Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1223 - Son of Heaven Yin's Dao of Reincarnation

The Mingdu Divine Generals that Hu Mengdie, Jiushang Yin, and Yu Wufei had chosen were the strongest existences in Northern Heaven. Their cultivation was profound, and every one of them had the Jade Capital and Numinous Sky Realm.

The three of them were also extremely strong. In the heavens of the Northern Heavens, they could be said to be the strongest existences.

Son of Heaven Yin relied on kinship, and the people around him were all trusted aides. He also nurtured them diligently. If they weren't his own trusted aides, he wouldn't have nurtured them diligently.

Thus, even if the other generals were heaven-bestowed talents, he wouldn't entrust them with important tasks.

Hu Mengdie looked at Jiushang Yin and Yu Wufei, her gaze flickering. "Jiushang Yin is Master's son, and Yu Wufei is Master's beloved concubine, while I'm just a disciple. If it was a fair fight, it would be fine, but it's impossible for it to be fair! If I worked together with them to kill Celestial Venerable Mu, the credit would definitely be theirs, and I wouldn't have a share!"

Thinking up to this point, she quickly said, "Rumor has it that Celestial Venerable Mu has a cautious nature and will definitely hide his tracks. Everyone, split up and search for his whereabouts." After saying that, she led a few Mingdu generals and flew off.

Yu Wufei smiled. "Hu Mengdie is right, Celestial Venerable Mu, my child. However, he is full of tricks and has top-notch escaping methods. If we move together, he will definitely escape. However, if we move separately, our chances of success will double!"

Jiushang Yin said with a smile, "Goddess is right, let us split up."

Imperial Concubine Yu Wufei brought her divine generals away and thought to herself, 'Son of Heaven Yin dotes on his son even more, and the newly arrived concubines are even more favored than me. If I don't receive this credit, it's hard to say if I can maintain my position in the chambers of concubines!'

Jiushang Yin saw them off and sneered. He turned around and returned to the pass. He bowed to Son of Heaven Yin and said, "Father, Celestial Venerable Mu's methods are powerful. I'm afraid I'm not his match. Father, please give me a defensive treasure."

Son of Heaven Yin couldn't help but laugh. "As expected of my son, he's smarter than me and the concubines. Celestial Venerable Mu's divine arts are indeed extraordinary, and his methods are quite high. I'll give you a treasure to restrain him." After saying that, he took out a bell and handed it to Jiushang Yin.

"This is a unique treasure that I refined for my father when he achieved the Dao. It's called the Reincarnation Bell. In the past, my hopes were too high. If I wanted to refine the Mingdu Heavenly Gate, not only would I have to control reincarnation, I would also have to control other Great Daos to become a Celestial Venerable. However, my skills were slightly inferior, and I couldn't refine the Mingdu Heavenly Gate."

Son of Heaven Yin instructed, "After that, I gave it a painful thought and focused on the path of reincarnation. Finally, I achieved the Dao and cultivated the Emperor's Throne, sitting on the Numinous Sky Hall. My Dao technique condensed and refined this treasure. My scheme is huge. Once this treasure rings, it can cause all those who hear it to fall into reincarnation and not be able to reincarnate! If you bring this treasure with you, you can strike Celestial Venerable Mu with a bell and get the first merit!"

Nine Yin was overjoyed and immediately put away the Reincarnation Bell. After kowtowing and thanking him, he got up and walked out of the pass, leading his subordinates to leave in a hurry.

Qin Mu walked through the Great Void and Youdu. It was very convenient to travel from the Great Void to the encampment of the celestial heavens. The land of the Great Void was too big, so it was much more convenient to travel through Youdu.

Looking at the Great Void from Youdu, all the mountains and rivers became hazy and covered in a layer of gray.

Those lonely souls and wild ghosts secretly sized him up from the shadows. They were gods, devils, and divine arts practitioners that had died in the battle.

Other than that, there were also some soul fragments. They were the souls of the gods, devils, and divine arts practitioners that had been shattered. They transformed into waves of black wind that gathered into a huge tornado that swept through everything.

Wherever the black wind passed, even the primordial spirits of gods and devils would find it hard to escape. They would usually be swept into the tornadoes and torn apart!

Black wind was the black soul sand.

There were also some black winds that tunneled into the corpses of the gods and devils that had died in the Great Void and Youdu, gnawing away at their flesh. Only their skin was left, and they turned into starved ghosts that wandered around to eat people. Even the black wind ate them!

