Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 125 - Senior Brother Little Poison King

Qin Mu was slightly stumped. This young girl looked slightly familiar but he couldn't recognize her in a sudden. That young girl was pushed forward by the crowd while she waved her hand, "Cowherd boy, where do you stay? I'll go find you!"

"Imperial College!"

Qin Mu waved towards her and suddenly a light flashed through his mind, "That's right, she's Ling Yuxiu! How come she looks different from last time?"

The Ling Yuxiu before was about the same height as him and now she was even taller than Qin Mu by a few inches. Furthermore, she had become such a big maiden now, looking very lovely and moving. When she had waved at him earlier in the crowd, he hardly recognized her.

"It's good that her face is still chubby and hasn't changed." Qin Mu said in gratification.

Imperial Physician Qu and the rest looked at him with a weird expression. Imperial Physician You, elder than others, was more kind-hearted and reminded him, "Little divine physician, if you say that to a girl especially a princess, your head will roll."

Qin Mu was bewildered, "Why? The words we praise girls pretty in Great Ruins are all words like sturdy, good at giving birth. Even though Princess Yuxiu isn't considered sturdy, it's good she's a little chubby. I think she will be good at giving birth."

These words can be used to praise girls?

The few imperial physicians understood tacitly and they all had an expression that this fellow was hopeless. He would sooner or later be beaten to death.

Imperial Physician Mu said, "Little divine physician, let us return to Imperial College. After a night of torment, it's really getting unbearable for our old bones."

After leaving the palace, Qin Mu split paths with the few imperial physicians. He returned to Flower Alley and ate breakfast at Rain Listening Pavilion. After bidding farewell to Fu Qingyun and the rest of the girls, he brought his luggage and Hu Ling'er back to Imperial College.

Imperial College, Scholar's Residence.

Qin Mu walked towards his own courtyard and Hu Ling'er popped her head out of his backpack and looked around curiously.

From far away, Qin Mu could see that a few rows of scholars sat in front of his courtyard. These scholars sat upright and they all had sword cases beside them. With their left hands on the sword cases, they all had a solemn expression.

The person in the lead sneered towards the courtyard, "Abandoned person, you should have woken up right? Could it be you're scared of us? If you are scared then come out and wipe away the words on the wall!"

Another scholar sneered, "All we have is patience. Is hiding in your house forever the best you can do? I would like to see how long you can hide!"

"Weren't you very cocky yesterday? You actually dared to leak out how you schemed us yesterday and let the whole Imperial College know, making us look bad. How come you are hiding inside now? Are you going to hide like a tortoise?"

"The reason we had left your words up there is to shame you, to make you embarrassed! We are going to make the entire Imperial College know that you are merely an abandoned person from the lands of barbarians. We are then the authentic ones!"

Qin Mu walked forward and passed by them while thinking in bewilderment, "When did I ever leak out what happened?"

All the scholars' gazes turned blank as they stared at him while he pushed open the door and walked in. They had originally thought that Qin Mu had hidden in the room and didn't dare to come out. Never did they expect Qin Mu had been out, making them waste half a day outside shouting for nothing.

Qin Mu came to the central room and placed his backpack down, "Ling'er, go tidy up the room and the blankets. I'll be out for a while."

Hu Ling replied yes and asked, "What's young master going out for?"

Qin Mu didn't turn his head and replied, "These people are too noisy. If I don't beat them up, it'll be hard for me to fall asleep."

Hu Ling'er could only control the wind to tidy up the room. At this moment, she suddenly heard a huge rumble and she immediately looked out of the window and saw a scholar flying up into the sky before falling back down head first.

"Next." Qin Mu's voice came from outside.

The rumblings of thunder were like thunders exploding in the clear sky. Hu Ling'er heard a whooshing sound which should be a human body breaking through the air but she couldn't see anyone flying in the sky and could only hear a heavy object crashing in the distance.

"Next." Qin Mu's voice sounded out again.

Sounds of water surging and huge waves smacking as the raging waves splitting the shore. Among the sounds of churning waters, another miserable scream sounded out and silence followed after. Only Qin Mu's voice could be heard, "Next."

Hu Ling'er quickly tidied up the room, folded the blankets and placed the bedsheets. She then took out the items in the backpack as she thought to herself, "If I tidy fast enough, I can still go out to have a look!"

The sounds of clashing traveled from outside which were earth shaking and the miserable shrieks also never stopped. When she had finished tidying up and ran outside excitedly, she instead saw Qin Mu walking back in from outside, looking a little tired.

"Young master, it had ended?" Hu Ling'er was slightly disappointed.

Qin Mu nodded his head and gave a yawn, "I'm sleepy and I'm going to sleep first. Don't run around."

Hu Ling'er nodded her head and popped her head out of the door. She couldn't help getting a fright when she saw scholars scattered everywhere on the road of Scholar's Residence. Some of them were sprawled out on the floor while some were hanging on the opposite walls. There were some hanging on tops of trees and some being embedded in wall far away. Some were thrown into the canal beside the road and others were planted into the ground with two legs sticking out which would twitch from time to time.

