Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1227 - Yu Wufei

Imperial Concubine Yu pulled out her whip, and it transformed into a white dragon that swept towards Qin Mu. At the same time, the women in the celestial palace behind her also executed their divine weapons. In an instant, snow filled the sky, and the divine weapons in the snow had boundless power as they attacked from afar!


Everything that Qin Mu stood on exploded. Yu Wufei's technique was peculiar. The reason why she brought these women along wasn't because she wanted to look good, but because her technique could merge the magic power of these women into one and increase her magic power!

She was originally on the Numinous Sky Realm. In addition, the cultivation of the women had already reached the Jade Capital Realm and Numinous Sky Realm, which allowed her magic power to close in on strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne!

Just now, she didn't execute her technique and took advantage of Qin Mu's young age. Furthermore, her cultivation realm wasn't high, so she planned to pierce Qin Mu with a finger and kill him. However, she didn't expect the vertical eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows to explode her finger, leaving only her finger bone.

She was truly furious now and exploded with all her strength, not giving Qin Mu any chance to take advantage of her.

However, when this terrifying throbbing subsided, Yu Wufei looked around but didn't see Qin Mu.

"He escaped?"

Imperial Consort Yu Wufei suddenly shook the white dragon, and it coiled around her arm. She took a step forward and was about to see where Qin Mu had escaped to when a bright light shone down from the sky.

Yu Wufei suddenly raised her head and saw flames in the sky. That was the light from the third eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows. When it shone down on her body, even she felt her soul wavering.

"Life and Death Book?"

Yu Wufei was astonished. The Life and Death Book was a treasure that Son of Heaven Yin had forged for the celestial heavens, and it was used to control the life and death of all living beings in the thousands of worlds. Anyone who was shone on by the Life and Death Book would have their name and image shown. If they were marked off, they could become immortal, and a brush could take their life!

However, the Life and Death Book was very hard to refine. Son of Heaven Yin had spent tens of thousands of years to only refine nine scrolls of the Life and Death Book, but Qin Mu didn't use the Life and Death Book to shine at them. Instead, he used his own eyes.

'His eyes are the Life and Death Book? Even Son of Heaven Yin didn't cultivate to this step. What exactly is the eye in the heart of his brows? Why is its power so strong?'

Yu Wufei hurriedly executed her technique to fight against the Life and Death Book, but she was still a step too late. In her celestial palace, two women of the Jade Capital Realm were lighted up by the light and their birth records were revoked. They died without a word!

Yu Wufei rose into the air, and the White Dragon Whip swept out. The long whip changed in mid-air, becoming bigger, longer, and thicker. The dragon roar was like rolling thunder as it rushed towards Qin Mu.

Qin Mu took the blow head on, but he didn't expect Yu Wufei's magic power to be so strong. The White Dragon Whip was also extraordinary. It was forged by a white dragon of the Numinous Sky Realm, and it had been refined by her for a long time. It changed according to her will, and when the whip came down, Qin Mu's palms were covered in blood from the white dragon's reverse scale.

This strike pulled Qin Mu down from the sky, and his body spun like a top, unable to stabilize.


His legs stood on the ground, and the ground in a radius of a hundred miles suddenly warped. It was as if there was an invisible force that twisted all the rocks in the area into fried dough.

The twisted ground rose rapidly like a sharp awl piercing into the sky.

Qin Mu used this strange method to dissolve the spiral force coming from Yu Wufei's White Dragon Whip. He suddenly pointed at the heart of his brows, and the divine sword spun rapidly in front of him. The tip of the sword was like a drill.

"Opening Calamity Sword—"

The eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened up, and Opening Calamity Sword flew towards Yu Wufei!

At the same time, a beam of divine light followed closely behind the sword!

Yu Wufei looked down from above, and the White Dragon Whip was several hundred miles long. It coiled around her body, appearing and disappearing unpredictably. The White Dragon Whip suddenly transformed into a spiral and didn't actively come into contact with Qin Mu's Opening Calamity Sword Light. Instead, it allowed the Opening Calamity Sword Light to enter the spiral.

When the Opening Calamity Sword reached the spiral of the White Dragon Whip, countless runes suddenly appeared on the scales of the white dragon and shone on the rapidly flowing sword light.

In the next instant, Opening Calamity Sword passed through the white dragon spirals and reached the heart of Yu Wufei's brows!

