Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1228 - The Power Of The Domain

The celestial soldiers and generals on the city walls couldn't help being dumbstruck as they watched this scene.

The city gate guard immediately ordered a team of devil gods to leave the city to investigate.

Right at this moment, huge footprints appeared in front of the god city as though there was an invisible giant running. Not only that, but at the place where the giant was running, shocking cracks suddenly appeared in the sky that were dozens of miles long!

The devil god team was immediately torn apart, and they died mysteriously.

"Which demon dares to stir up trouble?" the city gate guard shouted sternly.


The void trembled violently, and a mark in the shape of a dragon's head suddenly appeared. Following that, a huge palm print appeared, and it shook the divine city to the point that it could feel intense spatial fluctuations!

Not only that, but the footprints seemed to be moving backward at a very fast speed, heading straight for the god city.

"What exactly are those footprints?"

The gods were terrified when they heard the gaze of the god from the Heavenly Eye Race piercing through the void and seeing Youdu. He shouted, "There are strong practitioners fighting in the Great Void and Youdu. Their battle power is extremely strong and can affect reality from Youdu! Everyone, be careful!"

Bang, bang, bang—

A series of spatial tremors came over. In front of the god city, fist imprints, knife marks, formation markings, and all kinds of markings appeared. He didn't know what was fighting in Youdu, but it actually had such a huge impact on reality!

Suddenly, Bai Yujing's voice came from the divine city. "Western Sect Army, listen up. Activate the protective formation. Kill anyone who barges in from Youdu!"

The soldiers received their orders and immediately activated the formation.

The protective formations of each god city were designed by the four great heavenly teachers, and their power was extraordinary. Even though they weren't the number one formation masters of the celestial heavens, their attainments in formations were also extraordinary.

If the enemies were truly strong practitioners that had come from Youdu, they would definitely fall into the formation they had designed and might even be killed in one go!

The gods and devils in the city let out sighs of relief. Bai Yujing climbed up the city tower and looked down from above. Her heart trembled slightly. 'The strength of this person is no small matter! However, this should be the territory that Son of Heaven Yin is guarding. Why would someone enter his territory?'

Bai Yujing said solemnly, "Investigate the scenery of Youdu and report to me. I want to see which expert is fighting!"

The heavenly eyes of the army searched Youdu one after another.

Actually, there was no need to search. Qin Mu and Yu Wufei's battle scene was extremely grand and even affected reality, so it wasn't difficult to find them.

However, it was difficult to see their faces clearly.

The cultivation of these two people was strong, and they didn't want anyone to see their true faces. In addition, their speed was too fast, so even the Heavenly Eyes of the Western Sect couldn't see who they were.

Furthermore, there was something strange about Youdu's divine art. It was that one would forget their faces when they saw them.

Bai Yujing didn't receive any news from the heavenly eyes for a long time and was astonished. 'Could it be that pretty boy Son of Heaven Yin is trying to assassinate me again?'

At this moment, the land in front of the god city suddenly warped, and a boundless power came from the Great Void and Youdu. It changed the geography and caused the land to fly up. Yin and Yang qi spread out, and all kinds of strange power burst forth.

Next, countless stars appeared in the sky, and another Youdu appeared in the Great Void!

This power contained an extremely peculiar Great Dao aura that made Bai Yujing's heart skip a beat. "Domain! Someone is using their own Great Dao Domain!"

The Great Dao Domain was also known as the Dao Domain. The Grand Emperor's supreme consciousness realm and Founding Emperor's sword domain were both a kind of Dao Domain. To cultivate a Dao Domain, one needed a deep understanding and comprehension of the Dao, or even pioneering it.

In this world, there were very few people who had entered the path, but even fewer people had cultivated Dao Domain.

Bai Yujing had never seen Founding Emperor's sword realm, but she had heard that Founding Emperor had once attacked the celestial heavens with his sword and fought with Celestial Venerable Hao, almost splitting it apart!

On the other hand, one of the two people fighting in Youdu unleashed his Dao Domain. The Great Dao was boundless, and it gave people an extremely strange feeling. It was different from the sword realm, consciousness realm, and other famous domains.

This kind of Dao Domain contained a lot of Great Dao, making her heart tremble. She didn't know what kind of Dao Domain this person was.

She wanted to enter the Great Void and Youdu to take a look, but that was Son of Heaven Yin's territory. Even though Son of Heaven Yin was an official in the celestial heavens with her, they had a deep grudge, so she didn't dare to enter Son of Heaven Yin's territory easily.

In that Dao Domain, she could see a clear line. It should be another person stabbing his incomparably powerful magic power into the Dao Domain and charging straight at the expert in the center of the Dao Domain.

This person's cultivation was extremely strong. He had actually broken through the Dao Domain and even destroyed it.

Right at this moment, that Dao Domain suddenly became complete again, and it formed an encirclement around the person that had entered it!

"I'm afraid the other person won't have much luck!"

Bai Yujing was intelligent and could see the situation. She thought to herself, 'Is Son of Heaven Yin fighting with someone? He cultivated his Dao Domain? Impossible. Although this pretty boy's abilities are high, his comprehension of the Great Dao isn't that strong…'


A crack suddenly appeared in that Dao Domain, and with a whoosh, the ground that was a thousand miles long was torn apart. Beautiful mountains and rivers rose from the two shores, and in the center was a deep canyon!

In the Great Void and Youdu, Yu Wufei barged into Qin Mu's divine treasure realm and barged her way into the ancestral court. However, the next moment, all the power of the Great Dao in Qin Mu's realm burst forth!

Yu Wufei instantly knew that something was wrong, and she executed her divine art to meet Qin Mu head-on.

Looking at the battle of divine arts from the Land of the Great Void, they could only see magnificent mountains and rivers that were thousands of miles long. However, what they saw here was abnormally terrifying.

Even though Yu Wufei was on the Numinous Sky Realm, facing an opponent that couldn't be measured by conventional realms like Qin Mu, she still felt the great terror between life and death.

"However, my abilities are not limited to this!"

Just as Yu Wufei was about to mobilize all of her power, a vast consciousness rushed over. Even though Yu Wufei's technique could mobilize the magic power of other gods, her consciousness couldn't be compared to Heavenly Lord Han's.

Han Tianjun could fuse with the consciousnesses of others and raise his own consciousness to the level that was comparable to Qin Mu's, but Yu Wufei couldn't.

Even though her cultivation was high, her understanding of Dao wasn't high.

Meanwhile, Heavenly Lord Han was the number one in the celestial heavens' formation path, and his comprehension of the Dao surpassed Yu Wufei by leaps and bounds.

The traditional system of divine treasures and celestial palaces focused on power and didn't focus on comprehension of the path. As a result, the comprehension of the path of existences with higher cultivation realms might not be as good as those with lower cultivation realms.

Yu Wufei was muddle-headed from the impact of this Great Overarching Supreme Consciousness, and the magic power in her body went out of control. In the next moment, all of the power in Qin Mu's divine treasure realm burst forth. The power of the paths, skills, and skills of the 17 celestial palaces, Xuandu, Youdu, Yuandu, Heavenly Yin, and Four Extreme Heavens, accompanied Qin Mu's strike to strike Yu Wufei!

The moment he struck Yu Wufei, a bell suddenly rang.

Qin Mu's mind rumbled, and an indescribable force rushed over, causing his primordial spirit to fall into an endless stream.

"Dao of Reincarnation? This bell is very strong!"

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