Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1258 - The Great Dao Forms A Cocoon

With a grunt, the pestle shattered the divine general!

His expression was grim as he pulled out the divine sword that was stabbed into his chest and wiped out the sword light that was trying to sever his divine bridge. He still had lingering fears.

Suddenly, countless Heart Devil Celestial Venerable Mu attacked his Great Dao Chains of the Demon Subduing Pestle and attacked frantically. Heaven Monarch Xi executed the Demon Subduing Pestle to kill all of the intruders.

His expression became more solemn. These Celestial Venerable Heart Devil had actually seen through the Great Dao markings of his Demon Subduing Pestle and solved the Dao markings!

It was obvious that Celestial Venerable Mu had already found a way to deal with him. Now that he had been stabbed by that sword, his strength had been damaged. If the devils in his heart broke his demonfall pestle, it would definitely be a bloody battle!

The Heart Devil Celestial Venerable and Celestial Venerable Mu worked together to break through the dao pattern of the pestle. When they reached him, Heaven Monarch Xi gave a dull roar and completely unleashed his cultivation as he fought with all his might.

After an unknown period of time, he killed countless Celestial Venerable Heart Devils and finally forced back the remaining mental demons.

His body was covered in blood and wounds.

Xi Tianjun was breathing heavily when he heard the sound of footsteps. Two divine generals walked out from the darkness and approached him. Their bodies were also covered in blood. "Heavenly King, we've finally found you! We…"


Xi Tianjun turned around and swung his pestle, causing one of the heads to explode. With another strike, he killed another god general and sneered. "Using the same trick again? You underestimate me, Xi Muhong!"

After he got rid of the two, he saw the two corpses lying on the ground without any changes. It was obvious that they were really his subordinates!

Xi Tianjun was astonished, and his expression turned extremely ugly. He let out a roar and continued to walk into the darkness with the pestle.

In the darkness, miserable screams rang out. It wasn't known if it was the screams of the Celestial Venerable Heart Devils before he died or if someone else had been poisoned.

There seemed to be enemies hidden everywhere in this dark valley!

Saint Woodcutter and the black tiger god were extremely nervous. The Heart Devil Celestial Venerable Mu had just dispersed Yan Yunxi and the rest, leaving them alone. Even though Saint Woodcutter was extremely intelligent, he was helpless against these Heart Devil Celestial Venerable Mu.

The master and servant stared at the darkness around them in fear, not daring to move.

"Guan Cha will find us."

Saint Woodcutter consoled the black tiger god and said in a low voice, "Even though he always hits me, he's actually very concerned about me…"

At this moment, footsteps came from the darkness. Saint Woodcutter surpassed the huge ax and stared nervously in the direction of the footsteps.

A Celestial Venerable Heart Devil walked out of the darkness, holding a divine sword as he looked at them quietly.

At the same time, footsteps came from behind them. Another Heart Devil Celestial Venerable appeared and surrounded them one after another.

Saint Woodcutter and the black tiger god had their backs against each other as they prepared for battle. However, both of them knew that this would be the day of their deaths!

The two Heart Devil Celestial Venerable Mu took a step forward at the same time. Their bodies moved as they rushed forward one after another, the sword light in their hands like a waterfall!

Saint Woodcutter and the black tiger god felt despair in their hearts. The two Heart Devil Celestial Venerable Mu's abilities were too strong, and they were no match for them.


Blood light appeared, and the sword light vanished.

Woodcutter and the black tiger god opened their eyes and saw one of them, Celestial Venerable Heart Devil, killing the other. He shook the bloodstains on his sword and silently walked into the darkness.

The black tiger god was stunned, but Woodcutter suddenly came to a realization. "Mu'er?"

That 'Celestial Venerable Heart Devil' didn't even turn back and vanished into the darkness.

Saint Woodcutter frowned slightly and said in a low voice, "Looks like it's really him. He has also come here."

The sword light suddenly appeared in the darkness, and Saint Woodcutter and the black tiger god followed the sword light. The ground was filled with the corpses of Celestial Venerable Heart Devil.

