Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1222 - Thick-faced But Black-hearted

Qin Mu was suffocated by him, and even his bones were cracking from him. He struggled twice, but he couldn't break free, so he could only accept his fate.

Qin Fengqing held him in his palm, unable to contain his joy. The airflow he breathed was like a gale accompanied by lightning and thunder. He said with a smile, "Bad brother is finally willing to come and see me. I'm happy today, I'll beat Son of Heaven Yin to death for you to see!"

Qin Mu immediately stopped him and said with a smile, "Son of Heaven Yin's abilities are outstanding, so how could he be killed so easily? It might only be possible if we brothers work together…"

"Then let's work together!"

Qin Fengqing clenched his fists in excitement. "That little one is always bullying me. Little brother, you have to stand up for me!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly. "Son of Heaven Yin is sinister and cunning, and his abilities are strong. Even though he's on the Emperor's Throne Realm, his abilities aren't limited to that. With the help of Mingdu Heavenly Gate, he can execute eight celestial palaces in one go. However, as Earth Count of the Great Void and Youdu, it's not right for you to be bullied by him. I can't work with you, but as your younger brother, I can help you understand his paths, skills, and divine arts."

He imparted to Qin Fengqing how he and Di Yiyue had researched on how to solve Son of Heaven Yin's technique and divine arts. "The next time you meet him, you won't be at a disadvantage."

Even though Qin Fengqing's talent was good, he wasn't very good at cultivating. Even now, his cultivation realm wasn't very high. He was only cultivating along the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique that Qin Mu had created before they separated.

At that time, Qin Mu had only comprehended it to the god realm.

Qin Mu stayed in the Great Void's Fengdu for a few days. His Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique had already undergone a world-shaking change from the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique in the past. The path was very different, so he couldn't impart it directly to Qin Fengqing.

On the other hand, the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique that Qin Fengqing had comprehended during this period of time was still very rough and had the style of being careless.

The period that Qin Mu stayed here was to deduce how Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique would evolve if he cultivated according to the previous path.

Six days later, Qin Mu pushed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to the Numinous Sky Realm and completed Qin Fengqing's rough Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, imparting it to him.

Even though he could deduce it to the Emperor's Throne Realm, it would take an extremely long time and was detrimental to Qin Fengqing's growth.

Qin Fengqing had grasped an abnormally strong power now, but he didn't know much about how to use it. He was more like an ancient god, but he didn't know how to control the power.

Going from the Numinous Sky Realm to the Emperor's Throne Realm was a huge hurdle. Only by comprehending one's own technique could one unleash one's power to the extreme. Only then could one have a chance to survive in future battles.

Qin Mu finished all of this and left quietly. When Qin Fengqing woke up from his meditation, Qin Mu had already come to Son of Heaven Yin's camp.

"Dao friend Black Deity." Qin Mu greeted.

Son of Heaven Yin hurriedly returned the greeting and said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you are too polite. You are a senior, so I should be the one greeting you. Black Deity is a nickname that others use to mock me. Saying that my heart is black is slander! My title in the celestial heavens is actually Nether Deity."

Qin Mu said in astonishment, "Green Deity of the Eastern Sky, Red Deity of the Southern Heaven, White Deity of the Western Heaven, Black Deity of the Northern Heaven, and the four-colored deities are all differentiated by color. Why did they become Nether Deity when they came to Son of Heaven Yin?"

Son of Heaven Yin welcomed him warmly and said, "Celestial Venerable, you might not know this, but Black Deity isn't a good name. Celestial Venerable Hao dotes on me, so he changed the word black to Ming. My Mingdu is the same. It was originally called Hei Du, but it was changed to Mingdu. Celestial Venerable, did you rush over from the small Earth Count of the Great Void?"

Qin Mu was full of righteousness. "I went there to persuade them to surrender, but Qin Fengqing refused to realize his errors and wanted to rebel against the celestial heavens. This rebel is simply overturning the heavens!"

Son of Heaven Yin understood and said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable, calm down, it's not worth getting angry with that old thief Qin Fengqing. That old thief Qin Fengqing was originally in cahoots with… Cough, cough. He was in cahoots with the celestial heavens and wiped out the power of the celestial heavens in Youdu. Now that his abilities are getting stronger, he will bring disaster to the world, and he will suffer calamity sooner or later."

Qin Mu wrung his hands and sighed. "It's a pity my abilities are weak and I can't kill that old scoundrel Qin Fengqing with my bare hands! Black Deity, have you finished refining Mingdu Heavenly Gate?"

