Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 122 - Unrivalled In Five Elements

The moment he said that, all the scholars in the courtyard felt something was not right. At this moment, rain started falling from the sky.

Accompanying the rain was a strange temperament. Deng, deng, deng. It was as if an incomparably majestic giant was using the heaven and earth as guzheng and the lines of rain as strings, strumming recklessly and regardless of the consequences!

However, this weird temperament had a kind of magical power that could steal one's soul. The instant they heard it, they felt their vital qi scattering and their consciousnesses loosening up. Their spirit embryos became slow and their five elements became messy. They couldn't help but dance along with this temperament.

As the temperament resonated and worked up, everyone in the courtyard knew it was bad and was about to break the spell of this devil voice when Qin Mu suddenly formed a mudra with one hand and gave a punch!

Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky!

With this punch out, a world-shaking rumble came from the middle of the courtyard and whacked their spirits and souls upside down. With their souls shaken and their will unstable, they instantly couldn't resist the devil voice and started dancing and laughing loudly in this courtyard.

Suddenly the temperament changed once again and they felt like they had sunk into the slaughtering grounds of the gods and devils with iron horses and golden spears coming right in their faces, drowning them. Such a realistic scenario made them attack back!

The retaliation was no small matter. Even those who still had ten percent of their consciousnesses had no choice but to defend against the attacks of the people beside them. As long as they raised their hands to deal with it, their consciousnesses would be invaded by the temperament and they would suddenly lose guard!


Various moves burst forth in the courtyard and spells flew in all directions. In an instant, everyone's body was covered in blood and many of them were in pain. Pain helped them regain their consciousnesses. At this moment, Qin Mu moved like a phantom among them and anyone who was awake was flicked away by his finger!

Thunder Fingers Of The Pipa Player!

His fingers accompanied the temperament to flick, strum, pluck, bow, pick and strike to its extreme. The temperament that made them deranged was accompanied with sounds of thunder exploding, air vibrating. The sounds of heavy objects smashing came out continuously as well.

A moment later, only Wei Yong was left in the small courtyard dancing and singing.

Qin Mu stopped and the rain in the sky vanished along with the temperament. Only then did Wei Yong regain consciousness and looked around at once. When he saw that his courtyard was full of footprints and the flowers and grass in his courtyard were all destroyed, his expression changed hugely and he cried out, "Brother Qin, what happened?"

"I borrowed your precious land to teach a lesson to a few senior brothers with no eyes."

Qin Mu smiled, "Your place is secluded so no one would stop me when I beat them."

Wei Yong was stumped for words and immediately looked at the walls of his own courtyard, only to see the bodies of the scholars hanging on the wall. Their heads were stuck within the wall and they had no strength to move.

Wei Yong's face turned ashen, "Brother Qin, you're in trouble! These scholars entered Imperial College earlier than us and which one of those who could enter Imperial College is not from a powerful family? Now that they are beaten up by you, how can this be?"

Qin Mu was bewildered, "If I don't beat them, do I wait for them to beat me? I've already beaten them up, what can I do now?"

Wei Yong stamped his foot repeatedly and said, "You borrowed my courtyard to beat them up, but they can't do anything to me since I'm from the Wei Family. However, you are definitely going to be out of luck. Oh dear, oh dear, what are we going to do…"

Qin Mu walked out and smiled, "They were trying to teach me a lesson so they should have been prepared to receive a lesson."

Walking out of the courtyard, he saw heads on the other side of the wall. Looking at all of them, Qin Mu walked towards them.

"Abandoned person…"

A scholar woke up and said exhaustedly, "You dare to scheme us. When we recover, you're dead…"

Qin Mu's expression sank, "If you dare to mention abandoned person again, I'll beat you every time I see you!"

"Abandoned person!"

Qin Mu pulled this scholar out and brought him to the front of the residence. With his vital qi burst forth, he straightened out this scholar's body and use the blood on his head to write on the wall like a brush.

Qin Mu wrote down two sentences and another line of words on the crossbeam of the door before striking this scholar on the floor. This scholar was struck into the ground and only his head was left out. He was so angry that he fainted again.

The other scholars woke up one after another and pulled out their heads from the wall. They all appeared ashamed looked gloomy. When they had let their guards down and suffered Qin Mu's attack, he didn't attack their physical bodies but attacked their souls instead. That was the hardest to guard.

If the attack was aimed at their bodies, it was easier to guard against. Their cultivations were not inferior too much to Qin Mu's and they had more people. Even if Qin Mu sneaked an attack, he could at most down one or two people. However, skills that were aimed at the souls and spirits were different.

Qin Mu used the improved Thunder Fingers Of The Pipa Player to directly control their souls and consciousnesses. When they tried to break free, Sunshine Refining Yang Soul In The Sky made them lose control of their souls, instantly falling into Qin Mu's attack. Before they could even retaliate, they have all been knocked unconsciousness with their heads through the wall.

Wei Yong immediately said, "Various senior brothers, I'm from the Wei Family of the Duke's Manor. I'm unrelated to this!"

The ten something scholars looked at each other and one of them sighed, "We had fallen head first and got schemed by the new boy, losing all our faces. Brother from Wei Family, please do not tell people what had happened and save some face for us."

Wei Yong let out a sigh of relief and said, "Be at ease. I'm always tight-lipped and I won't tell anyone what happened here. Fellow senior brothers, what's your plan now?"

"Well naturally have to find our faces back."

Many scholars had no face to continue staying and swarmed out, "This was really embarrassing, we'll heal our injuries and restore our dignity tomorrow!"

"He could catch us off guard today but tomorrow he's going to get it!"