Hu Ling'er stuck her tongue out and ran over to search the scholars' bodies. She took down all the jade pendants, spirit pills, jade bracelets, hairpins and et cetera before delivering them back into the house.

"Ling'er, what are you doing?" A sleepy voice came from inside the house.

Hu Ling'er replied in righteousness and confidence, "Devil ape had said, win, snatch, rule."

Qin Mu's snores sounded out and he shouldn't have heard it. Hu Ling'er ran out again to carry in the scholars' sword cases and one of the scholars woke up and grabbed onto his own sword case weakly.

Hu Ling'er spat out a whirlwind which swept the sword case up to smash this scholar in the head. The scholar's head became completely covered in blood yet he still wouldn't faint. Hu Ling'er smashed a few more times and that scholar finally fainted. Hu Ling'er gave a sigh of relief and swept that sword case to send it back to the courtyard. That scholar secretly peeked and when he saw this fox walking away, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

"Ah, he's awake again!"

Hu Ling'er saw him peeking and cried out in surprised. The scholar then saw a tornado sweep up a rock that was as big as a small mountain to smash to him and he immediately fainted. This time he had really fainted from fear.

Hu Ling'er placed down the rock and started hopping around to loot everyone as she went further and further away. At his moment, a scholar in the distance woke up and saw this fox pillaging all the treasures on the scholars' bodies. He immediately struggled to crawl away but he was discovered by Ling'er who dragged him back into Scholar's Residence. That scholar howled miserably all the way and then fell silent. The fox had knocked him out.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's mansion.

Imperial Preceptor's mansion was grand and gorgeous but the place where he cultivated was very simple. It was only a huge hall that was empty and had no other stuff.

If one raised his head to have a look, he could see an extremely spectacular sight. No roof but the sky could be seen above the huge hall. The countless stars seemed to become extremely low and could be grabbed.

The was the marvel of formation spells.

Thirty thousand yards above the ground, there was a formation floating there which was formed by countless of transparent glass and a few of Imperial Preceptor's disciples were there managing the formation. This formation was formed thirty thousand yards above the ground and had a radius of sixty-six hectares. It was gathering starlight and through the transparency of the glass, the starlight directly shone through the roof of the huge hall.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was gathering the starlight to cultivate therefore his cultivation was extremely high.

At this moment, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had a haggard aura as he was currently recuperating. There was a black clothed man beside him, who was currently concocting medicine.

Suddenly a red color flying bug flew over and came to the ear of the black-clothed man. The black-clothed man's face was full of warts that looked like the ones on toads. Warts covered his entire face and he looked frightening. He nodded his head repeatedly as if he understood the words of the red flying bug, which was very weird.

"Imperial Preceptor, my junior brother has arrived."

The black-clothed man was the Little Poison King that Empress Dowager had mentioned and his name was Fu Yuanqing. He continued, "He had antidoted the Thousand Opportunity Poison in Empress Dowager's body."

Eternal Peace Empire opened his eyes and let out a strong smell of blood from his mouth. He asked puzzledly, "How did you know that it's your junior brother who had antidoted the Thousand Opportunity Poison in Empress Dowager?"

"Thousand Opportunity Poison is my master's proudest work. The only ones who can antidote this poison is only me and him."

The warts on Fu Yuanqing's face twitched and he explained neither too fast nor too slow, "The little bug had told me that a youth had arrived therefore it's obviously not my master. That could only mean it's his new disciple. I had thought he was already dead and I never expected he would still be alive and even taught a little junior brother out. Imperial Preceptor, now that the poison in Empress Dowager's body is antidoted, do you want to poison her again by feeding her another strange poison?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor shook his head, "There's already no need."

Fu Yuanqing didn't understand.

"There's no personal grudge between Empress Dowager and me. She had only opposed to me pushing for a political reform for the sake of her son's empire. His Majesty became hesitant due to this, therefore, I had ordered you to poison her, not for the sake of killing her. It was just to make her unable to meddle with the politics of the imperial court. Without Empress Dowager's meddling, His Majesty could now put his heart and soul into pushing for a political reform. Now that my influence is already stable, there are half of the people in all levels of society supporting the political reform."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor continued, "And the ones that oppose me are currently taking the chance to revolt. My plan has already succeeded and with the current general trend, even Empress Dowager can't stop me."

Fu Yuanqing smiled, "You talk about the general trend but I talk about gratitude and grudges. Your injuries are almost healed and it's useless for me to stay here so I'm going out to take a walk. Now my junior brother is here, shouldn't I visit him as his senior brother?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor warned, "You need to be careful. Empress Dowager won't do anything to me but she can still put you to death."

Fu Yuanqing hesitated for a moment and the warts on his face trembled randomly. He grumbled resentfully, "You are the one that ordered me to poison her so why will she kill me instead of you? How innocent am I?"

"Did you forget that you betrayed your master? Furthermore, Empress Dowager had a history with your master and with her intelligence, she will definitely know that the person that had cured the poison is your junior brother and you will definitely want to find him. She will definitely be waiting for you to take the bait and kill you, taking revenge for herself as well as for your master."

Fu Yuanqing's head started to ache and could only drop this thought.

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