Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1219 - Revival Of The Grand Emperor

"Teacher's cultivation is so low." Qin Mu shook his head and walked forward.

Saint Woodcutter followed him angrily, carrying the bent paper axe with a belly full of anger.

Qin Mu didn't rely on his own magic power to break through the suppression of the supreme consciousness realm. It was because he understood the supreme consciousness realm too well and could even execute it himself.

Of course, his realm couldn't be compared to the Grand Emperor's, but the Grand Emperor's supreme consciousness realm also had a huge flaw, so he wasn't suppressed.

However, Saint Woodcutter's cultivation was truly lacking.

The few of them got closer to the broken cliff. Suddenly, the corpse of a palace maid under the flag twitched, and Qin Mu's heart jumped. He executed his magic power and gave a low shout. However, he saw the incense stuck in the foreheads of the palace maids trembling slightly, freezing the corpses in place.

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher quickly walked forward, and he saw the incense burning on the foreheads of the palace maids suddenly accelerating. In an instant, the incense burned out, and the ashes fell!

"Martial Path Great Emperor, there's a problem with the corpse!" Qin Mu hurriedly shouted.

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha had already come to the side of the corpses when the corpses under the flags suddenly stood up straight. Qin Mu hurriedly flew over!

His incense wasn't just to stab the palace maids to death. It also had the effect of locking their corporeal bodies. This was the supreme consciousness realm, and it was filled with the Grand Emperor's consciousness. He was worried that the Grand Emperor's consciousness would take the chance to invade these corpses, so he used the incense to lock them.

However, the incense suddenly burned clean. It was obvious that the Grand Emperor's consciousness had entered the corpses of the palace maids and parasitized them, breaking through Qin Mu's suppression with his terrifying consciousness!

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher clenched his fist. Before this old farmer who looked like he was facing the yellow soil with his back facing the sky, his fist intent broke through the horizon and tore through the sky.

He punched out, and the palace maids suddenly turned their heads to look at him. They cried out in unison, and ear-piercing cries rang out. Terrifying consciousness surged forth, transforming into a Great Overarching Heaven!

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher's fist smashed into the center of Great Overarching Heaven. Peng, peng, peng, a series of explosions rang out, and the heads of the palace maids exploded almost at the same time!

The spirit of his fist was simply too strong. When he punched out, the Grand Emperor's consciousness was shattered, and the Grand Emperor's consciousness in the palace maids' bodies exploded.

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher retracted his fist, and the headless palace maids suddenly leaped down the cliff.

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher was stunned. He quickly came to the side of the cliff and saw those headless palace maids floating in the air, slowly floating towards the center of the lotus landmass.

Di Yiyue and the rest hurried over and stood at the top of the cliff to look down. Qin Mu also came here, but he saw huge divine weapon components floating out from the bags on the waists of the headless palace maids. They were slowly assembling themselves in the sky.

"Not good!"

Qin Mu's heart jumped, and he hurriedly said, "The Grand Emperor is about to escape, let us leave quickly!"

Di Yiyue said with a smile, "The speed of those divine weapon components is so slow. As long as we take them away, he won't be able to escape!"

She took a step forward and just as she left the cliff, she saw that the speed of the divine weapons had actually increased by dozens of times. She couldn't help but be astonished.

Just as she took this step, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha stretched his hand out to grab her back. He didn't expect Di Yiyue's cultivation to be higher than his, so he grabbed nothing.

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher hurriedly rushed forward. At this moment, he also noticed a strange sight.

In his eyes, Di Yiyue's movements became extremely slow, and when he turned back to look at the cliff, he saw that the speed of the people on the cliff was unbelievably fast!

He rushed towards Di Yiyue, and her speed became more normal. Meanwhile, the speed of the people on the cliff became faster.

Qin Mu took out the Grand Emperor's seal and the Grand Emperor's sacrificial altar. He flew towards them and pulled them onto the sacrificial altar. Only then did Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher and Di Yiyue realize that everything around them had become normal.

Qin Mu looked at the components of the divine weapons and saw that they were already clasped together.

"It's too late!"

Qin Mu controlled the sacrificial altar to fly up the cliff and said solemnly, "The Grand Emperor's reincarnation, Celestial Venerable Qiang, is already in the Great Void. She must be nearby! If we don't leave now, we won't be able to protect the Paramita Ark!"

Everyone quickly flew to the top of the cliff and rushed towards the Paramita Ark.

Qin Mu turned back to take a look and saw the divine weapons clinking together to form a huge ball.

All kinds of strange runes were imprinted on the sphere, and they revolved around the supreme consciousness realm at a steady pace. The runes lit up one after another and shone on the realm.

Sakra started the Paramita Ark and sailed outwards. The speed of the ark gradually increased, and Qin Mu looked into the supreme consciousness realm again. He saw the ball rolling and circling around the Grand Emperor's incomparably huge body, but its trajectory never repeated.

As the ball rolled, more runes were projected into the realm.

"After so many years, the Grand Emperor finally broke through Celestial Venerable Ling and Celestial Venerable Yun's formation. It's rare."

Just as he thought until here, his expression suddenly changed, and he shouted, "Paramita Ark, enter the void!"

Sakra Li Youran utilized the Paramita Ark with all her might, and the huge ship sailed into the void. At this moment, the supreme consciousness realm that shrouded the Grand Emperor's corporeal body on the lotus landmass started to spin furiously!

The masters of creation chiefs and elders, who were also fixed in the domain, aged at a speed visible to the naked eye. The wounds on the Grand Emperor's body began to heal themselves.


Qin Mu saw the Grand Emperor raise his palm and open his fingers to grab the Paramita Ark.

At the same time, the Paramita Ark entered the void and vanished from this world.

The next moment, the void shattered, and everyone on the ship and Fengdu turned back to look. They saw the five fingers of that ancient hand opening up, and it was even larger than the Paramita Ark!

Between his five fingers, there was actually cloud qi and lightning. The fingerprints on his fingers were like ravines, and the closer he got, the deeper the ravines became. They were like abysses!

The Grand Emperor was indeed the strongest corporeal body in history!

Of course, in Qin Mu's heart, Celestial Emperor Tai Chu's corporeal body was the strongest corporeal body.

The huge hand was extremely fast, and it was about to grab the Paramita Ark. Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Zhuo Cha roared angrily, and his hair flew into the sky. His fists flew up from the ship and rushed towards the Grand Emperor's huge hand.

Di Yiyue, Tian Shu, King Yama, Fisherman, Green Emperor, Sakra Buddha, and the rest of the strong practitioners rushed towards the huge hand. Saint Woodcutter took down his ax and was about to rush forward when he was pulled back by Qin Mu.

"Teacher, don't join in the fun."

Qin Mu said helplessly, "Your cultivation is too low, go take a look at how the pill furnace is burning, and see if it has enough firepower. If it's not enough, add some medicinal stones…"

Saint Woodcutter laughed from extreme anger.

Suddenly, incomparably terrifying fluctuations came over. Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher was covered in blood as he flew back. Even the strongest martial path great emperor's divine art could barely move the finger of that huge hand.

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