Wei Yong was speechless and muttered, "Brother Qin is becoming more and more powerful. Not taking him beating Daoist Ling Yun into account, he managed to create such a move that even I was controlled by his devil voice when I wasn't careful. However, now that these people have their guards up, he's going to suffer tomorrow. After all, these scholars had come to Imperial College a few years earlier than us and had studied and comprehended more than us. The Floor of Heavenly Records in Imperial College stores all the ultimates arts of various sects and cults…"

As the ten something scholars passed by Qin Mu's courtyard, they raised their heads by accident and saw two lines of bloody words written on the wall, "The unrivaled one that sweeps the capital, kicking away all eight hundred imperial scholars!"

Four words were written on the crossbeam of the door, "Unrivalled in five elements!"

And in front of the door was a guy still stuck in the ground.

Everyone's face turned black and they pulled this guy out of the ground and said, "We'll leave these words here and shame him tomorrow!"

Qin Mu bought some food to fill his stomach and continued to see the patients in Rain Listening Pavilion. He was already slightly famous in the capital city and even nobles had heard about the young divine physician in Flower Alley that specialized in dubious and hard cases in gynecology.

There were also men who had come because of his reputation and Qin Mu didn't reject anyone and cure everyone who came. However, there were also some cases that he couldn't cure. This illness was very weird and there was no reason yet the people gradually grew thinner day by day. The people that were carried overlooked so thin that only skins and bones left in their bodies.

There were five of them that had contracted this illness and got carried in by a few soldiers.

Qin Mu looked for a while and said, "This is shaman's poison. If you had brought them here earlier, I could still cure them, but now they are dead and I can't save them anymore."

The soldier in the lead exploded in fury and shouted, "You quack, they are clearly still breathing and alive yet you say they are dead, what logic is that?"

Qin Mu shook his head, "They have already died, only their bodies are still alive. They have suffered the shaman's poison from Barbarian Di Empire. Shaman's poison is different from ordinary poison. Ordinary poison affects the body and nervous system while shaman's poison affects their souls and spirits. Their souls had been poisoned and have been dead for five to six days. This person has died for over ten days."

The soldier's eyes became red as he said, "We have come from the borders and we are currently waging a war at the borders. They had been shone on the battlefield by a mirror from a barbarian with long horns. They then started to become skinnier. No matter how much they eat, they wouldn't gain weight. Even spirit pills and miraculous medicine couldn't help. The military physician had said he couldn't save them and if they stayed at the borders, they could only wait for death. Thus general had let us send our brothers back. Divine physician, you must save my brothers…"

Qin Mu shook his head, "Their souls are already dead, I can't save them. Go back."

The soldier bawled his eyes out and brought the rest of the soldiers to carry these five men away.

Qin Mu suddenly said, "This general, let me write a prescription for you. If anyone suffers this kind of poison again, you can use my prescription to save his life."

That soldier immediately stopped and Qin Mu raised his brush to write down a prescription for him, "This prescription is called Pure Yang Refining Bug Pill. It could restrain the attack of the soul bugs in the shaman's poison.

The soldier was surprised and delighted. He suddenly kneeled down on the ground and heavily kowtowed.

Qin Mu immediately helped him up, "What's the need for this?"

The soldier wiped his tears and turned to leave.

Qin Mu retracted his gaze and continued to sit down to treat the patients.

Shaman's poison was a kind of poison he had heard from Apothecary. It was a shaman's spell. Great shamans would usually use poison bugs to refine poison, absorbing the poison bugs' souls and poison into his own soul. When they killed enemies, they didn't need to directly poison them and only needed methods like attacking with innuendo to poison the opponents, which was very strange.

The shaman's poison and shaman's spell were also skills that were aimed at the souls, poisoning them. They were completely different from ordinary poison and couldn't be detoxed by ordinary antidotes as they were useless.

Shaman's poison was aimed at the soul, therefore, the method of poisoning couldn't be comprehended by logical means. For example, painting skills, cutting a paper man and writing the taboo name and birthdate on it and using a needle to stab it. When stabbing it with a needle, the shaman's poison in his own soul would be planted in the opponent's soul. Or perhaps they could prick a straw man or shoot arrows at the straw man, killing the opponent's soul in seven days. These were all shaman's poisons and shaman's spells, very bizarre.

Qin Mu treated another few people and suddenly a sedan chair came into Rain Listening Pavilion and an elder in official robes came down. He personally walked up to Qin Mu and cupped his hands in a greeting, "Little divine physician, help!"

Qin Mu was puzzled. Seeing the second-ranking high official robe that the elder was wearing, he should be a chancellor in the imperial courts, "Old mister's complexion looks good, why do you need my help?"

The elder said, "There's a patient in my family and is seriously ill. Countless physicians and imperial physicians had taken a look but there was no use. I've heard a divine physician have come to the city, therefore, I'm here to invite divine physician to help!"

Beside him, Fu Qingyun giggled, "Lord Yan hasn't been to Flower Alley for a long time.!"

That elder's expression turned slightly red and he coughed, "When did I come here before? Sister Fu, I don't even know you, don't joke around. Divine physician, can I invite you up the sedan and follow me to save a life. It's really to save a life!"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and entered the sedan. The elder also walked into the sedan and two strong men lifted the sedan chair up. They leaped up and traveled away on the clouds.

Qin Mu raised the curtain to look outside and saw the sedan floating towards the center of the capital city. Reaching the center of the capital city, there were lotus flowers formed by golden light in the sky and on it stood golden armored generals that were guarding the skies of Imperial City, Their strength was extremely terrifying.

These golden armored generals paid no attention to the sedan and allowed it to travel into Imperial City.

Qin Mu let down the curtain and faced the elder, "Lord Yan, the origin of the patient in your family seems extremely important."

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