He raised his head to size up Son of Heaven Yin's new Mingdu Heavenly Gate.

This Mingdu Heavenly Gate had been placed in the Great Void and Youdu by Son of Heaven Yin to suppress the devil qi there to prevent Qin Fengqing from launching a sneak attack. This Heavenly Gate was filled with the aura of an Emperor's Throne, and it was extremely terrifying!

Suddenly, the corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. This Mingdu Heavenly Gate was slightly different from the one in Di Yiyue's hands!

His heart sank. Mingdu Heavenly Gate had four Emperor's Throne techniques that transformed into four great celestial palaces. The Mingdu Heavenly Gate in Di Yiyue's hands was also taken from Son of Heaven Yin, but Son of Heaven Yin had forged a new one.

However, the Emperor's Throne techniques in these two heavenly gates were different!

'In other words, when Son of Heaven Yin was refining the Mingdu Heavenly Gate, he had changed a few Emperor's Throne techniques. He has a cautious nature and did this to prevent Di Yiyue from seeing his flaws. This old schemer…'

Qin Mu had a smile on his face as he secretly gritted his teeth.

Son of Heaven Yin was indeed very crafty. Even if Di Yiyue researched the Mingdu Heavenly Gate thoroughly, she couldn't use it to kill him. Instead, she would suffer greatly in his hands!

'Not only that, Son of Heaven Yin's abilities aren't as bad as he appears. His Mingdu Heavenly Gate only has the reincarnation technique that can't be changed. The other three Emperor's Throne techniques can be changed, so it won't be easy to control his fate gate.'

'However, his path of reincarnation has already been broken by me. The most crucial part of the Mingdu Heavenly Gate is the path of reincarnation. If I break this Emperor's Throne technique, his Mingdu Heavenly Gate won't be of much use.'

Just as he thought that, Son of Heaven Yin waved his hand, and the Mingdu Heavenly Gate sank into the ground and vanished. He chuckled and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, this is just a small path, a small path. It's not worth Celestial Venerable's attention."

Qin Mu laughed loudly, and Son of Heaven Yin also laughed loudly.

'Celestial Venerable, are you trying to persuade me to surrender? Are you planning to meet Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu?'

Son of Heaven Yin changed the topic and said with concern, "Celestial Venerable, you might not know this, but this Great Void is a wild and barbaric place. There are many bandits here, and if you are alone, you will be easily taken advantage of by your enemies. Celestial Venerable is incomparably honorable, so how can you take the risk alone? I will send some experts to escort you."

Qin Mu understood and smiled. "Black Deity…"

"Celestial Venerable, just call me Underworld Emperor," Son of Heaven Yin said with a smile.

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "Black Deity is considerate. However, this is an important pass, so we can't lose it. If I transfer a portion of the troops from your side and the Great Void and Youdu fall, wouldn't I be guilty? I can just go alone."

Son of Heaven Yin said solemnly, "Celestial Venerable is loyal to the empire of the celestial heavens, making me prostrate in admiration. In that case, I won't keep Celestial Venerable any longer. Please go on your way, Celestial Venerable!"

He sent Qin Mu off diligently and sent him away from the Great Void and Youdu Pass. He choked on his tears and said, "Life and death are unpredictable on the battlefield. I wonder if Chaojin will be able to see Celestial Venerable alive to listen to your teachings. I can't help but feel sorrowful!"

Qin Mu consoled him. "Don't worry, Black Deity, I appreciate your good intentions. After we return, I will discuss with Celestial Venerable Huo and Celestial Venerable Xu to bring you out of the Great Void to live happily in Youdu. Earth Count and Celestial Venerable You miss you very much."

Son of Heaven Yin thanked him again as he watched him leave. He still sent him off with teary eyes.

When Qin Mu disappeared from his sight, Son of Heaven Yin's face sank, and he shouted, "Hu Mengdie, Jiushang Yin, Yu Wufei, go kill Celestial Venerable Mu and bring your heads to me!"

Hu Mengdie was his disciple, Jiushang Yin was his eldest son, and Imperial Concubine Yu Wufei was the head of his chambers of concubines. They were all top-notch existences in Northern Heaven Mingdu and were also great generals in the army. When they heard this, they all stepped out and bowed in acknowledgment.

Son of Heaven Yin's gaze flickered, and he said solemnly, "Cover your faces and don't have anything that will expose your identities. After killing him, erase all traces of your divine arts."

The three of them took off the items that could reveal their identities and carried some Mingdu divine generals away.

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