The starved ghosts became stronger.

Qin Mu frowned.

This was clearly done on purpose by Son of Heaven Yin. He planned to turn this place into another Heavenly Yin World or Great Ruins.

"Don't go out when it's dark. Back then, the Great Ruins and Heavenly Yin World were created by Son of Heaven Yin. Many people looked down on Son of Heaven Yin and thought that Son of Heaven Yin only relied on currying favor with Celestial Venerable Hao to ascend to the throne of Black Deity. However, Son of Heaven Yin was proficient in the paths, skills, and divine arts of Heavenly Yin World, and he had also greatly developed Youdu's paths, skills, and divine arts. His abilities could be said to be second only to the ten Celestial Venerables among the lifeforms after the beginning."

Qin Mu examined his surroundings. Some starved ghosts of all shapes and sizes moved through the gray fog and discovered the primordial spirits of gods and devils. They immediately swarmed over and swallowed that primordial spirit.

"Back then, when Great Ruins became like that, the black soul sand would flood out from Heavenly Yin World and the other heavens when it was dark. When it returned to those worlds at dawn, it was like a funnel that kept changing. There was also a funnel in Heavenly Yin World that was a tool for Son of Heaven Yin to control the black sand. Other than that, there was also the Soul Funeral Bell."

Qin Mu thought to himself, 'Son of Heaven Yin and Big Brother shouldn't be able to compete with him in Youdu paths, skills, and divine arts. After all, Big Brother is Son of Youdu, the other Earth Count. However, after turning this place into Heavenly Yin World or Great Ruins, the black soul sand will transform into the netherworld sea, and Big Brother won't be his opponent.'

His gaze flickered, and he stopped to carefully examine the changes in the Great Void and Youdu.

He studied Mingdu Heavenly Gate with Di Yiyue and had some understanding of Son of Heaven Yin's paths, skills, and divine arts. The most important thing in Mingdu Heavenly Gate was the path of reincarnation.

'However, from the changes in the Great Void and Youdu, the Dao of Reincarnation in Mingdu Heavenly Gate isn't the complete Dao of Reincarnation. Son of Heaven Yin's Dao of Reincarnation should be a transformation between the three souls, seven spirits, and black soul sand. At the same time, he should use the Dao of Creation to change the structure of his corporeal body. In other words, the Great Dao of Youdu, the Great Dao of Heavenly Yin, and the Dao of Creation to combine into Son of Heaven Yin's Dao of Reincarnation!'

Qin Mu closed his eyes, and a dream realm emerged. In the countless dreams, countless tiny Qin Mus began to deduce frantically.

He and Di Yiyue were only researching the method to break the reincarnation path in Mingdu Heavenly Gate. However, Son of Heaven Yin was still cunning. The reincarnation path in Mingdu Heavenly Gate was specious, but it wasn't his true ability.

His Dao of Youdu couldn't be compared to Qin Fengqing and Celestial Venerable You, and it wasn't much different from Qin Mu. It might even be inferior to Qin Mu.

His Dao of Heavenly Yin couldn't be compared to Goddess of Heavenly Yin, Qin Mu, and the rest. His Dao of Creation couldn't be compared to the two Crimson Light Emperors, nor could it be compared to Qin Mu, let alone an existence like Celestial Venerable Ling who had created unchanging divine arts.

However, by combining these three Great Daos and creating the Reincarnation Great Dao, this Heavenly Split was no small matter!

In the past, Qin Mu and Di Yiyue had only seen the appearance of the path of reincarnation through Mingdu Heavenly Gate. Now, Qin Mu saw the essence of the path of reincarnation through the changes in the Great Void and Youdu!

He was currently trying to deduce the true path of reincarnation to understand Son of Heaven Yin's true abilities!

He tried to fuse with the Dao of Youdu, Heavenly Yin, and Creation to evolve the Dao of Reincarnation, and only then did he feel that it was obscure and difficult. It was incomparably difficult to deduce the Dao of Reincarnation. Even though he had Brahma Buddha's Boundless Calamity Sutra, it was still extremely difficult!

'Son of Heaven Yin is truly a great talent!'

He couldn't help but exclaim in admiration, "He's inferior in all aspects, yet he could take a different path. He's truly a powerful figure, no wonder he's so ambitious! However, it's natural for him to encounter a bottleneck. If he could really fuse the Great Dao of three systems, it would be easy for him to become Celestial Venerable Yin! It's a pity that his talent isn't enough!"

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