Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1252 - What Is There To Do?

Bai Yujing's Dao heart was indeed inferior to Qin Mu's. She had even more heart devils.

When she saw Son of Heaven Mental Demon Yin taking shape, her second heart devil was also taking shape. It was Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi.

Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi of the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens was the person she loved and admired, but both of them were enemies. They couldn't get what they loved, and they couldn't stay together forever. Thus, they became heart devils.

The Inner Demon Zi Xi was even more handsome and elegant than Yan Yunxi, who was dressed as a man.

However, after the elegant Inner Demon Zi Xi appeared, her third Inner Demon was also born.

Her third heart devil was actually Qin Mu!

The heart devil Qin Mu had a ferocious face and a fierce-looking face, but he could barely make out Qin Mu's appearance.

Her three inner demons had finally appeared!

"Celestial Venerable Mu, are you a match for your heart devil?" Bai Yujing had no time to look at Qin Mu as she asked loudly.

On the other side, Qin Mu smiled and said, "It's just a heart devil, not the real Celestial Venerable Yu. I have to face my own heart devil and defeat it, only then can the devil in my heart be completely eliminated."

"Celestial Venerable Yu?" Bai Yujing was shocked when she heard that. The chubby boy she had picked up was Celestial Venerable Yu?

The instant she lost her focus, Son of Heaven Mental Demon, Son of Heaven Mental Demon, Qin Mu, and Son of Heaven Mental Demon attacked almost at the same time. Son of Heaven Mental Demon's body shook, and countless primordial divine insects flew out, covering the sky and earth as they rushed towards Bai Yujing.

Bai Yujing had lived close to two hundred lifetimes, and most of her life had been sucked dry by the mouthparts of these primordial divine insects.

On the other hand, the heart devil Zi Xi was much more carefree. She suddenly split into two, two into four, and four into eight. Among the eight Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi, some were proficient in zithers, some were proficient in chess formations, some were proficient in calligraphy, and some were proficient in painting.

Some were proficient in sword path, martial path, knife path, and algebra!

Heavenly Teacher Xi used her own methods to attack the eight positions at the same time. The moment she moved, three more Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi appeared behind them, and there were a total of thirty-two of them!

Yan Yunxi was an ambitious woman.

During the Founding Emperor Era, Yan Yunxi's talents filled the heavens, and she walked among the heavens and myriad worlds as a man. Her goal was the same as the Celestial Venerables. She wanted to cultivate the complete celestial heavens.

However, she walked the path of Postcelestial and not the path of the ten Celestial Venerables.

Furthermore, even though she had cultivated a lot, she had only mastered eight Postcelestial Dao, so she couldn't achieve all thirty-two palaces.

More importantly, when she cultivated to the Numinous Sky Realm, she realized that it was incomparably difficult to take another step forward. She was unable to take this step and could only be trapped in the Numinous Sky Realm, unable to advance for twenty thousand years.

Even so, she was one of the strongest existences in Founding Emperor Era.

When Mental Demon Zi Xi attacked Bai Yujing, Qin Mu also attacked her.

Qin Mu had left an impression on Bai Yujing when he had killed Yu Wufei and Nine Yin Supremacies. She was originally afraid of Qin Mu, afraid that he would awaken the vermillion bird soul in her body.

The devil in Bai Yujing's heart, Qin Mu, even surpassed the real Qin Mu in terms of magic power!

She was surrounded!

'I'm a heavenly teacher of the Emperor's Throne Realm, and all of my abilities were obtained from two hundred lifetimes of fighting. I fought with my life on the line with Son of Heaven Yin, and I didn't rely on the protection of my ancestors or South Deity's soul!'

Bai Yujing's emperor's aura burst forth. She had been reincarnated for nearly two hundred lifetimes and had experienced countless trials and tribulations. Her methods weren't purely learned from Celestial Venerable Yue.

In reality, the sects she had acknowledged were countless!

