Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1218 - Incense On The Head

Xue Mochen said with a smile, " Do the two Celestial Venerables know? If we tell the two Celestial Venerables, won't we still be beaten to death by Celestial Concubine when we return? Celestial Empress ordered us to infiltrate this place and carry out our plans. We are the people around Celestial Empress, and we are usually taught cultivation by her. She treats us like her disciples, imparting divine arts, paths, skills, and so on. We will naturally work for her wholeheartedly."

Their bodies gradually faded into the void and became women formed by cubes. It was very strange.

Man Xue continued, "The relationship between Celestial Venerables isn't harmonious, and they have their own ideas. If we tell the two Celestial Venerables, it will spoil Her Majesty's great plan. We will bring along the supreme treasure that Her Majesty forged, so we can only succeed and not fail!"

They followed the void beast to the second level of the supreme consciousness realm, and their bodies transformed from cubes to paper human figures without thickness. Not long later, they became flying lights again.

Finally, they followed the void beast to the inner area of the supreme consciousness realm. They returned to their true forms and looked at the lotus-shaped landmass.

Over there, majestic masters of creation floated in the air. Their white robes were elegant, but they were still in the air.

Meanwhile, the Grand Emperor's corporeal body was the largest. This corporeal body was incomparably majestic, but it was penetrated by countless thick roots. It was fixed on the lotus landmass, unable to move.

The hundred women each took out a small sack and opened it to take out a huge divine weapon.

The divine weapons they took out were all different, and they looked like components. These components were all forged from the divine metal of the ancestral court and gave off a simple luster. The runes imprinted on them were also extremely ancient.

Just as these palace maids were about to put the divine weapons together, Xue Rong's expression suddenly changed. He said in a low voice, "Someone is coming!"

The women hurriedly took off their clothes and spread them out, transforming into huge flags that stuck to the ground, becoming one with the ground.

The void beast also vanished into the void.

The girls were bewildered, and they thought to themselves, 'The Celestial Venerables on both sides know that this place is dangerous, and very few people have set foot here. Why would anyone come here?'

Just as they were thinking about it, the void suddenly trembled violently, and an incomparably huge strange ship sailed over from the depths of the void. The void beast had just hidden in the void when it was hit by the huge ship. Its bones were broken, and its tendons snapped. Its six limbs grabbed onto the sides of the huge ship, and it was powerless to struggle.


The huge ship crashed into the ground of the supreme consciousness realm and slid for hundreds of miles before coming to a stop.

More than two hundred eyes popped out from the ground, looking nervously at the huge ship that had suddenly appeared. It was the women under Heavenly Lady Qiang.

Their huge flags were extremely peculiar. They could merge with the ground, but with a thought, they could separate from the ground.

Their eyes were separated from the ground as if they were growing on the ground. This was one of Heavenly Lady Qiang's ultimate arts.

The huge ship was incomparably huge. It was even larger than the lotus landmass that had trapped the Grand Emperor's corporeal body. Even the supreme consciousness realm couldn't assimilate the huge ship in an instant.

The huge ship stabbed diagonally into the ground. What was even more shocking was that there was actually a huge landmass on the huge ship!

Meanwhile, that void beast was extremely unlucky. It was crushed into two by this huge ship and died an unnatural death.

The girls were worried. "What kind of weapon is this?"

At that moment, he heard a loud and clear voice saying angrily, "Monk, I told you that it would be hard for you to determine the exact location, but you just had to guarantee that it would be fine! Great, now we don't know where we have run to!"

"This place is perfect."

Another voice rang out. It was very cultured and refined, like an old man who was well-read. He said unhurriedly, "Farmer, don't always be so loud. The Heavenly King of War chose this place because he was worried that he would crush his comrades in the Great Void. After all, this is a battlefield."

Another woman's voice rang out. "Can't we enter the Great Void and Youdu? The land there is vast and sparse."

"My addiction to alcohol is acting up again. Do you have alcohol? I want to chop someone up!"

"Who knows what this place is?"

"Eh, there's something strange. An indescribable force invaded my body and turned me into a piece of paper! You guys also became pieces of paper!"

"This place is similar to the power of the living realm of the dead in our Fengdu."


