Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1217 - Carrying The Coffin

Saint Woodcutter was very displeased and scolded, "You are messing around again! You are responsible for the fate of Eternal Peace. If you appear on the battlefield, will the ten Celestial Venerables be able to tolerate Eternal Peace? Go back!"

Qin Mu smiled. "I'm proficient in the art of creation, so wouldn't it be easy if I don't want to be recognized?"

Saint Woodcutter was speechless from anger. "There are numerous gods from the extraterritorial celestial heavens, and they are all talents. There are also many that cultivate all kinds of divine eyes. Do you really think no one can see through your art of creation?"

Qin Mu consoled him. "Teacher, don't worry. Even if they recognize me, what can they do if I don't admit it? Let's just talk nonsense. Besides, I'm going to beat up rebels like you. I won't do anything reckless. Celestial Venerable Mu of the celestial heavens is extremely righteous. Although he's young, he dares to rush to the frontlines and suppress rebels like Qin Ye and Lang Wo."

Saint Woodcutter stared with his eyes wide open. After a moment, he said helplessly, "You have learned to talk nonsense? Forget it, I can't control you."

Qin Mu stayed on the Paramita Ark, and it suddenly tunneled into the void and vanished from Youdu.

Qin Mu couldn't help but marvel at Founding Emperor Era's forging skills. Every era in history had its own areas of expertise. The Dragon Han Era was the era of enlightenment, and all kinds of divine arts, paths, and skills emerged endlessly. The system of divine treasures and celestial palaces was formed and developed in that era.

Crimson Light Era focused on the corporeal body and primordial spirit, making the corporeal body and primordial spirit incomparably strong.

The High Emperor Era was an era of great success in paths, skills, and divine arts. During the High Emperor Era, there were the most strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne Realm. Just the Primordial Realm alone had at least thirty strong practitioners of the Emperor's Throne Realm.

The Founding Emperor Era had left behind numerous heavy weapons and divine weapons. Carefree Village, Carefree Sword, Paramita Ark, and Heavenly Workers were extremely important in this era.

The current era of Eternal Peace was still short, and it wasn't as flourishing as the previous four eras.

In the Land of the Great Void, as only Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu were in charge, the battle between the two sides entered a tug of war, a battle of attrition. Both sides built cities and attacked each other.

Because Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu had to face the two strong practitioners of Founding Emperor Qin Ye and Divine King Lang Wo, they didn't dare to act rashly. In addition, there was the Great Void and Youdu in the Great Void, and this Little Earth Count of Youdu was a biased person. He didn't attack the Great Void and Youdu, so he could only exhaust himself.

The number of masters of creation in Carefree Village and the Paramita Void was far inferior to that of the celestial heavens. Qin Ye and Lang Wo definitely wouldn't be able to handle it.

Son of Heaven Yin led the army of North Heaven and Mingdu to settle in Little Youdu to intimidate Qin Fengqing, and the battle line stretched across the Great Void and Youdu. On the land of the Great Void, there were even more armies scattered about, and they had set up their camps to cultivate.

The four great heavenly teachers and four great heavenly kings of the celestial heavens each led an army. The Celestial River Navy also attracted the water of the celestial river, allowing it to descend into the Great Void and attack from the waterway.

When the celestial river entered the Great Void, it was much easier to transport resources. However, the celestial heavens still needed to guard the celestial river heavily and use the newly constructed four deities divine weapons to suppress the crumbling void. It took a lot of money and manpower.

This battle had already dragged on for several years, and both sides were attacking each other with victory and defeat. However, a large-scale battle was unbearable for both sides, and there were too many casualties.

Thus, the large-scale war had only started two years ago. The masters of creation of the celestial heavens, Carefree Village, and the Paramita Void had all suffered a huge loss. The four great heavenly teachers of the celestial heavens had been restrained by the mysterious heavenly masters of the other side, and all their schemes and formations had been broken by them.

They even knew the character of their heavenly teachers like the back of their hands. No matter if it was fighting in front of the formation or ambushing the supplies to intercept the rations, they were no match for that person.

