Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 127 - Show Your Weapon

Chen Wanyun turned around to have a look and saw a young lady in green walking to Scholar's Residence.

The young lady's clothes were neat and her beautiful hair was coiled up by a muslin net with a golden sword hairpin inserted. She was also travel-worn as she had rushed back from another part of the country and should have just disembarked the ship. Behind her was a robust man that was extremely tall. His height was twice a human's height, and he was valorous with his body full of fierce muscles.

This robust man was carrying the young lady's backpack and as the young lady walked to Scholar's Residence, he was right on her heels.

Followed by the robust man, Yue Qinghong kept walking and paid no attention to the scholars that were coming to welcome her. Her gaze landed on Chen Wanyun directly as she walked up to him.

When there was still three yards between them, Yue Qinghong stopped and the robust man behind her also stopped.

"Big brother." Yue Qinghong greeted.

Chen Wanyun returned the greeting, "Junior Sister Yue, where did you come from for your training?"

Yue Qinghong smiled, "I've just returned from the battlefield of Wolf Store Country. I heard that big brother had gone to the battlefields for training?"

Chen Wanyun nodded, "That's right. I had gone to the battlefield of Barbarian Di Empire and fought a few barbarians. You have improved quite a bit."

Yue Qinghong smiled, "You too. I'm worried that I still can't beat you. Luckily I subdued a wolf slave at Wolf Store Country. Wolf slave, come out to meet big brother!"

The robust man behind her put down her luggage with a thud and suddenly stretched his hands out to grab at Chen Wanyun!

His aura was surprisingly fierce like fire and when he grabbed over with one hand, the air instantly turned dry and was even filled with sands dust. This gave people a feeling that a blazing sun hitting them in their faces!

On the exposed chest of the wolf slave, dragon wolf markings actually appeared and all the scholars were trembling with fear. This dragon wolf's markings were originally a mutation of one of the Four Great Spirit Bodies, which was called Dragon Wolf Spirit Body, the totem of Wolf Store Country.

Chen Wanyun didn't bat an eyelid and just raised his palm to face the huge hand of the wolf slave. Only a rumble was heard and Chen Wanyun's clothing fluttered. The wolf slave's huge body also swayed slightly and his gaze towards Chen Wanyun became different. With a husky voice, he said, "You're not weak."

"You too."

Chen Wanyun smiled, "Since Junior Sister Yue could subdue a wolf slave, it shows that your power has grown rapidly."

Suddenly an ethereal voice laughed, "Senior Sister Yue, big brother, you two are flattering each other again. When can both of you be modest and cool like me?"

Another youth came forward and he had no hair on his head. He looked like a monk in white Buddhist clothes but there were no marks on top of his head.

"Junior Brother Yun Que." Chen Wanyun greeted politely.

This young monk should be cultivating Buddhism but his temperament was obviously not that of a monk. He was very competitive and was very eager to fight, "I had gone to Li River, the place of the rebellion. After Li River Sword Sect was exterminated, the other sects there rebelled and caused trouble thus I had to follow the army to quell the rebellion. These few days I had quite a considerable amount of experiences and I would like to have some advice from Senior Brother Chen and Senior Sister Yue."

Yue Qinghong's gaze flickered, "From the time we entered college we had begun fighting and we had always been slightly weaker than big brother, therefore, you are the big brother of our Scholar's Residence. However, after the training, I'm afraid that there won't be any big brother in Scholar's Residence and there will only be a big sister!"

Chen Wanyun replied indifferently, "I killed barbarians at the border and my power had become fiercer ever since. My murderous intent is too heavy so I'm afraid of killing any of you when I attack. However, there's actually a ruthless person who just came to our Scholar's Residence. He is very fierce and tough. Most of the scholars in Scholar's Residence were beaten by him so if any of you can win him, I will surrender the position of big brother readily!"

Yue Qinghong's eyes lighted up, "No regrets?"

Chen Wanyun smiled, "When did I, Chen Wanyun, ever go back on the words I had said? This person is called Qin Mu and he wears embroidered clothes with a white fox at his side, therefore, he is pretty easy to recognize. I had met him as he was leaving the mountain and he should be back soon."

Yun Que immediately leaped away and laughed loudly, "Little monk shall go enlighten this Qin Mu. Senior Sister Yue, don't fight with me, let me enjoy being the big brother for a moment!"

Senior Sister Yue saw him off and sneered, "This baldy everyday acts like he's a high monk yet he's the most impatient. If even Senior Brother Chen finds the person thorny, he would definitely not be easy to deal with. Senior Sister Qu, all of you have been beaten by that Qin Mu?"

Senior Sister Qu and the rest looked embarrassed.

Yue Qinghong's gaze flickered and asked, "Can you tell me what kind of moves did this Qin Mu use?"

She had a meticulous mind and asked everyone about the moves Qin Mu used to beat them. After a moment, Yue Qinghong already had an idea and said, "This person used spells and palm skills but he didn't use sword skill. He shouldn't have much attainment in sword skill…"

Qu Ting immediately said, "Senior sister, during the examination, he had used a wooden sword to defeat Daoist Ling Yun from Hall of Pure Yang."

