Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1225 - Bloodbath In Without Embroiling City

Hu Mengdie and the rest formed a circle and kept moving to monitor each other. At the same time, they were also trying to fight against the enemies from the outside as they walked towards the end of this strange world.

That was the place where the rainbow light burst forth, the source of the rainbow light. Numerous Qin Mus flew over from there continuously, throwing their corpses into this world.

Even with their remarkable abilities, they couldn't help but feel their scalps go numb when they saw this scene. They didn't know what had happened here and what this Celestial Venerable Mu was doing.

The Qin Mus that were transporting the corpses seemed to ignore them, allowing them to pass through this world.

Hu Mengdie tried to kill a few Qin Mus, but they soon turned into skeletons.

"This isn't his true body."

They finally came to the end of the world and saw a door there. There were numerous Qin Mus entering and exiting the door, carrying numerous corpses over.

Everyone looked at each other and walked into the door.

Hu Mengdie was astonished. They came to the entrance of another world, and everywhere they looked, there were buildings, pavilions, and cities. Millions of people lived here, and it was bustling with activity.

When everyone arrived in front of a city, they were astonished to see that the people living here were all Qin Mu!

Suddenly, all of the Qin Mus turned to look at them with strange gazes.

Everyone's scalp turned numb, and they braced themselves to walk forward under the gazes of countless Qin Mus.

At this moment, a god had a strange expression. His face was distorted, and it looked like two faces were trembling violently. Soon, they transformed into Qin Mu's face!

Hu Mengdie killed this divine general without any explanation and shouted sternly, "Leave quickly!"

The other gods hurriedly followed her and flew towards the end of the world in the distance. Below, countless Qin Mus flew up and attacked them.

Hu Mengdie and the rest quickly defended and fought their way out of the encirclement. In the sky, beams of light flashed past and hummed.

Suddenly, the appearance of another god changed, and it became Qin Mu who attacked them ruthlessly.

Hu Mengdie and the rest were injured by this strong practitioner of the Numinous Sky Realm and finally killed him, escaping from this crazy world.

They came to the third world and had yet to recover from their shock when they saw people dancing and falling from the sky.

Hu Mengdie raised her head to take a look and saw a black tornado outside the sky. The starved ghosts that fell from the sky were the black soul sand that was formed from the shattered souls. They were born from resentment and evil thoughts.

However, what was strange was that these starved ghosts had fallen into this world for some reason. The faces of the starved ghosts also changed drastically as they fell, and countless faces struggled under their faces.

Pa, pa, pa.

The starved ghosts smashed onto the ground ruthlessly in front of them, and the starved ghosts struggled to get up. However, they quickly grew flesh and blood, having corporeal bodies.

The starved ghosts raised their heads, and their faces had already become Qin Mu's. They looked at them strangely.

The black soul sand in the bodies of the starved ghosts also underwent a strange transformation, turning into a complete three souls and seven spirits. They had primordial spirits, but every soul had Qin Mu's appearance.

This world was as terrifying as a nightmare. Hu Mengdie and the rest cried out and flew forward frantically, trying to escape from this nightmare.

Another god was assimilated by this strange world and attacked them.

When Hu Mengdie escaped from this world, there was already no one beside her. The strong practitioners she had brought had all mysteriously transformed into Qin Mu and died along the way. Only she had yet to be assimilated.

She passed through worlds after worlds, and the fear in her heart vanished. Her killing intent grew stronger. 'My cultivation is strong, and Celestial Venerable Mu can't assimilate me! He's at his wit's end!'

She no longer knew how many worlds she had passed through. Finally, when she rushed out of the last world, she suddenly came to the outside world.

Hu Mengdie looked forward and saw Qin Mu sitting in front of her with his back facing her.

Behind Qin Mu, the dream worlds overlapped one another like a large circle with a small circle. It was unknown how many layers there were, but halos kept falling from the top of these worlds to the bottom of the dream world, circulating endlessly.

Just now, she was shuttling through Qin Mu's dream world.

Hu Mengdie's killing intent burst forth, and she didn't dare to attack from behind Qin Mu to prevent herself from falling into his dream world again.

