Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 126 - Etiquette

When Qin Mu had woke up, it was already in the evening. The youth was desiring to get some water from the courtyard to wash him. When he walked out of his room, he saw over ten sword cases in the courtyard. Other than sword cases, there was also a pile of items like jade pendants, hairpins, jewelry and et cetera.

Qin Mu was bewildered and heard a sound coming from outside the door, "Is it Sister Fox Immortal? I'm here to redeem the items of my house's young lady, have a look…"

Hu Ling'er's voice sounded out, "The money is not enough. The sword case, hairpin, bracelet of your young lady are all no ordinary items. This amount of Great Abundance Coins isn't enough."

"What's Ling'er doing?"

Qin Mu was bewildered. He was sleepy-eyed and had yet washed up so it wasn't good for him to go out now, thus he got some water to wash his face. Meanwhile, the voice outside carefully smiled apologetically, "My young lady had only given me this bag of money and there's simply no more, may Sister Fox Immortal please make things easy for me. This sword case is from Imperial College and the hairpin and bracelet are given by the elders in young lady's family…"

"Fine, wait here for a moment."

The door opened and Qin Mu saw Hu Ling'er running in like a wisp of smoke with a bag of coins behind her. This white fox used her spells to raise a whirlwind, sweeping up a sword case and a few pieces of jewelry as she rushed back in excitement and handed it over to the person outside.

The person was deeply grateful and said thanks then left.

Qin Mu washed his face and brushed his teeth with a wooden toothbrush. The little white fox running back in, she only noticed him now and was surprised, "Young master is awake? Young master, we have money now!" When she said that, she opened the door to the room and Qin Mu saw over twenty bags piled on the floor.

Hu Ling'er opened a bag of coins and Great Abundance Coins flew out to the ground.

Qin Mu was flabbergasted and didn't know what to say.

Hu Ling'er was proud of herself, "Young master had beaten those scholars so they were embarrassed to come to redeem their items by themselves. They could only send their servants over to redeem their stuff, thus we had made a big profit!"

Qin Mu washed his mouth and let out a murky breath while shaking his head, "Ling'er, this isn't kind. I had already given them two beatings. Now you had pillaged them and wanted their ransoms, it's slightly too much. Now that they had given the ransoms, how will I have the cheek to beat them again?"

Hu Ling'er stuck out her tongue and was slightly upset, "You had already beaten them once already? Young master didn't pillage them the previous time you beat them? Isn't that a huge loss? Young master knows our Great Ruins' rule more than anyone else! You had said before that snatching things with our own ability couldn't be called stealing."

Qin Mu shook his head, "You snatched their stuff and took their money. I'm afraid that my hands would get weak from collecting money. Fine, we have almost run out of money anyway, so this money could sustain us for a while more. You cannot snatch their stuff next time. We'll snatch again when we run out of money. In that way can the thin streams flow forever."

Hu Ling'er nodded her head repeatedly and said, "Young master is awake so I shall prepare some food."

"Why do you need to prepare food? Now that we have money, we can go eat any delicacies in the city. You can choose any dish soever you like."

They went out excitedly with the fox carrying the coin pouch. The numerous scholars staying in Scholar's Residence all closed their windows and doors when they saw Qin Mu and the fox walking by, not daring to face him.

Qin Mu was bewildered. These scholars had said that the entire Imperial College had known that he had beaten them but he definitely didn't leak out what happened. Who was the one that had leaked it out then?

Beside Scholar's Residence was Royalty Park and the people living inside were all princes, princesses as well as lords from aristocrat families. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had implemented a rule that children of royalties had no need to take the examination and could enter Imperial College at fifteen years old. However, the royalties had respectable identities, therefore, they couldn't stay together with ordinary scholars, thus another park was opened up.

Wei Yong was currently laughing with a few royalties, "You didn't know that our Scholar's Residence was bustling with activities. That Qin Mu has beaten up the scholars again and they are extremely miserable. Don't say I'm the one who said it out…"

A royalty asked puzzledly, "This person from Great Ruins is actually that strong?"

"He's still okay."

Wei Yong bragged, "His ability is about the same as mine, just that his moves are peculiar. I feel that those fellows from Scholar's Residence are too useless."

Another royalty laughed, "The fellows from Scholar's Residence are always conceited and contemptuous. They felt that they had fought their way in with their ability and always looked down us royalties. Now they had met their nemesis."

Qin Mu walked out of Scholar's Residence and a youth appeared in front of him. The youth was travel-worn and was carrying a huge luggage that was as tall as a human. The backpack was squarish and a few weapons were stabbed in it. Even though he was travel-worn, he looked very martial and had an air of slaughter on his body, giving off an invasive feeling.

The two of them met face to face and Qin Mu was invaded by his invasive feeling thus his body automatically gave a defensive pose. Under the pull of the qi activity, that youth also had no choice to stop in his steps.

