Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1270 - Lan Yutian's Path

Other than Qin Mu, everyone else wasn't too happy eating in this distinguished meeting. Some of them were trembling in fear while others were full of anger.

However, the scene was still maintained.

Qin Mu suggested that he lead the army to attack Carefree Village, but he was suppressed by the soldiers. They said, "Celestial Venerable is heavily injured, so you should stay and recuperate. Otherwise, you might die from severe injuries on the battlefield."

Qin Mu could only give up.

Celestial Venerable Huo wanted to bring Qin Mu to the battlefield so that the divine generals that had broken his unchanging divine art would be able to get rid of him. However, the generals tried their best to suppress Qin Mu, preventing him from leading the army into battle. In addition, Qin Mu kept coughing and saying that he was severely injured, so it was indeed inappropriate for him to mention sending Qin Mu to his death.

After the meeting, Qin Mu 'recuperated' while the celestial heavens split up to get rid of the walking corpses and heart devils that were scattered all over the land to stabilize the rear.

Immediately, news came that the thieves of the Great Void, Youdu, and the Great Void had withdrawn their forces and were hiding in a corner of the east.

Qin Mu quietly found Bai Yujing and asked her if Lan Yutian had come out of seclusion.

Bai Yujing was injured by Hao Tian, but her injuries were still not healed. She said, "Brother Lan… Celestial Venerable Yu should still be immersed in the Dao. He has been in Celestial Venerable Yue's lantern all this time."

She took out Celestial Venerable Yue's lantern and opened the small door on the lantern. She looked inside and was stunned.

The lantern was empty. Lan Yutian had actually vanished without a trace!

Both of them were covered in cold sweat. Bai Yujing cried, "When did you run out? Where did you run off to?"

Veins popped out on Qin Mu's forehead, and he said solemnly, "Don't panic and don't make a commotion. Let's look around!"

The two of them hurriedly looked around and searched Bai Yujing's mansion thoroughly, but they couldn't find any trace of Lan Yutian.

Bai Yujing asked the servants in the manor, and they said, "When Heavenly Teacher was in seclusion, this little brother said he was Heavenly Teacher's younger brother, so he went out."

Qin Mu's spirit was roused, and he said, "It's good that we have a clue. This means that he's still in your Westfall Divine City."

The two of them searched the entire city, but they couldn't find Lan Yutian. A soldier said, "This god injured a few brothers and brought some people out of the city."

Veins popped out on Qin Mu and Bai Yujing's foreheads. Both of them knew that Lan Yutian had an indescribable attraction that could attract people with a strong desire to seek Dao. They didn't expect him to abduct a bunch of people the moment he came out of seclusion!

Bai Yujing asked, "How many soldiers did he take with him?"

That divine general said, "There were originally only a dozen people following him, but after leaving the city, there were a hundred people following him."

Bai Yujing was furious. "Why not?"

"Heavenly Teacher is attending the banquet."

Bai Yujing was helpless, and Qin Mu consoled her, "There are a hundred people following him, so he's a huge target. It'll be much easier to find him now!"

Bai Yujing nodded repeatedly.

The two of them followed the footsteps of the hundred gods and saw that Lan Yutian was rushing to the Celestial Venerable's camp.


Cold sweat rolled down Qin Mu and Bai Yujing's foreheads as they frantically chased after them. They saw Lan Yutian and the rest suddenly turning around outside the Celestial Venerable's encampment. They actually didn't go to the Celestial Venerables' encampment!

Qin Mu was delighted and said with a smile, "He's lost again!"

Bai Yujing smiled. "He doesn't know the way!"

The two of them rushed over. From the footprints left behind by Lan Yutian and the rest, there were more people following Lan Yutian. Previously, there were only a hundred people, but now, there were over a thousand!

On the way, they even picked up a few gods that had fallen behind.

Qin Mu inquired about it, and the god said, "I didn't know how I followed him. I was muddle-headed, and I only felt peace in my heart following him. Listening to the Dao voice and listening to him preach the Dao, I felt happy and at peace."

Qin Mu asked, "Why did you fall behind?"

That god said, "I followed them for a long time and suddenly woke up. Only then did I realize that I was actually here. I felt that he was using demonic arts to confuse us, so I didn't dare to continue following him."

Bai Yujing didn't appear and hid in the depths of the space. She said to Qin Mu, "Ask him, after hearing so much from that person, does he think it's a demon technique?"

Qin Mu inquired about it, and the god shook his head in a daze. "It's not a demon technique. Instead, I comprehended a lot from it, and some things that I didn't understand in the past suddenly became clear. However, the more it was like this, the more terrified I became, and I didn't dare to continue following."