Be it Buddhism, Daoism, or other Celestial Venerables, Heavenly Teacher, or Heavenly King, she had all gone to pay her respects to her master!

Behind Bai Yujing's head, celestial palaces appeared one after another, causing her aura to reach its peak in an instant. When this woman flipped out, she looked extremely majestic!

"Among the four great heavenly teachers, I'm not the strongest in terms of wisdom, but in terms of battle power, the other three heavenly teachers aren't my match!"

In just an instant, she folded the space and formed spatial mirror images. In the mirror images, Bai Yujing had different celestial palaces. At the same time, she attacked Son of Heaven Mental Demon, Mo Zixi, and Qin Mu!

On the other side, Qin Mu looked at the devil in his heart, Lan Yutian, who was walking over.

Celestial Venerable Yu wasn't the devil in his heart, but the fatty Lan Yutian was.

"There was originally no Overlord Body in this world, but there was the strongest person."

Qin Mu relaxed and looked at the devil in his heart. He said in a low voice, "Village Chief used the Overlord Body to encourage me, to make me confident, to make me never give up, to make me think I have the best spirit body. Hehe, but all the rumors about the Overlord Body in this world actually came from me. I was the one who transmigrated back to the ancient times, back to Dragon Han, High Emperor, and left behind the legends about the Overlord Body and about me."

On the other side, the devil in his heart, Lan Yutian, opened up his divine treasure realm with a buzz. It was the same as him, but the cultivation method was completely opposite.

The Mental Demon Lan Yutian was like another four-faced god without any blind spots. His power was almost the same as Qin Mu!

"Actually, there's no Overlord Body at all."

Qin Mu's divine treasure realm burst forth, and his gaze was bright. He revealed a strong confidence. "If there is, it can only be me! From the Dragon Han Era until now, there has been no one like me!"


The two divine treasure domains collided, and the collision between the domains was like two universes colliding and destroying each other!

Qin Mu laughed loudly. In his divine treasure realm, the Grand Primordium Ancient Mining, the Grand Primordium Ancient Mining, the Grand Primordium Ancient Mining, and the Grand Primordium Ancient Mining shone brightly. The four great mines were enshrouded by the Great Dao, and divine light rose. The power of the four Great Daos gathered towards him!

'This Great Void Demon Territory is merely an incomplete Great Dao of Consciousness that can reveal the devils in the hearts of others!'

Qin Mu's muscles bulged, and he forcefully crushed the ancestral court of the Mental Demon Lan Yutian. He said solemnly, "However, I can't perfectly present the devil in my heart! Because my Great Dao has already surpassed the range of the Great Dao of Consciousness, and it's even higher!"

The Inner Demon Lan Yutian mobilized all his power, and the Great Dao rumbled like ten thousand Dao resonating together. However, in the next moment, a primordial sword light flew over and sliced him into two!

Qin Mu shook his hand, and the broken sword returned to its original state. He returned the sword back into its sheath and said bleakly, "The one I killed wasn't the Inner Demon Lan Yutian. It was just another me, not the complete me…"

The broken sword was inserted into the sheath with a clink, and the sound of its passage was endless.

The Mental Demon Lan Yutian was actually just another him.

No one could imitate him, not even the Great Void Demon Territory.

Ever since Qin Mu had returned to Dragon Han and returned to a million years ago, all of the legends of the overlord body in history were about him.

There was no Overlord Body in this world. If there was, it could only be him.

His only Overlord Body was also a mortal body, an ordinary mortal.

He had no soul, and even his corporeal body was a mortal that borrowed his brother.

However, he was unique!

He had a calm expression and a smile on his face. After the Mental Demon Lan Yutian died, another Mental Demon Lan Yutian was born in this wonderful place.

Qin Mu's Dao heart was exquisite, and a melodious tune of the Great Dao came from his Dao heart.

He no longer had any devil in his heart.

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