She quietly moved her feet and tried to go around Qin Mu.

At this moment, Qin Mu suddenly woke up and opened his eyes to look at her with a smile.

"Celestial Venerable Mu."

Hu Mengdie gritted her teeth, and the celestial palace behind her leaped out. Her primordial spirit stood in front of Numinous Sky Hall, and her primordial spirit had already arrived outside.

The gods that cultivated to the Numinous Sky Realm had to continuously climb the steps in front of the Numinous Sky Hall. Every step forward had to withstand incomparable emperor's might. Those that could reach the steps of the Numinous Sky Hall were all existences with top-notch aptitudes!

She was such an existence!

Qin Mu stood up and smiled. "We meet again. Do you still remember who you are?"

Hu Mengdie was stunned and said, "Of course I am…"

Her mind suddenly went blank. She actually didn't remember who she was and why she had come here!

Hu Mengdie shook her head, and a great fear arose in her heart. "Who am I?"

Qin Mu smiled. "Do you still remember who I am?"

"You are Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Hu Mengdie stared with her eyes wide open. When she said this, her memories of Celestial Venerable Mu gradually faded.

Terrified, she suddenly bit her tongue and took out an incomparably thick wooden stake. She stabbed it into the ground and shouted, "Without Embroiling City!"

When the wooden stake was stabbed into the ground, loud clanging sounds could be heard coming from the wood. The layers of rings on the wooden stake bloomed outwards, becoming larger. The year rings on the wooden stake separated from the year rings, revealing layers of buildings!

Hu Mengdie executed her magic power and activated the power of her divine weapon. Soon, the wooden stake transformed into an incomparably magnificent divine city that occupied a radius of several thousand miles!

The wooden houses there were arranged in a circle and laid out layer after layer of markings. There was a total of three hundred and sixty-five inner-circle, and complicated runes were imprinted on the houses. At this moment, all of the runes lit up!

Without Embroiling City was forged by her using a thicker branch of the Primordial Tree. Back then, Mother Earth was killed, and Celestial Venerable Xiao took the Primordial Tree. Son of Heaven Yin went to Celestial Venerable Xiao to get some Primordial Tree branches.

It was because Hu Mengdie's aptitude and talent were both extremely high, and she was deeply appreciated. Thus, Son of Heaven Yin intercepted a wooden stake and gave it to her. Hu Mengdie then used this wooden stake to refine a weapon to forge an important weapon like Without Embroiling City.

The house in Without Embroiling City was a wooden house that she had carved on the year wheel. The markings of Mingdu's Great Dao were imprinted on it, and its power was extremely strong.

Until now, Hu Mengdie had yet to find a treasure that was better than the Primordial Tree, so she planned to use Without Embroiling City as her divine weapon to achieve the emperor realm and the Dao.

At this moment, she was standing in the center of Without Embroiling City. The power of Without Embroiling City burst forth, and the runes of Great Dao imprinted on the wooden houses in the three hundred and sixty-five inner-circle lit up. Countless runes shone on her body.

Hu Mengdie's magic power increased exponentially, and with a mudra, Qin Mu exploded!

Just as Qin Mu shattered, the entire Great Void and Youdu started to shatter as well. Soon, the heaven and earth completely disintegrated.

Hu Mengdie looked around in a daze. She saw that after the Great Void and Youdu shattered, the world that had appeared was still the Great Void and Youdu. She knew that she had fallen into the trap unknowingly. The Qin Mu she had met just now must have been one of the Qin Mus in the dream and not the real Qin Mu.

"I'm still in his dream! Without Embroiling City!"

She activated Without Embroiling City again, and another world-shaking explosion rang out. This dream realm was also destroyed.

She activated Without Embroiling City again, shattering the dream realm again. Soon, she was so tired that she was gasping for breath and had no more strength.

Finally, the last dream shattered, and Hu Mengdie's body swayed. She raised her head and saw Qin Mu standing in front of her.

"You have finally walked out. The disciple of Black Deity is truly not weak," Qin Mu said.

A sword light flew over and pierced through the heart of Hu Mengdie's brows.

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