"Defeat Daoist Ling Yun?"

Yue Qinghong was startled and asked, "How many moves did he use?"

"One move!"

Yue Qinghong's heart trembled slightly and said, "It's not difficult to defeat Daoist Ling Yun on the same realm and I can also do it. But to defeat Daoist Ling Yun in one move, that's impossible for me. He had defeated all these junior brothers and sisters all in one move, with fists or spell. He could actually manage to be proficient in all three arts. Doesn't he have any weakness? No, he definitely has a weakness! Going to the battlefield of Wolf Store Country this time, I had seen weaknesses even on the seasoned seniors, much less a scholar who had just entered? I can take the chance to get to know the situation while Yun Que challenging him ."

Putting down the luggage, she immediately brought her wolf slave and left.

Qin Mu brought the little fox to a high-class restaurant in the capital city and ordered a table of delicacies. Eating heartily, Qin Mu who seldom showed his kindness ordered a jar of fine wine for Hu Ling'er and drank two cups himself. Both of their stomachs bulged from their eating.

Hu Ling'er was still in a daze as she controlled her wind to float back to Imperial College with Qin Mu. After this little fox was drunk, she showed her true self and just lied on the demon wind motionless with her front legs stretched straight out. Her eyes stared forward without blinking, though her stomach was a few rounds bigger.

Qin Mu only drank two small cups, therefore, he was not affected. On his way back, he looked at the cultural and historical attractions of the capital city. The Capital city was much flourishing than other places, making people reluctant to leave.

Both of them walked into the mountain gate and Qin Mu waved his hand in front of the little fox's face. He only saw Hu Ling'er eyes remained huge and round but there was a cat-like snoring sound coming from her throat. It turned out that she had fallen asleep from being drunk yet she was still controlling her demon wind to float forward.

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She carried the white fox off her demon wind and hanged her around his neck. Hu Ling'er body slumped and curled around his neck. Her tail hanged down Qin Mu's chest and her body squirmed twice to find a comfortable spot to continue sleeping.

"Alcohol tolerance is so bad yet she still likes to drink."

Qin Mu shook his head and continued his way up the mountain. Hu Ling'er was in deep sleep and only felt that sprawling on Qin Mu's neck was very comfortable.

When he was near the broken cliff, Qin Mu suddenly slowed down. Hu Ling'er felt like there were needles growing out from Qin Mu's neck and was prickling her so she immediately turned around to change a position but the prickling sensation was still there.

The little fox changed a few more positions but she didn't feel comfortable. It was as if Qin Mu was turning into a huge porcupine. She squinted her sleepy eyes and stretched her sleepy paws out to touch Qin Mu's neck. She didn't find any long spike but the spiking sensation was really there.

"Could young master be showing his true form?"

The white fox was still bewildered while Qin Mu had stopped.

Only now did Hu Ling'er notice someone standing on the steep cliff in front of Qin Mu. The long white robe of the monk fluttered in the wind as he stood on the cliff, looking towards them.

"Qin Mu?" That monk in white asked."

Qin Mu nodded his head, "Yes. You are?"

The monk in white raised a palm in front of his body. With a warm smile, he looked like a Buddha and his ethereal voice sounded like the voice of Buddha, "You have been unruly and hard to tame so little monk is specially here to enlighten you and subdue your unruliness. Show your weapon!"

Qin Mu was puzzled and said, "Senior brother, you have yet said your name."

The monk in white had a face full of excitement and his appearance of Buddha had vanished without a trace. Leaping down from the cliff, he fell head first to attack Qin Mu while smiling, "When you're enlightened by me, you will naturally know my name!"

With his body in midair, a dragon roared and an elephant trumpet suddenly sounded out. Raising his head to take a look, Qin Mu saw Buddha's ray shining brilliantly as a huge Buddha which was coiled up by a huge dragon rode a white elephant and came crashing down!

This was a vision which was created by the vital qi of the monk in white. His vital qi was much denser than the other scholars and didn't yield much to Daoist Ling Yun's!

This kind of attack should be a fist skill with incantations mixed with it. Incantations were attacks targeted at the soul while the coiling dragon and riding elephant fist skill was an attack targeted at the physical body.

Two of the attacks gathered as one to formed the vision of a coiling dragon roaring and an elephant trumpeting while being ridden on. This attack which was nearly a divine art was enough to show the superiority of this monk in white.

Qin Mu's spirit rose greatly and he couldn't help feeling slightly excited.

He had finally met an expert!

From the time he came to the capital city, the scholars he had met were all like Qu Ting. Even directorate Daoist Ling Yun was disgraced by just one sword from him, making it hard for him to fight to his content.

The monk in white who didn't wish to say his name was obviously very strong, which aroused his battle spirit.

Ever since he stepped onto the lands of Eternal Peace Empire, he had tried to act civilized and he was very tired of it. In his bones, he was still a person abandoned by gods that belonged to the barbaric lands of Great Ruins. As an abandoned person that wasn't cared by gods, he was a fierce and tough being that dared to go down the rivers to kill flood dragons and up the mountains to capture strange beasts with a knife!

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