"Everyone, don't be noisy, listen to me! This is the supreme consciousness realm. I've been here before, and that's where the Grand Emperor is buried!"

The huge ship was filled with weird people, and the hundred palace maids were astonished. They closed their eyes and merged with the ground.

Qin Mu stood on the Paramita Ark and explained the origin of the supreme consciousness realm to everyone. "It was my idea to choose this place, Duke Ming. The Great Void and Youdu are also battlefields. If it were me, I would definitely concentrate my forces to attack Youdu, and it wouldn't be difficult for me to seize the Great Void. In order to avoid crushing my comrades there, I can't land in Youdu, so this is the only safe place to land. There's no need to worry about crushing the people here…"

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha pointed at the corpse of the void beast and sneered, "No lifeforms? What's with this big fellow? It suddenly appeared and got crushed by us."

Qin Mu looked at the void beast's corpse under the ship and felt slightly awkward. He smiled and said, "This is a void beast, the Grand Emperor's mount. It was left here by the Grand Emperor to guard his corpse. Don't worry, there won't be anyone else here…"

Suddenly, King Yama pulled back his cloak and sniffed. "There's the smell of living people here. There are about a hundred… a hundred and eight!"

Qin Mu's face turned black.

King Yama continued, "It's not the aura of a living person on the ship. There are indeed other people here."

Di Yiyue opened her divine eyes and looked around, but she didn't find anything. She shook her head and said, "I don't see anyone else here."

Mingdu Heavenly King Tian Shu took out Imperial Gate Divine Knife, and the surface of the knife was incomparably bright, shining in all directions. "If there's anyone, they will definitely be shone on by my knife light… Eh!"

He exclaimed softly and shook his head. "Even my Imperial Gate Divine Knife can't shine."

King Yama stretched out a finger and gently scratched the heart of his brows. An eye opened up, and he said, "This eye of mine was forged according to the Great Dao of Youdu. It can see through the void and investigate the souls of people. All things with souls can't escape my detection."

He looked around and shook his head. "Even though I smell a living person, I can't see anyone here."

Everyone probed around, but they didn't discover where those 108 people were hiding.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he opened the vertical eye in the heart of his brows. He looked around and said with a smile, "Since there's no one around, let's leave this place first and meet up with Carefree Village. If Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu detect us, we won't be able to stop them. We'll probably be completely wiped out… Wait a minute, since we're here, how can we not offer incense to the Grand Emperor?"

He took out a bunch of incense sticks, around a hundred of them, and lit them up in the wind. With a wave of his hand, a hundred incense sticks flew out and stabbed into the cliff of the supreme consciousness realm.

As the incense sticks stabbed into the ground, fresh blood instantly flowed out!

Large flags appeared from the ground, and corpses appeared under them. They were covered by the flags, and there was an incense stick stuck in each of the female corpses' heads. They were still burning faintly.

On the Paramita Ark, everyone was astonished. They had also looked there earlier, but they didn't see anything. They didn't expect Qin Mu to have seen it.

Qin Mu looked into the distance and said in a low voice, "Looking at their attire, they should be from the celestial heavens' chambers of concubines. Why are the palace maids here?"

"I'll go take a look!"

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Zhuo Cha flew out of the Paramita Ark. Unexpectedly, just as he left the ark, his corporeal body started to transform. It was assimilated by the supreme consciousness realm and transformed into a thin paper man.

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher clicked his tongue in wonder. He roused his cultivation and magic power, and with a loud bang, he actually transformed back into his original form from a paper man.

He was an existence on Emperor's Throne Realm. Even though he was suppressed after coming here, his cultivation was too high. How strong was the body of the number one martial emperor in the world?

Di Yiyue also jumped off the ship and couldn't help exclaiming softly. She had also transformed into a paper man.

However, her cultivation was incomparably dense, and as her magic power circulated, she immediately returned to normal.

Saint Woodcutter also jumped off the ship and turned into a paper man with a pop. However, he couldn't break through the suppression and floated forward leisurely. Next, Qin Mu walked past him and strolled leisurely. His corporeal body didn't change at all.

Qin Mu turned his head and gave him a radiant smile. Saint Woodcutter was furious and raised his paper axe to chop. However, when the paper axe landed on Qin Mu's body, it was bent and didn't have any power.

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