Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1254 - Celestial Venerable Hao's Three Rabbit Holes

Qin Mu and Bai Yujing looked from afar and saw that the celestial heavens was split into two camps. On one side was Red Deity Qi Xiayu of the four deities, and on the other side was Heavenly Lord Xi Muhong of the four great heavenly kings.

On the other side were the three heavenly teachers under Founding Emperor, the first heavenly master Saint Woodcutter, the second heavenly master Yan Yunxi, the third heavenly master Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha, and their respective mounts.

Other than that, they were the Xiu Zhong and Can Nü.

These people each brought a group of gods and devils, but they suffered heavy casualties. Xiu Zhong and Can Nü also brought some masters of creation, but they were also injured. There should have been quite a number of people who died on the way, and another group died when they entered the Great Void.

Only Woodcutter, Yan Yunxi, and Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher didn't bring the strong practitioners of Carefree Village.

When Bai Yujing saw Yan Yunxi, flames burst out from her eyes. However, she and Qin Mu were here to get rid of Celestial Venerable Hao, so it was inconvenient for them to show their faces. They could only use spatial techniques to hide.

With her space divine art, Qin Mu opened up the third eye in the heart of his brows and examined his surroundings. Suddenly, his heart tightened.

Under the gaze of his third divine eye, he could clearly see the various details of the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu's head. Within the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu's head, there were no more Great Dao runes of the ancient gods.

'In other words, Celestial Venerable Hao took away these imprints and used them to set up the formation array to protect himself.'

Qin Mu thought to himself, 'He knows he's severely injured, so there must be someone taking the chance to kill him. Even his former allies might not be able to let go of such a good opportunity. As expected of a Celestial Venerable, to be able to leave behind a trump card under such serious injuries, his thoughts are extremely meticulous.'

The four groups of people boarded the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu's head and searched around. The head of the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu was like a mountain. It was the most powerful weapon in the celestial heavens, yet it had no power at all.

There were even some monsters formed by the heart devils that bit the flesh of the head!

Everyone got rid of the devils in their hearts and walked past the mountain that the huge head had transformed into. They saw numerous divine mountains floating in the air in front of them, and divine light that was like a rosy glow filled the mountains and rivers.

Other places in the Great Void Demon Domain were terrifying and sinister, but this place was like a sacred residence. It was indescribably gorgeous and beautiful.

There were four canyons in front of them, and they seemed to lead in different directions.

Multicolored light rose and covered the sky of the four ravines. The light in the sky was blurry like an aurora.

There wasn't even a heart demon here. It was indescribably strange.

Xi Tianjun muttered to himself irresolutely and sent a divine general to fly into the sky. That divine general stood in the sky and looked down. He shouted, "Heavenly Lord, the divine light here is too thick, covering the mountains below. I can't see what's inside!"

"Go down and take a look!"

That divine general acknowledged his promise and flew into the divine light. Suddenly, his flesh and blood melted, and his primordial spirit disintegrated. Without a sound, he turned into a pile of broken bones and fell from the divine light.

Everyone had the same thought as they looked at the divine light in the valley in front of them and hesitated.

Saint Woodcutter said loudly, "These divine mountains and rays of light are formed from the Great Dao runes in the head of the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu. Everyone must be careful!"

Everyone looked over and focused their gazes on him with strange expressions.

Saint Woodcutter was the number one heavenly master of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, and he was sworn enemies with the people of the celestial heavens. His wisdom was extremely high, and he had already seen through the strangeness of this place before anyone else. His abilities were indeed astonishing.

However, why would Woodcutter be so kind as to tell them about the danger here and let them prepare in advance?

Xi Tianjun suddenly burst into laughter. "I don't believe you, you old man. You're so bad, you must be up to no good!"

Saint Woodcutter chuckled. "Everyone has the same motive for coming here. Not only are we not enemies, we are even friends. I naturally have to tell everyone where the danger is."

Everyone's gaze flickered, and they remained silent.

Xi Tianjun said with a smile, "When has a chicken thief become so kind? I've suffered under you before, so I don't trust you."

Even though he said that, he still asked for guidance. "Smelling chicken thief, can you tell that Celestial Venerable Hao fell into that canyon?"

Saint Woodcutter didn't mind being called a thief and said, "Heavenly Lord, it's hard to predict the intentions of Celestial Venerable. How could I dare to guess Celestial Venerable Hao's intentions? However, since Celestial Venerable Hao laid down these four canyons and he has already done it, I can guess his intentions."

He looked back and forth in front of the four canyons and said with a smile, "There seems to be only four paths here, but there are actually eight."

Everyone was astonished and looked over. Even Red Deity Qi Xiayu, Xi Tianjun, and Yan Yunxi couldn't see where the other four canyons were.

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha couldn't even think about it. As for Xiu Zhong and Can Nü, they didn't know much about the divine arts of the outside world, so they naturally couldn't tell.

In the distance, Bai Yujing also couldn't see where the other four canyons were hiding. She hurriedly looked at Qin Mu and asked, "Celestial Venerable Mu, can you tell? I heard you are Wen Ji… Wen Tiange's disciple, you must have learned his abilities!"

Qin Mu shook his head and said angrily, "This old man has never taught me anything!"

Bai Yujing was puzzled. "That's impossible, right? Wen Tiange wouldn't be so biased."

Qin Mu said resentfully, "He wanted to teach me later, but I lost my pride and didn't learn after mocking him."

Bai Yujing was flabbergasted, and she said carefully, "Wen Ji… Wen Tiange's abilities still have to be learned. During the Founding Emperor Era, he taught countless disciples, and every one of them had extraordinary achievements that shook the world. Even the gods of the celestial heavens praised him."

Qin Mu remained silent with a black face.

Saint Woodcutter took out a few small flags and walked forward. "These valleys and mountains come from the runes of Great Dao on the head of the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu. However, each valley comes from a different direction. They are actually formed from the seven apertures of the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu."

He drew runes on the flag and placed a small flag at the entrances of the four valleys that had already appeared. He said calmly, "The eyes, ears, mouth, and nose transform into two canyons, the ears into two canyons, the nostrils into two canyons, and the mouth into a canyon."

The four flags stabbed down, and the runes on them gradually lit up, shining on the four valleys.

The light of the runes shone into the canyon, and at the entrance of the canyon, the rays of light suddenly stuck to the cliffs on both sides. They were like streams of light that went straight into the depths of the canyon!

After the four streams of light, they saw that the stone walls of the four valleys were covered with Great Dao runes!


Four tremors came from the depths of the four canyons. In front of everyone, the other three canyons appeared!

Everyone looked at this scene with their mouths agape. Suddenly, Heaven Monarch Xi shouted, "That's not right, chicken thief Wen, there are only seven canyons here! Where's the eighth canyons that you mentioned?"

Saint Woodcutter took out three small flags and painted them with runes. He stabbed them in front of the other three canyons that had just appeared, and another three streams of light flashed past them.

After three tremors, the eighth canyon appeared.

Saint Woodcutter clapped his hands and said, "The eighth valley is out. This eighth valley is where Celestial Venerable Hao is hiding."

Bai Yujing saw this and said to Qin Mu, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you really should learn!"

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