Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1230 - Son Of Heaven Yin Attacks

Qin Mu laughed loudly and flicked his finger. A divine art from Heavenly Yin World entered Jiushang Yin's headless body.

Black soul sand instantly poured out from the neck of Nine Yin, and his soul was turned into black soul sand by Qin Mu's Heavenly Yin divine art.

Back then, when he learned the Life Transformation Mysterious Technique from Goddess of Heavenly Yin, he comprehended all kinds of sinister and vicious divine arts, which were very different from Goddess of Heavenly Yin's divine arts.

Now, it was just a small test.

Qin Mu stretched his hand out to grab the small bell hanging on the neck of Jiushang Yin. He had long sensed that there were still enemies hiding in the dark, so he didn't dare to attack with his full strength. If that enemy worked together with Yu Wufei, he would definitely be killed by them.

Now that Jiushang Yin wanted to take all the credit for himself and even killed Imperial Concubine Yu Wu, it gave him a chance.

Even if Jiushang Yin was the son of Son of Heaven Yin, even if he was a great expert of Numinous Sky Realm, even if he had a treasure like the Reincarnation Bell, he would definitely die in one strike at such a close distance!

He had seized this opportunity!

He had a chance of victory in a direct confrontation, but it was too small. After all, the Reincarnation Bell was extremely powerful, and he didn't know if it had any other abilities.

Jiushang Yin had executed the Reincarnation Bell to bombard his soul several times. He seemed to be calm in handling matters, but in reality, he trusted Son of Heaven Yin's divine weapon too much. If not for this Son of Heaven Yin's Dao formation treasure, he would have definitely smashed Qin Mu into pieces and crushed his soul and primordial spirit into pieces before coming forward.

As the son of Son of Heaven Yin and the crown prince of Mingdu, he naturally received the heart teachings of Son of Heaven Yin. No matter if it was in terms of cultivation, skills, or divine arts, he was much more outstanding than Hu Mengdie or Yu Wufei. In a head-on battle, Qin Mu's chances of winning weren't high. However, in a close-range sneak attack, Qin Mu had full confidence in taking his life!

Therefore, it could be said that Son of Heaven Yin's Reincarnation Bell had harmed his life.

The moment Qin Mu's finger was about to grab onto the Reincarnation Bell, the small bell suddenly floated up. The bell was only slightly bigger than his finger, but in the next instant, it had a radius of fifty to sixty yards. The mouth of the bell was facing Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's hair stood on end, and he hurriedly retreated. A loud bang rang out in his ears, and his clothes flew off in all directions like paper butterflies. Next, his skin exploded, and all the skin on his body was stripped off like paper butterflies!

Not only that, his muscles also turned into ashes in an instant, leaving only his bones!

"Son of Heaven Yin!"

Qin Mu's mind was blown, and only his bones were still crashing backward. Boom! His body left the Great Void and Youdu, appearing in front of the celestial heavens' pass.

The one controlling the Reincarnation Bell definitely wasn't Nine Yin. Even though Jiushang Yin was strong, they didn't have the power to crush Qin Mu in one strike.

This Reincarnation Bell was the treasure that Son of Heaven Yin had used to achieve his Dao. Son of Heaven Yin definitely wouldn't be at ease if Nine Yin came out to kill Qin Mu, so he would definitely split his attention to control the Reincarnation Bell.

He also didn't expect Qin Mu to break free from the devil voice of reincarnation, which resulted in his son being killed by Qin Mu in one strike.

If only his corporeal body had died, it would have been fine. Son of Heaven Yin's Mingdu Heavenly Gate could repair his corporeal body, and he wouldn't have controlled the Reincarnation Bell to kill Qin Mu.

However, Qin Mu was ruthless. He actually used the paths, skills, and divine arts of Heavenly Yin World to refine the souls of Nine Yin Supremacies into ashes. This truly angered him, and he didn't hesitate to do it himself!

Qin Mu's flesh and blood grew, and his corporeal body quickly recovered. Not only that, his clothes also recovered on their own.

