Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1240 - Leg Hair

Bai Yujing laughed and chatted with Lan Yutian as they walked on the path of the crumbling void. "Brother Lan, there are four god artifacts here to suppress us. The consciousness that is crumbling in the crumbling void won't invade this place, so you don't have to worry about your heart devil becoming a reality. However, the only thing you have to be wary of is the heart devil that has already formed."

Lan Yutian looked around and asked curiously, "A heart devil that has already formed?"

Bai Yujing was rather helpless and pulled him back to the path so that this youth full of curiosity wouldn't run into the void. She said, "These heart devils were purposely created by the traitors of Carefree Village. There's a ruthless character in Carefree Village called Yan Yunxi. I once fought with her. She's ruthless, but she's loyal to the traitor Qin Ye. She chose thousands of playboys and sent them into the crumbling void."

Lan Yutian was puzzled.

Bai Yujing pulled him back again and said, "The Dao hearts of these hedonistic sons are very bad. When they came to the crumbling void, it was like pouring ink into a clear pool and boiling it. In an instant, countless heart devils surged out. At that time, we were constructing a void passageway and were attacked by these heart devils. Countless soldiers died before we could stabilize the crumbling void."

Lan Yutian blinked his eyes and said, "Have you guys never thought of pacifying the crumbling consciousness here?"

Bai Yujing smiled. "We've thought about pacifying the crumbling consciousness, but this is a void created by countless masters of creation using their consciousnesses. It was shattered by the Grand Emperor, but not many people in the consciousness celestial heavens do it. Left Assistant Minister Yan Shaoqing has the strongest consciousness, but he was sent to the Primordial Realm to guard the prison…"

Just as she said that, she suddenly sensed something and turned back to look. She saw a Heavenly Venerate Treasure Carriage shining with divine light as it sped over from the void passageway.

'This carriage is the carriage of a Celestial Venerable. Could a Celestial Venerable have descended into the Great Void…'

Before Bai Yujing could think about it, an incomparably powerful consciousness suddenly surged over and transformed into Qin Mu's voice in her and Lan Yutian's minds. "Leave this place quickly—"

When Bai Yujing heard that, she immediately warped the void in front of her with Lan Yutian. Her speed instantly reached its maximum as she flew forward.

She couldn't help but be bewildered. 'This is Celestial Venerable Mu's voice! He's clearly the leader of the traitors, a man of great sin. Why did I choose to believe him without thinking when I heard his words?'

They were about to reach the stone city that was guarding this place. Bai Yujing planned to bring Lan Yutian to hide in the city so that Celestial Venerable Hao wouldn't see them.

Although she could warp space and avoid the detection of other gods, Celestial Venerable Hao was the number one Celestial Venerable among the ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens. He could definitely see through her.

The Land of the Great Void was still in a state of war. As the third heavenly master of the celestial heavens, it was a serious crime to leave his post.

'Celestial Venerable Hao is in such a hurry, he definitely won't stop at Stone City. I might be able to avoid him…'

Just as she was about to bring Lan Yutian into the stone city, the back of the stone city suddenly shone. The dazzling divine light expanded in all directions like the markings of a butterfly!

An incomparably terrifying wave came from the back of the stone city, shattering the crumbling void even more!

At the same time, a huge lotus flower expanded rapidly, growing larger. It pressed down on the stone city in front of Bai Yujing and Lan Yutian, causing it to distort and collapse. The tens of thousands of gods and devils in the city also distorted, and their corporeal bodies collapsed, turning them into a pile of mush in an instant!

Bai Yujing couldn't help but be shocked. She felt an unprecedented terror.

She saw a majestic figure rising up in front of her, and then she could only see the legs of this majestic figure. The speed of this figure's growth was too terrifying, and it soon grew to an immeasurable height. Furthermore, it was still growing frantically!

She saw that this person's leg hair looked like a forest of steel. The black leg hair streaked across the void and split it open!

The leg hair was very thick, even thicker than towering trees. However, the leg hair was smooth and sharp like a sharp spear.

She could even see the skin under the hair of the legs. It was like dry land, and there were thousands of ravines on the skin. There were even rivers flowing on it. The pores of this giant were like huge volcanoes that spewed out heat and steam!

Fear arose in her heart. In the muscles of this incomparably majestic giant, there were even incomparably thick roots that pierced through his skin, causing the area around his wound to rot, revealing his bloody flesh.

These thick roots were like huge dragons meandering, taking root in the lotus landmass.

The lotus landmass was also growing rapidly, growing larger. All kinds of magnificent runes covered the landmass, and it was incomparably gorgeous. It seemed to be restricting the movements of that giant.

These runes were all huge, and some of them were dozens of acres or even hundreds of acres in size. However, as the giant moved, countless runes broke out continuously.

Not only that, there was also a huge metal ball that was the size of a planet revolving around this giant. Countless runes on the metal ball changed and shone continuously, shining on the giant and the lotus land!

"Celestial Venerable Hao—"

The giant spoke, and the sound waves became corporeal. Even though it was whistling through the sky, Bai Yujing and Lan Yutian who were under his feet retched from the vibrations.


The lotus landmass carried the giant and flew up. They followed the void passageway and headed straight for the Heavenly Venerate Treasure Carriage at an extremely fast speed. The moment the giant and the landmass flew over the head of Bai Yujing and Lan Yutian, their minds went blank.

Their consciousnesses seemed to have frozen, and all their thoughts froze. They didn't even have a single thought in their minds. Only when the lotus landmass flew past them could their thoughts circulate, and only fear remained in their minds.

At that moment, a light shone down from the sky and shone on the two of them. Bai Yujing wanted to resist, but her heart suddenly stirred. "The divine art of the Celestial Venerable Yue…"

She stopped resisting, and the light instantly swept up the two of them into the lantern.

There was a blazing sun inside the lantern, but it was folded up by a space divine art, making it look very small. They were in the lantern and seemed to be in a room with a radius of three hundred yards. It was very warm.

There was another door in this round room. Lan Yutian pushed open the door and stood inside to look outside. He saw Qin Mu's huge face.


Lan Yutian was overjoyed. He hurriedly turned to Bai Yujing and said, "Sister Heavenly Teacher, you are indeed powerful. You really found my brother!"

Bai Yujing's heart jumped, and she followed him to the door. She raised her head to look at the giant holding the lantern, and it was indeed Qin Mu. Her expression changed slightly. 'This Lan Yutian is actually Celestial Venerable Mu's younger brother. Their auras are similar in some ways, but they are also very different. Brother Lan is much more innocent than Celestial Venerable Mu, and he's not as bad as Celestial Venerable Mu… Strange, why is one of them surnamed Qin and the other Lan…'

Qin Mu raised the lantern and didn't have the time to look at the two people in the lantern. Instead, he was nervously watching this battle that could be said to be the strongest and most dazzling battle in a million years!

The Celestial Venerable Treasure Carriage was huge, but compared to the lotus landmass and the Grand Emperor's corporeal body, it was insignificant.

The lotus landmass came crashing over, and would collide in the next moment!

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