Yu Wufei raised her other palm and clamped down on the Opening Calamity Sword with her index and middle finger. She sneered, "The unbreakable Opening Calamity Sword was easily broken by me…"

Just as she said that, her charming face changed drastically. The beam of light that followed after Opening Calamity Sword instantly activated the power of the broken sword. Opening Calamity Sword light expanded again and stabbed into the heart of her brows!

Yu Wufei cried out in astonishment and hurriedly turned her head. The sword light sliced from the heart of her brows to her right temple and almost opened up her skull.

Yu Wufei was shocked and furious. The White Dragon Whip swept towards Qin Mu, and through the white dragon spirals, Yu Wufei could clearly see Qin Mu's every move.

The instant the White Dragon Whip swept towards Qin Mu, she saw him bowing towards her.

Yu Wufei felt a chill down her spine and knew that something was wrong.

This was Son of Heaven Yin's method!

Son of Heaven Yin hid a knife in his smile. When he bowed to others, he would usually worship the other party's soul to death. If the other party was careless, he would fall into the trap. If he bowed to him, his soul would split into pieces and die an unnatural death!

Qin Mu obviously had this ability as well.

Qin Mu kowtowed, and Yu Wufei instantly became muddle-headed. Her primordial spirit crackled, and an abnormally terrifying tearing force came from her three souls and seven spirits, almost tearing them apart!

Even though she could endure it, the goddess generals in her celestial palace might not be able to. After Qin Mu bowed to them, the three souls of five women of the Jade Capital Realm split open and their seven spirits shattered.

The other Numinous Sky Realm women guarded their primordial spirits, but their primordial spirits were also severely damaged.

Yu Wufei laughed from extreme anger and bowed through the white dragon spiral. A loud bang came from Qin Mu's body, and green smoke rose from his head like a pillar.

Yu Wufei was astonished. She had used Son of Heaven Yin's methods, yet she hadn't been able to worship Qin Mu to death. His incomparably strong primordial spirit had blocked this attack.

However, in the next moment, the spirals formed by the White Dragon Whip had already locked Qin Mu up tightly. He couldn't break free.

Yu Wufei sneered and took advantage of Qin Mu being locked up to kowtow to him over ten times.

"I don't believe you can block it every time!"

Boom boom boom—

Ten consecutive loud bangs rang out, and Qin Mu was worshiped by her until green smoke rose into the sky!

Even so, Imperial Concubine Yu Wu couldn't kill him.

Qin Mu struggled free from the White Dragon Whip, and Yu Wufei flew over to kill him. The White Dragon Whip lashed out, hit, shook, and even opened its mouth. Its dragon claws tore apart, and Qin Mu was unable to fly up. He could only step on the ground and retreat continuously. Sword lights crisscrossed and fought the White Dragon Whip with his sword.

One of them was in the air, and the other was on the ground. The White Dragon Whip was a hundred miles away, and it came and went like lightning. Qin Mu's sword light sliced through the void, leaving behind snow-white marks. In the center of the marks was a black line.

That was the mark left behind by his sword being too fast and slicing open the void.

In Imperial Concubine Yu Wu's celestial palace, even more attacks came crashing down. The various divine weapons of Mingdu were extremely peculiar. There was a memorial arch, a devil god's statue, a Soul Hooking Chain, a mountain of knives, and a sea of fire, all of which exhausted Qin Mu.

There was even a woman's divine weapon that was a red conch. The red conch flew up and hummed, erasing the souls of people and collecting their primordial spirits!

Qin Mu fought as he walked, and sword lights crisscrossed. He always managed to force the white dragon away at the most dangerous moments, but he had no time to defend against the divine weapons of the other women. He was beaten until his skin and flesh were split open.

In the Land of the Great Void, on the god city of the celestial heavens, numerous gods were patrolling the city walls to prevent sneak attacks.

On the other side, a god of the Heavenly Eye Race sat upright on the city tower. His eight arms were spread open, and on each of his eight palms grew a huge eyeball. It rolled around and surveyed the surroundings.

Suddenly, the expression of the god from the Heavenly Eye Race changed slightly, and he suddenly stood up. "There's a situation!"

Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly saw a radius of a hundred miles in front of the divine city spinning and growing upwards frantically. In an instant, a spiral mountain range grew out from the ground!


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