However, just as he appeared in front of the divine city of the celestial heavens, he heard a world-shaking bell chime. The headless body of Nine Yin actually brought the Reincarnation Bell from the Great Void and Youdu to chase after him.

Qin Mu shouted, and his consciousness celestial palace leaped out from the back of his head. His supreme consciousness realm expanded, but in the next quarter of an hour, his consciousness realm turned into ashes. Even his consciousness celestial palace no longer existed!

"Divine Treasure Realm—"

Qin Mu's magic power burst forth, and his divine treasure realm bloomed with a hum. The headless Nine Yin raised the Reincarnation Bell with both hands, and the mouth of the bell faced Qin Mu.

Countless gorgeous runes appeared around the treasure of the Emperor's Throne. All kinds of Youdu, Heavenly Yin, and creation runes swirled furiously and evolved continuously!

A vast and boundless power emanated a fluctuation that made one's heart palpitate and despair. It revolved around the bell wall, and not only that, even more terrifying fluctuations overflowed from within the bell, causing space to tremble like butterfly markings.


The bell rang, and the four poles of the divine treasure realm shattered. Xuandu was destroyed, Youdu disintegrated, the Primordial Tree was broken, the stars were extinguished, and the ancestral court was shattered like glass.

Qin Mu's celestial palaces broke into pieces and flew up. The primordial spirits in the celestial palaces were annihilated!

The power of this Emperor's Throne treasure was truly terrifying!

Qin Mu frantically mobilized his magic power and executed the unchanging divine art. However, in the next instant, the power of the Reincarnation Bell reached his body, and his clothes turned into ashes once again. His skin and flesh were all melted away!

Son of Heaven Yin had borrowed his son's corporeal body to execute this attack, and it was truly terrifying to the extreme. Even his bones flew up from the violent impact and were obliterated. The entire Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm was destroyed by Son of Heaven Yin's bell!

The bell rang for a long time before it died down. Not far away, countless gods and devils of the celestial heavens and soldiers of the Northern Sect Army had fallen from the city walls of the celestial heavens' divine city. Even though they had defensive formations, they were still severely injured from the tremors. They fell to the ground and vomited blood.

The waves raised by the bell also calmed down. Suddenly, there was a popping sound as an eyeball fell from the sky and rolled on the ground for a few rounds.

Suddenly, thin legs grew out of that eyeball, and it started to run.

"Not dead yet?"

Son of Heaven Yin's voice came from the bell, and his voice was filled with incomparable anger. Nine Yin's headless body flew up, and he raised the huge bell to head straight for the rapidly sprinting eyeball.

That eyeball bounced up and down at an extremely fast speed, growing taller as it ran. Soon, it grew a body, a head, and four limbs. The eyeball then appeared in the heart of that person's brows.

In this short moment, even Qin Mu's clothes returned to normal without any changes.

Jiushang Yin flew over and raised the huge bell. The mouth of the bell covered downwards, planning to cover Qin Mu within it to prevent him from escaping.

Suddenly, Qin Mu raised his brush and drew a door. He opened the door and entered, vanishing from under the bell.

The reincarnation bell vibrated, and the door shattered. The terrifying bell sound seemed to be spreading in the depths of space, and clanging sounds came from the depths of space, causing the space to continuously explode.

Jiushang Yin followed closely behind the bell, and a gate suddenly appeared on the city wall of the celestial heavens' divine city. Qin Mu pushed the gate open and rushed out. Behind him, a bell rang, and the city wall suddenly exploded, creating a huge hole!

Qin Mu raised his head and saw the mouth of the Reincarnation Bell. With a clang, he was sucked into the bell.

The arms of Jiushang Yin exerted force and pinned the huge bell to the ground. His headless body moved around the huge bell, and his arms flew as he smacked the wall of the bell repeatedly.

The Reincarnation Bell trembled, and a dull sound came from underground. The god city shook non-stop, and the celestial soldiers and generals in the city swayed from the tremors.

At this moment, Qin Mu had already reached the Great Void and Youdu. He went straight for the city wall that was collapsed by the Reincarnation Bell.

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