"This is a person without fate," Bai Yujing said to Qin Mu.

Qin Mu nodded his head and continued to follow the footprints left behind by Lan Yutian and the rest. On the way, there were gods that had fallen behind from time to time.

These gods also had the same doubts as that god earlier, so they didn't continue to follow Lan Yutian. Along the way, there were numerous watchtowers of the celestial heavens, and many of them were empty. They were taken away by Lan Yutian.

Qin Mu and the rest met those lost gods on the way. Some of them sat by the pond in a daze, some laid under the shade of the trees, some hugged their heads in deep thought, some muttered some words, and some laid on the ground and slept.

Others planned to leave the Great Void and return home.

Qin Mu and Bai Yujing looked at each other in dismay. These people who had fallen behind seemed to have suffered a huge blow to their souls and became abnormal.

From the footprints on the ground, there were already three thousand gods of the celestial heavens following Lan Yutian!

Qin Mu suddenly sighed and said in a low voice, "Establishing a cult, establishing writings, establishing merit, and becoming a saint. Lan Yutian has already done it unknowingly. He's only a step away from becoming a saint as our Heavenly Saint Cult has said. If he creates a technique that can benefit all living things, transforming the system of techniques, divine arts, and making contributions, he will be able to do it."

Bai Yujing didn't understand his feelings.

As Heavenly Saint Cult Master, Heavenly Saint Cult had a huge influence on him. Establishing your cult, establishing your writings, establishing your merits, and becoming a saint were basically Qin Mu's lifetime principles and goals.

There were many Heavenly Saint Cult Masters, but none of them could achieve this step.

Woodcutter was the founder of the Heavenly Saint doctrine, but he didn't manage to become a Saint. He wanted to create a method for Postcelestial Great Daos to become divine.

However, his goal was too big. He had three hundred and sixty paths and three hundred and sixty Great Daos. He wanted to cultivate an incomparably grand system of the Postcelestial Celestial Heavens and benefit the people.

He was trapped in the Jade Pavilion Realm by his great ambition, and the God Execution Stage became a barrier that he could never cross.

Heavenly Saint Cult's Founding Master Wei Suifeng also couldn't do it. He had absorbed Woodcutter's thoughts and established a cult to establish his teachings. He wanted to make a contribution.

He wanted to unravel the mystery of history, unravel the essence of the changing of dynasties, eradicate the extraterritorial celestial heavens, and return justice to the world.

This was merit, a great merit. However, his goal was too big. He became the Emperor of Endless Clouds, and his identity was exposed. He was captured and taken to sink into the Surging River. If it wasn't for Qin Mu saving him, he would probably still be stuck on the ghost ship.

Qin Mu used the Eternal Peace Empire as his cult and reform as his writings. He wanted to rebel against the heavens and overthrow the celestial heavens, using this merit as a great merit to become a saint. He also wanted to change the divine arts, paths, and skills of the world, changing the cultivation system of the world and improving the paths, skills, and divine arts. He would definitely surpass the past and the present.

However, when the Eternal Peace Calamity broke out, he was also badly battered and was still working hard for these two goals.

Throughout the million years of history of the Dragon Han Era, only nine people were truly able to establishing a cult, establish writings, and achieve merit to become saints. Only by combining their contributions could they be worthy of the title of saint.

These nine people were the Nine Celestial Venerables of Dragon Han.

Celestial Venerable Yu, Celestial Venerable Hao, Celestial Venerable Ling, Celestial Venerable Huo, Celestial Venerable Yue, Celestial Venerable You, Celestial Venerable Yun, Celestial Venerable Qin, and Celestial Venerable Mu had founded the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces. They had founded the system of the Dao Realm. The nine of their contributions added together made them worthy of being saints.

However, the contributions of each of the nine people were far from the title of saint.

"From the looks of it, the first person who could become a true saint would actually be Lan Yutian."

Qin Mu looked into the distance. Lan Yutian was leading his three thousand disciples in a grandiose manner. Under the lead of the road idiot Lan Yutian, these lost gods were heading towards the territory of Carefree Village.

"Lan Yutian isn't Celestial Venerable Yu. He should be like me, a second consciousness born from Celestial Venerable Yu's body. He's a pure person, a person born to seek the Dao."

Qin Mu revealed a fatherly smile on his face. As Lan Yutian's guide, as well as someone who had similar encounters with Lan Yutian, he was very gratified.

Lan Yutian had finally grown up.

"White Heaven Master, I suddenly understand why you don't want to become South Deity Vermillion Bird."

Qin Mu turned around and smiled. "My situation is the same as yours and Lan Yutian's. From now on, I won't force you to become South Deity. Let's go back."

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