On the other hand, Carefree Village and the Paramita Void had suffered far less from the celestial heavens in terms of military strength. Shang Pinying had always laid out his formations in an upright and aboveboard manner. He had never gone astray and had always surrounded his enemies with the most superior military strength. As a result, Carefree Village and the Paramita Void had also lost quite a number of troops.

On the other hand, Son of Heaven Yin had attacked the Great Void and Youdu, even attacking the Void Bridge. If it wasn't for Little Earth Count Qin Fengqing fighting with all his might and the Qin family's disciples carrying the coffin over to risk their lives, they wouldn't have been able to take back the Great Void and Youdu!

After that, because both sides had a long battle line, they could only harass them on a small scale.

The Land of the Great Void was too vast, and there were plenty of endless territories. Constructing a god city and building an impregnable pass was an inevitable choice between both sides.

On the other hand, in other areas that didn't have any city passes, it was where the gods and devils of both sides competed with the divine arts practitioners. There were often gods and devils of both sides wandering around, looking for opportunities to kill their enemies and make contributions.

At this point, the focus of the two parties' fight became the supreme consciousness realm.

Both sides were determined to obtain the Grand Emperor's corporeal body and the corporeal bodies of the various chiefs and elders of the masters of creation.

It was just that the supreme consciousness realm was incomparably terrifying. Anyone who entered it would be assimilated, turning from three-dimensional to a flat surface and then to a dot. At the center of the consciousness realm, even Celestial Venerables would be frozen in time and space.

Thus, even though both sides were eyeing the supreme consciousness realm covetously, no one dared to step in.

On this day, a hundred huge flags fluttered and flew past the ground. They flew over the mountains, rivers, and lakes. Not far from the supreme consciousness realm, these hundred huge flags suddenly laid down on the ground and didn't move at all. They assimilated with the ground, and if one didn't look carefully, they wouldn't be able to find these huge flags.

In the sky, dozens of gods and devils of Carefree Village carried a coffin that had been coiled until it was shiny. The eyes of those dozens of gods and devils were like torches, and their gazes were like pillars of light. They shone down from the sky and surveyed the area before walking away.

He brought them far away, and the ground floated. The hundred huge flags gradually appeared and flew forward again.

Suddenly, huge flags stood up straight, and they swirled rapidly to transform into young women.

"The one that flew over just now should be a thief head of Carefree Village. His name is Fang Youji, and he's the crown prince Junior Protector of the traitor Qin Ye."

The woman in the lead looked around and said calmly, "However, our goal here isn't him, but the Grand Emperor's corporeal body. There's no need to clash with him."

She took out a mirror and shone it at the ground. After surveying the area, she suddenly saw the lake in front of her split open, and the water flowed to both sides. The entire lake became a huge eye.

That huge eye rolled around, and its pupil shrunk as it landed on those women.

The woman used a mirror to shine on the eye, and the huge eyeball rotated. Strange void runes appeared in the pupil, and the eye slowly rose into the sky, transforming into a huge creature that reached into the clouds. It shook the mountain of bones on its back forcefully.

Void Beast!

This void beast was the one that the ancestor spirit Luo Xiao had brought out from the ancestral court. Luo Xiao thought he had subdued the void beast, but he didn't expect it to be the Grand Emperor instead of him!

Back then, Celestial Venerable Yun thought that the void beast was Luo Xiao's mount, so he brought it into the Great Void. That was how the Grand Emperor knew that the masters of creation were hiding here.

The void beast's body merged into the void, making it hard to detect from afar.

"Bring us to find the Grand Emperor!" the woman said solemnly as she put away her mirror.

The void beast's body became fainter as it walked towards the supreme consciousness realm.

The hundred or so women were all dressed in grayish-green palace attire and quickly caught up to the void beast. One of the women looked at the void beast that had merged into the void and said in a low voice, "Xue Ren, we didn't inform the two Celestial Venerables when we entered this place. Is this a little rash?"

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