows finally stopped. Li Youran raised his head in the midst of Duke Ming's fury and looked up at the sky. Tears of fire flowed down from his eyes.

As a Heavenly King of War, he could no longer cry.

Qin Mu saw that behind the flames, a celestial palace had appeared. It was also burning with fury, and the entire celestial palace was in flames.

There was no one in front of Numinous Sky Hall. At this moment, Sakra Buddha Li Youran's primordial spirit was sitting on the Emperor's Throne with a furious expression, but his gaze was sorrowful.

He didn't become an emperor through Dharma, he became one through anger.

On this day, there was one less buddha and one more strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne in the world.

Qin Mu walked forward, and Sakra Li Youran, who was in the pit, slowly floated up and landed on the ground. The fury of the Heavenly King of War on his body became smaller, and the flames were no longer as vigorous. However, they never extinguished.

He didn't return to his handsome face, and it looked slightly sinister.

"Are you Sakra Buddha or Li Youran?"

Qin Mu asked, "Or should I say, you are the Heavenly King of War?"


Li Youran dispelled a thousand arms and lowered his head to look at his hands that were burning with the fury of the Heavenly King of War. His hands were no longer as fair and delicate as before. Instead, they were rough and full of calluses.

Next, he raised his head calmly and said with a rough voice, "I'm the Heavenly King of War."

Qin Mu sighed. "Buddha Ancestor imparted the Boundless Calamity Sutra to you in hopes that you could accept Buddhism and become a buddha. You have the heart of buddha and the nature of buddha. He doesn't want you to transform your buddha heart and buddha nature into a raging fire."

"Buddhism can't save all living beings, it's even hard to save oneself."

Li Youran walked towards the Paramita Ark. "I'm better like this now."

Qin Mu was stunned and followed him.

He understood that the current Li Youran was no longer the Heavenly Worker Li Youran of the past. Li Youran was elegant, handsome, and extremely talented.

He was also no longer Sakra Buddha. Sakra Buddha was dressed in white, and he was handsome. His appearance was solemn, and his words were elegant, interesting, and hidden.

Now, he was the battle god under Founding Emperor!

He was going to drive the Paramita Ark to the Land of the Great Void with his comrades, to Carefree Village, to fight, to take revenge, to burn his anger as much as he wanted!

There was no love in his heart, only the desire to take revenge and fight!

"When Brahma Buddha imparted the Boundless Calamity Sutra to him, did he anticipate this day?"

Qin Mu stood on the Paramita Ark in a daze. The huge battleship gently stopped, and the incomparably huge pill furnaces ignited with flames, pushing the huge ship forward.

"Li Youran became Sakra Buddha, and it was the effect of buddhism. Sakra became the battle god, and it was the effect of the Boundless Calamity Sutra. Just now, Sakra Li Youran was repairing the Paramita Ark in his dream, and he transformed into thousands of people. However, the appearance of Han Tianjun made countless of himself in his dream only have anger and revenge."

Qin Mu looked at the god controlling the star compass and controlling the Paramita Ark. He thought to himself, 'One dream and one world, one world is a disaster. He only had fury and revenge left in his dream, and when he woke up, it was the Heavenly King of War that woke up. Or rather, he never woke up, nor was he willing to.'

Brahma Buddha's Boundless Calamity Sutra was too marvelous. It actually affected a person's frame of mind and form.

Everyone cultivated the Boundless Calamity Sutra, and their comprehensions were all different. Sakra Buddha Li Youran had become the Heavenly King of War in his dream, and he had also cultivated to the Emperor's Throne Realm.

Brahma's frame of mind was unfathomable, and his wisdom was also unfathomable. He could really foresee Sakra Buddha's future.

The speed of the Paramita Ark gradually increased. Suddenly, the countless runes on the surface of the ark lit up one by one. However, the runes on the surface of the ark were only a part of the runes on the entire ship. In reality, there were countless complicated runes inside the ark.

This was also the reason why the celestial heavens couldn't repair the Paramita Ark even after sealing it. Even Mistress Yuanmu, Shi Qiluo, couldn't reconstruct it.

When all the runes of the ark lit up, the ship suddenly sank gently and entered another time and space.

That was Youdu.

Even though Qin Mu had all of the blueprints of Paramita Ark, he couldn't help but praise the civilization of Founding Emperor Era. Such a huge ship had such a complicated structure, and no mistake could activate it.

Yet, the Heavenly Workers of that era were able to complete this seemingly impossible task without any mistakes. It was truly remarkable!

"Even though our Eternal Peace has many Heavenly Workers, our overall cooperation is still inferior to Founding Emperor's. When Eternal Peace can forge such a behemoth, we will have the power to fight the celestial heavens."

He thought about it and thought to himself, 'It's impossible to fight with the celestial heavens, but at least I have the ability to stomp my feet.'

In front, Fengdu was in sight.

The world formed by the horn of Earth Count had already left Heavenly Yin World and came to Youdu.

When the Paramita Ark reached Fengdu, the huge world had already shrunk countless times under the suppression of the strong practitioners like Di Yiyue, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher, and Heavenly Teacher Fisherman.

Even so, Fengdu was still extremely huge.

Fengdu flew over and landed on the Paramita Ark. Saint Woodcutter saw that Qin Mu was also on the ark, and his face turned black. He didn't know if it was because he didn't want him to go to the Great Void or if he still remembered how Qin Mu had sent him flying.

"You want to go to the Great Void too?"

Saint Woodcutter snorted and said with a grim face, "Why are you going to the Great Void?"

"I'm a Celestial Venerable of the Heaven Alliance, so of course I'm going to the Great Void to help the celestial heavens eliminate you rebels!" Qin Mu said righteously.

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