Woodcutter was even more certain that among the tens of thousands of Heart Devils and Celestial Venerable Mu in this dark valley, there was indeed one true Qin Mu!

Here, he was like a fish in water. He wasn't as careful as they were, afraid of being surrounded by the heart devils.

Woodcutter and the black tiger god followed Qin Mu in the darkness. After walking dozens of miles, they encountered countless attacks from the darkness, but there were always people helping them block all the attacks from the darkness.

Suddenly, Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Zhuo Cha's voice came from the front, and Woodcutter and the black tiger god hurried over. As expected, Guan Cha and Niu Sanduo were fighting with all their might and had already killed quite a number of Celestial Venerable Heart Devils.

When Guan Cha saw them, he let out a sigh of relief and said, "Woodcutter, where did you run off to? We've been looking for you for a long time and thought you were dead!"

Saint Woodcutter said with a smile, "We stayed where we were and waited for you to save us. We didn't expect you to come here."

"Those devils in the heart laid down teleportation formations everywhere, and when Sanduo and I accidentally stepped into the formation, we were transported here. They actually laid an ambush here."

Guan Cha and Niu Sanduo were also covered in wounds. "These devils are full of tricks and are very powerful. The Celestial Venerable Mu in Celestial Venerable Hao's heart is indeed stronger than that brat Qin Mu!"

Saint Woodcutter shook his head and said, "The devil in Celestial Venerable Hao's heart is far inferior to the real Mu'er."

Zhuo Cha was astonished, but he didn't ask further. "This place isn't far from where Celestial Venerable Hao is. I just heard the zither notes and donkey cries. Qi Xiayu and Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi are probably not far ahead. Let's hurry over, Heavenly Teacher Zi Xi isn't Red Deity Qi Xiayu's match!"

Saint Woodcutter looked into the darkness. Qin Mu should still be walking in the darkness, secretly protecting the others.

Not long later, they finally found Xiu Zhong. Xiu Zhong separated from Can Nü, and the masters of creation he brought suffered heavy casualties. Only two to three people were left.

What surprised them was that Xiu Zhong had already found Yan Yunxi. However, Yan Yunxi and Lü Zheng were severely injured and fell to the ground.

Xiu Zhong placed her on his palm, and Yan Yunxi panted. "I met Bai Yujing and got beaten up by this crazy woman. It wasn't easy for me to escape."

"Doesn't Bai Yujing like you a lot?" Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Guan Cha was puzzled.

Yan Yunxi didn't explain further. "When the crazy woman wanted to kill me, a Heart Devil Celestial Venerable Mu saved me."

Can Nü hurried over and said, "I met a heart devil who said you guys are here."

Saint Woodcutter said, "That's Mu'er. He has also come here. I reckon those Heart Devil Celestial Venerable Mu have also treated him as a mental demon."

Everyone looked at each other.

Niu Sanduo said, "He disguised himself as a heart devil and mixed with these Heart Devil Celestial Venerable Mu? How interesting…"

Martial Arts Heavenly Teacher Zhu Cha stared at him, and Niu Sanduo immediately returned to his usual honest self. However, he also liked to take risks, especially when he was beside Qin Mu.

Finally, they came to the place where Celestial Venerable Hao had fainted. There were countless Inner Demons and Celestial Venerable Mus surrounding a huge cocoon of divine light. They were peeling off the silk from the cocoon, planning to attack it.

They had already opened a path in the cocoon, and it was unknown how deep it was. However, some of the Mental Demon Celestial Venerable Mu had entered and didn't come out alive.

"This is Celestial Venerable Hao's Great Dao cocoon!" Xi Tianjun cried out when he saw this.

He met up with Red Deity Qi Xiayu, and the two of them worked together to rush here.

Suddenly, a cryptic devil language came from the heart devils. The heart devils and Celestial Venerable Mu actually retreated and vanished into the darkness.

Celestial Venerable Hao's Great Dao cocoon was no longer obstructed!

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