Even though this youth had an air of slaughter, his actions were very formal. He bowed in a greeting, "Newly arrived junior brother?"

Qin Mu returned the greeting, "I've just entered. Senior brother has just returned from outside?"

"I've taken the chance to go to the frontlines of the army during my vacation."

That youth smiled, "I'm called Chen Wanyun, since junior brother has newly arrived, you can find me if you need anything."

Qin Mu reported his name and the two of them parted ways. Until the qi activity tangled up with them had vanished did they feel at ease and walked away with wide steps.

"This new junior brother is very strong…" Chen Wanyun looked back and gave another glance at Qin Mu as he thought to himself.

"Big brother is back!"

Scholar's Residence was in jubilation. Numerous scholars walked out from their own residences and welcomed Chen Wanyun. Chen Wanyun smiled, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have merely parted for a month, is there a need to miss me so much? Eh, why do all of you have injuries? Senior Sister Qu, even you are hurt? What's going on?"

The scholars of Scholar's Residence all looked ashamed.

That Senior Sister Qu was called Qu Ting who replied shamefully, "Big brother you have no idea, recently an abandoned person of Great Ruins came to the school and he has a very strong power. During the entrance examination, Daoist Ling Yun was injured by him using a wooden sword and got embarrassed in front of the emperor. The emperor allowed him to enter our Imperial College. We were angry about that decision so we wanted to force him to leave Imperial College. How can a slave be our classmate…"

Chen Wanyun said, "Daoist Ling Yun is very extraordinary. He is able to hurt Ling Yun; it means that his capability is astonishing! You went to provoke him, of course, you would be beaten. At the same realm, how could any of you be Ling Yun's opponent?"

Qu Ting argued, "What kind of identity do we have? In our Eternal Peace, abandoned people are slaves and slaves are the same as livestock. Having livestock as classmates, aren't we going to be livestock in the eyes of others? Imperial scholars are eighth ranking officials after all, is an abandoned person also worthy? How would we save Imperial College's face? Furthermore, junior brother, we got beaten by this abandoned person and it is not us beating him. We even got beaten twice!"

Chen Wanyun was flabbergasted and said, "All of you have gone to beat him so it's natural for him to beat you. You can't blame him. When you had lost, he didn't let you go but beat you again, that is his fault."

All the scholars were even more ashamed and didn't say a word.

Chen Wanyun saw their expressions and asked in suspicion, "He didn't give you a hassle. You went to pick on him again because you were indignant in losing and ended up being taught a lesson again by him. Am I right?"

Qu Ting immediately said, "Now it's no longer a personal grudge but the face of our Scholar's Residence! How can scholars of Eternal Peace lose to a barbarian from outside the sphere of civilization? This matter has already been spread throughout the whole mountain! It was this abandoned person who had spread the news out, making it hard for us to back down! He even robbed us and pillaged all our valuables, making us have no choice but to redeem them back, shaming us even further!"

Chen Wanyun's expression turned grim, "Where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them. Isn't what he has done a little too overboard? Don't worry, I'll handle this. Also, all of you are too useless, to be actually beaten so miserably by a newly arrived scholar, useless!"

All the scholars lowered their heads and Qu Ting muttered, "If he hadn't schemed us, we wouldn't have…"

Chen Wanyun sneered, "I had met a junior brother outside just now who is called Qin Mu. This person is very remarkable. There is still a murderous aura around my body after leaving the battlefield and he could already detect it before I even came in front of him. His qi activity was locked on to me and forced me to go into a defensive position, stopping to return greetings with him and reported our names to ease the enmity. This is the state which an imperial scholar should have!"

He continued with a deep voice, "I had once gone traveling with Teacher Ba Shan and met the sect master of Heavenly Flag Sect. Back then Teacher Ba Shan and Heavenly Flag Sect Master moved closer and closer to each other before finally stopping in their footsteps to greet each other and parting their ways. I always didn't understand why was there such a sight and at that moment where I met Junior Brother Qin Mu, only then did I understand what Teacher Ba Shan had experienced when he met Heavenly Flag Sect Master."

"In the martial world when you meet etiquette, it might not be as you expected and a fight is secretly concealed in it. If you don't go out for experience and only hide away here, you will never understand that feeling. When you are unable to see that kind of battles, you will definitely lose!"

All the scholars became more and more ashamed and Qu Ting muttered, "Junior Brother Chen, the abandoned person that had beaten us is called Qin Mu…"

"So it was him!"

Chen Wanyun was slightly stunned and looked pensive, "No wonder… all of you didn't lose wrongfully. Defeating you, what's the need for him to sneak attack?"

Suddenly a surprised cry sounded out, "Senior Sister Qinghong is back!"

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